The Benefits of Walking


The Benefits of Walking

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The Benefits of Walking

The Benefits of Walking

The Benefits of Walking

Hamen: May I come in, Sir?

Teacher: Yes, You may come in.

Hamen: Thank you, Sir.

Teacher: Take your seat, but why are you late?

Hamen: I was caught in the traffic jam, sir.

Teacher: Then how have you got to school?

Hamen: It seemed that the traffic jam would last for hours. Hence I got off the van and walked on foot, Sir.

Teacher: Traffic jam is our everyday headache. After all, thank you much for coming to school on foot.

Hamen: Thank you, Sir.

Teacher: Do you know the benefits of walking?

Hamen: No, Sir.

Teacher: Present-day researchers say that walking to our body is as what is oxygen to our life.

Hamen: Is it, Sir!

Teacher: Yes! Walking has many benefits. It causes our blood circulation properly. It invigorates the function of our lungs. Walking is good for our food digestion. Walking keeps blood pressure at normal condition. It keeps our mental stress under control. The habit of regular walking lengthens our life span. It keeps our body and mind always active and lively. Walking prevents diabetes. Walking enhances our intellection power also.

Hamen: Oh! If we knew the benefits of walking before!

Teacher: Some great people had a habit of regular walking. For instance – Mahatma Gandhi walked up to twenty kilometers a day and he praised the habit of walking very much. Albert Einstein, the greatest physicist of all time advocated the habit of regular walking. Bertrand Russell, an English humanitarian philosopher, said that walking at least three hours a day should be made compulsory for all. Homen Borgohain, a famous Assamese intellectualist of the present day also recommends the building of the habit of regular walking.

Hamen: From today, I must form this unique habit of walking.

Teacher: Everybody irrespective of age should take walking at least a distance of five kilometers a day.

Hamen: Thank you, Sir. 0 0 0.

The Benefits of Walking

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