Charles Dickens | Our Mutual Friend | A Review


Charles Dickens | Our Mutual Friend | A Review

Charles Dickens  Our Mutual Friend  A Review

Charles Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend-A Review

“Our Mutual Friend” by Charles Dickens is a novel that was first published in 1865. It is considered to be one of Dickens’ last and greatest novels and is a complex exploration of themes such as wealth and poverty, love and betrayal, and the corrupting influence of money.

The novel begins with the death of John Harmon, a young man who was set to inherit a large fortune from his father. However, Harmon’s father stipulated in his will that his son could only inherit his fortune if he married Bella Wilfer, a young woman who he had never met before. After John’s death, Bella is left penniless and is taken in by the Boffins, a kind and wealthy couple who are determined to help her.

The Boffins are just one of the many complex characters that populate the novel. There is also Eugene Wrayburn, a handsome and lazy lawyer who falls in love with Lizzie Hexam, a poor girl who makes her living by collecting items from the river Thames. There is also the evil and manipulative Bradley Headstone, who becomes obsessed with Lizzie and will stop at nothing to win her affection.

Throughout the novel, Dickens explores the theme of money and its corrupting influence on society. He also delves into the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, and how the lives of these two groups intersect in unexpected ways. The novel is filled with memorable scenes and characters, from the grotesque and greedy Mr. and Mrs. Veneering to the tragic figure of Jenny Wren, a disabled doll-maker who is forced to work long hours to support herself and her alcoholic father.

In addition to its complex plot and richly drawn characters, “Our Mutual Friend” is also notable for its use of language. Dickens’ prose is witty, lyrical, and often highly descriptive. He creates a vivid and immersive world that draws the reader in and keeps them engaged from beginning to end.

In conclusion, “Our Mutual Friend” is a brilliant and complex novel that is well worth reading. Its exploration of wealth and poverty, love and betrayal, and the corrupting influence of money is as relevant today as it was when it was first published over a century and a half ago. 0 0 0.

Charles Dickens Our Mutual Friend A Review

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