Charles Dickens | Little Dorrit | A Review


Charles Dickens | Little Dorrit | A Review

Charles Dickens  Little Dorrit  A Review

Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit-A Review

Charles Dickens’ Little Dorrit is a sprawling novel that explores the complex social and economic issues of Victorian England. Set primarily in London, the novel follows the life of Amy Dorrit, a young woman who has spent most of her life in debtor’s prison with her father, William Dorrit.

The novel is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the Dorrit family and their experiences in the debtor’s prison, while the second part deals with their release and subsequent social ascent. Along the way, Dickens weaves together a cast of memorable characters, including the wealthy businessman Arthur Clennam, the flamboyant Mrs. Merdle, and the sinister Rigaud.

One of the novel’s strengths is its vivid and detailed portrayal of Victorian society. Dickens exposes the hypocrisy and corruption of the era’s institutions, from the government and the courts to the banking system and the press. He also highlights the class divide and the plight of the poor, as seen through the Dorrits and their struggles to survive in a society that is stacked against them.

The characters in Little Dorrit are also notable for their complexity and depth. Amy Dorrit is a sympathetic protagonist, whose kindness and resilience in the face of adversity make her a compelling figure. Arthur Clennam, on the other hand, is a more ambiguous character, whose search for personal redemption is complicated by his involvement in the corrupt world of business and finance.

Dickens’ writing is also a standout feature of the novel. His use of language is masterful, with vivid descriptions and striking imagery that bring the world of Victorian London to life. His wit and humor are also on display throughout the novel, as he skewers the foibles and follies of his characters with a sharp and incisive pen.

Despite its many strengths, Little Dorrit is not without its flaws. The novel’s length and complexity can be daunting, and some readers may find the pacing slow at times. Additionally, while the novel’s ending is satisfying in many ways, it can also be seen as somewhat contrived or convenient.

In Conclusion, Little Dorrit is a masterful work of Victorian literature that offers a rich and detailed portrait of a complex and fascinating era. It is a novel that rewards careful reading and contemplation, and its themes and characters continue to resonate with readers today. 0 0 0.

Charles Dickens Little Dorrit A Review

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