Master Quiz


Master Quiz

Master Quiz

Master Quiz

Master Quiz

(A book of General Knowledge for students )

Internet Edition

Compiled & Edited by

Menonim Menonimus

Master Quiz  (A book of General Knowledge for students ) compiled & Edited by Menonim Menonimus

. Master Quiz

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

. Master Quiz

New Edition:

. Master Quiz


The quiz is an easier medium of acquiring knowledge through entertainment. Nowadays it seems that the demand and popularity of quiz books are on increase. In the market, some quiz books are also visible. But the quality and quantity of those are like a single chilly in a large pot of sauce. Realizing this scarcity of available quiz books in the market, we have undertaken this mission of bringing out a series of quiz books with a sole intention of helping the student community and readers in general. This present book entitled  Master Quiz, after ‘World Quiz’ is an output of our adventurous mission. This present book is prepared neither subject-wise nor topic-wise but as a medley of varied topics. In preparing this book we have collected and compiled data from various sources as- books, internet, official documents etc. We have spared no pains to afford the accurate available data on various subjects in this book in quiz form. In spite of our meticulous carefulness to make this book error-free, there is every possibility of spelling and grammatical mistakes, desktop publishing mistakes due to oversight or lack of timely information. We look forward to overcoming all the shortfalls of the book that might have crept into the book anyway.

Therefore we expect from all our readers to bring the mistakes and shortfalls to our notice so that we can make this book error-free in the next editions.

In fine, we acknowledge our debts for facts, data and all information used in this book to Central Government of India, Government of Assam, journals, Research report undertaken by many national and international institutions and organizations, UNESCO, other government institutions, other quiz books and internet sources.

This book of quiz (Master Quiz ) has been prepared with the purpose of helping the student community and reader in general in acquiring knowledge on the varied subject at a glance.

We are not aware of copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. However, we will not only appreciate but also take immediate action to rectify and overcome any such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone, in case it is brought to our notice.

Rabbi Masrur

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)


Master Quiz

  1. Carl and the Passions changed the band name to what?

Ans:   Beach Boys

  1. How many rings on the Olympic flag?

Ans:   Five. Master Quiz

Q.What colour is Vermilion?

Ans:   Red. Master Quiz

  1. King Zog ruled which country?

Ans:   Albania

  1. What colour is Spock’s blood?

Ans:   Green

  1. Where in your body is your patella?

Ans:   Knee ( it’s the kneecap )

Q.Where can you find London bridge today?

Ans:   USA ( Arizona )

  1. What spirit is mixed with ginger beer?

Ans:  Moscow mule Vodka

  1. Who was the first man in space?

Ans:   Yuri Gagarin

  1. What would you do with a Yashmak?

Ans:    Wear it – it’s an Arab veil

  1. Who betrayed Jesus to the Romans?

Ans:   Judas Escariot. Master Quiz

  1. On television what was Flipper?

Ans:   Dolphin

  1. Who’s band was The Quarrymen?

Ans:   John Lenon

  1. Who starred as the Six Million Dollar Man?

Ans:   Lee Majors. Master Quiz

  1. In the song Waltzing Matilda – What is a Jumbuck?

Ans:   Sheep. Master Quiz

  1. Who was Dan Dare’s greatest enemy in the Eagle?

Ans:  Mekon. Master Quiz

  1. What was Skippy ( on TV )?

Ans:   The bush kangaroo

  1. What is the name of Dennis the Menace’s dog?

Ans:   Gnasher

  1. What are bactrians and dromedaries?

Ans:   Camels (one hump or two)

Q.Who played The Fugitive?

Ans:  David Jason

  1. Who was the King of Swing?

Ans:   Benny Goodman

  1. Who was the first man to fly across the channel?

Ans:   Louis Bleriot

  1. Who starred as Rocky Balboa?

Ans:   Sylvester Stallone

  1. In which war was the Charge of the Light Brigade?

Ans:   Crimean

  1. Who invented the television?

Ans:   John Logie Baird

  1. What do deciduous trees do?

Ans:   Lose their leaves in winter

  1. If you have caries who would you consult?

Ans:  Dentist (its tooth decay)

Q.What did Jack Horner pull from his pie?

Ans:  Plum

  1. How many feet in a fathom?

Ans:    Six. Master Quiz

  1. Which film had the song Springtime for Hitler?

Ans:  The Producers

Q.Name the legless fighter pilot of World War II?

Ans:  Douglas Bader

  1. What was the name of the inn in Treasure Island?

Ans:   Admiral Benbow

  1. What was Erich Weiss better known as?

Ans:  Harry Houdini

  1. Who sailed in the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria?

Ans:  Christopher Columbus

  1. Which leader died in St Helena?

Ans:  Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. Who wrote Gone with the Wind?

Ans:   Margaret Mitchell

  1. What does ring a ring roses refer to?

Ans:   The Black Death

  1. Whose nose grew when he told a lie?

Ans:  Pinocchio

  1. Who has won the most Oscars?

Ans:  Walt Disney

  1. What would a Scotsman do with a spurtle?

Ans:  Eat porridge (it’s a spoon)

  1. Which award has the words for valour on it?

Ans:   Victoria Cross

  1. If you had pogonophobia what would you be afraid of?

Ans:   Beards

  1. Who would take silk as part of their job?

Ans:   Barrister

  1. Who won an Oscar for the African Queen?

Ans:   Bogart

Q.What in business terms is the IMF?

Ans:   International Monetary Fund

  1. Ringo Star narrates which children’s TV series?

Ans:  Thomas the tank engine

  1. Which country grows the most fruit?

Ans:   China

  1. Which company is owned by Bill Gates?

Ans:   Microsoft

  1. What would you do with a Maris piper?

Ans:  Eat it (it’s a potato)

  1. In Casablanca what is the name of the nightclub?

Ans: Rick’s. Master Quiz

  1. What was the first James Bond book?

Ans:  Casino Royal

  1. What kind of animal is a lurcher?

Ans:  Dog

  1. What is the currency of Austria?

Ans:  Schilling

Q.What is the Islamic equal to the Red Cross?

Ans:   Red Crescent

  1. In fable who sold a cow for five beans?

Ans:  Jack

  1. How did Alfred Nobel make his money?

Ans: By selling Dynamite that he invented

  1. Which car company makes the Celica?

Ans:  Toyota

  1. Air Lingus is the national airline of which country?

Ans:   Republic of Ireland

Q.Who discovered radium?

Ans:  The Curie couple.

  1. What does alopecia suffer from?

Ans: Lack of hair

  1. Who painted The Haywain?

Ans:  John Constable

  1. Triskadeccaphobia is the fear of what?

Ans:  Number 13

  1. What is a baby rabbit called?

Ans:  Kit or Kitten

  1. What is Orchesis – either professional or amateur?

Ans:  Art of Dancing

  1. Taken literally what should you see in a Hippodrome?

Ans:  Horses

  1. Who wrote the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’?

Ans:  Alexander Dumas

  1. Who piloted the first flight across the English Channel?

Ans: Louis Bleriot

  1. What 1991 film won best film, actor, actress, director Oscars?

Ans:  Silence of the Lambs

  1. Aescapalious emblem staff snake – Greek-Roman god of what?

Ans:  Medicine

  1. Giacomo Agostini – 122, Grand Prix 15 world titles of what sport?

Ans: Motorcycle Racing

  1. What is the largest state in the USA?

Ans:  Alaska

  1. Alan Stuart Konigsberg famous as who?

Ans: Woody Allen. Master Quiz

  1. Which human rights organization founded in 1961 got Nobel in 1977?

Ans: Amnesty International

  1. Whose autobiography was ‘The Long Walk to Freedom’?

Ans: Nelson Mandela

  1. What was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?

Ans:  Tutankhamen’s tomb

  1. Clyde Tombaugh discovered what planet in 1930?

Ans:  Pluto

Q.Who wrote Northanger Abbey?

Ans: Jayne Austin

Q.Who ran through the streets naked crying Eureka?

Ans: Archimedes

  1. Who won the World Series in 1987?

Ans:  Minnesota twins

  1. What is the correct term of address to the Pope?

Ans: Your Holiness

  1. In which city was Alexander Graham Bell born in 1847?

Ans:  Edinburgh

  1. A G Bell opened a school in Boston in 1872 for Teachers of what?

Ans: The Deaf

Q.Which chess piece could be a member of the church?

Ans:  Bishop

Q.Which German word means lightning war used in World War II?

Ans:  Blitzkrieg

  1. Broccoli belongs to what family of plants?

Ans:  Cabbage

Q.Which country set up the world’s first chemistry lab in 1650?

Ans: Netherlands

  1. What links the names Botvinnik, Tal, Karpov, Fischer Chess?

Ans: World Champs

  1. What is the national flower of Japan?

Ans:  Chrysanthemum

  1. Where in France do claret wines come from?

Ans:   Bordeaux

Q.What did mathematician John Napier invent in 1614?

Ans: Logarithms

  1. Consumption was the former name of which disease?

Ans:  Tuberculosis

  1. Which American state is nicknamed ‘The Diamond State’?

Ans: Delaware. Master Quiz

  1. What are the Sirocco, Mistral and Chinook?

Ans:   Winds

  1. Issur Danielovitch became famous as who?

Ans:   Kirk Douglas

  1. Who sailed in the Golden Hind?

Ans:   Sir Francis Drake

  1. What was the name of the plantation in ‘Gone with the Wind’?

Ans:  Tara

Q.Which group believes in The Great Architect of the Universe?

Ans: Freemasons

  1. Processed Galena produces which metal?

Ans:   Lead

  1. Who wrote Gulliver’s Travels?

Ans: Jonathon Swift

  1. Who discovered blood circulation?

Ans: William Harvey

  1. The dunnock is another name for which common bird?

Ans:  Hedge Sparrow

  1. If someone said they were from Hellas – which country?

Ans:  Greece

Q.Who was the son of Zeus and Maia?

Ans:  Hermes

  1. Roy Scherer junior became famous as who?

Ans:  Rock Hudson

  1. Who wrote ‘Brave New World’?

Ans: Aldus Huxley

Q.What links Calabria, Liguria, Puglia and Veneto?

Ans:  Regions of Italy

  1. Which city in Rajasthan has riding breeches named after it?

Ans:  Jodhpur

  1. Portugal has had six Kings with what the first name?

Ans: John

  1. What martial arts name means gentle way?

Ans:  Judo. Master Quiz

  1. Jean Claude Killy is famous in which sport?

Ans:  Skiing

  1. Kimberlite contains what precious item?

Ans:  Diamonds

  1. What animal lives in a drey?

Ans:   Squirrel

  1. Why is Louise Brown – born 1978 famous?

Ans:  First test-tube baby

  1. The title of whose book translates as My Struggle?

Ans: Adolf Hitler

  1. In which country would you find the Negev Desert?

Ans:   Israel

  1. Which character has been played by the most actors?

Ans:  Sherlock Holmes

  1. In Greek mythology, a Hamadryads spirit guarded what?

Ans:  Trees

  1. Jocasta was the wife of Laius and the mother of who?

Ans: Oedipus

  1. Who wrote ‘The Rights of Man – and The Age of Reason’?

Ans:  Thomas Paine

  1. What is the capital of Sicily?

Ans:  Palermo

  1. What was invented by Dr Edward Land in 1947?

Ans:  Polaroid

  1. Carlo Collodi created which famous children’s character?

Ans:  Pinocchio. Master Quiz

  1. Which country introduced the world’s first diesel loco in 1912?

Ans:  Germany

  1. In 1656 Christian Huygens invented what type of timekeeper?

Ans:  Pendulum clock

  1. Duvall, Dushira and Holi are religious days in which religion?

Ans:  Hindu

  1. In what industry did John Davidson Rockefeller get rich?

Ans: Oil

  1. The Mau Mau were terrorists in which country late 50s early 60s?

Ans:  Kenya

Q.If you suffer from epistaxis what is wrong?

Ans:  Nosebleed

  1. In which book would you find the manservant Pas Partout?

Ans:   Around the world in 80 days

  1. What animal’s name translates as water horse?

Ans:  Hippopotamus

  1. In Greek mythology who killed the Gorgon?

Ans: Perseus

  1. Which two metals are alloyed to make pewter?

Ans:  Tin and Lead

  1. In 1899 the Eastman company in the USA produced first what?

Ans:  Kodak 1 (handheld roll film camera)

  1. What is the capital of Morocco?

Ans:   Rabat

  1. What religion links Wesak, Dhrammacacka, and Bhodi day?

Ans:  Buddhist

  1. Linus Torvalds invented and wrote what?

Ans:   Linux computer operating system

  1. The bander macaque has which commoner name?

Ans:   Rhesus Monkey

  1. Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called what?

Ans:  Rhodesia

  1. What is the staple food of one-third of the world’s population?

Ans:  Rice. Master Quiz

  1. What links – Sarte, Nietzsche, Russell and Descartes?

Ans:  Philosophers

  1. In 1643 Evangalisa Torichelli invented the first what?

Ans:  Barometer

  1. Where did the mutineers of the Bounty settle?

Ans: Pitcairn Islands

  1. What is the longest river in Italy?

Ans:   Po

  1. What do polyandric women have more than one of?

Ans:  Husband

  1. What links Brazil, Uruguay, Mozambique and Angola?

Ans:  Colonies of Portugal

  1. In 1911 the archaeologist Hiram Bingham discovered what lost city?

Ans:    Machu Picchu

  1. Who wrote the book Billy Budd also Moby Dick?

Ans:  Herman Melville

  1. Barry Allen was the alter ego of which DC comic superhero?

Ans:  The Flash

  1. In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first time?

Ans:   Mercedes

  1. Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state?

Ans:   Queensland

  1. In Norse mythology what is the name of the ultimate battle?

Ans:  Ragnarok

  1. Who wrote the children’s novel ‘Swallows and Amazons’?

Ans:  Arthur Ransom

  1. Does oil seed rape belong to which plant family?

Ans:  Mustard

  1. Which Norwegian politician’s name became a word for a traitor?

Ans:  Vidkun Quisling

  1. Paul Robeson the singer of old man river had what profession?

Ans:  Lawyer. Master Quiz

  1. Rene Laennec invented which aid for doctors in 1810?

Ans:   Stethoscope

  1. Jagger, Richards, Wyman, Jones, Watts, Stewart – which band?

Ans: The Rolling Stones

  1. What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals?

Ans:  Zero

  1. Who was nicknamed ‘The Desert Fox’?

Ans:   Erwin Rommel

  1. Which annual sporting event between 2 teams started in 1829?

Ans:  The University Boat Race

  1. What type of food is Taramasalata?

Ans:  Cured /smoked codroe

  1. What links Samuel Delaney, Fredrick Pohl, Harlan Ellison?

Ans:  Science Fiction

  1. Randolph Crane became famous as which cowboy actor?

Ans: Randolph Scott

  1. Ageusia is the loss of which sense?

Ans:  Taste

  1. Which Irish political parties name translates as we ourselves?

Ans:   Sein Fein

  1. Who performed the first heart transplant in South Africa?

Ans:  Christian Barnard

  1. What is the common name for the star Sirius?

Ans: Dog Star

  1. What calculating aid was invented by William Oughtred in 1662?

Ans:  Slide Rule

  1. Which Athenian philosopher wrote nothing – immortalised by Plato?

Ans:   Socrates

  1. Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull was born in which US state?

Ans:  South Dakota

  1. In 1666 Jesuit Bark was used as a prevention against what?

Ans:  Malaria

  1. In 1971 which USA space probe was first to orbit another planet?

Ans:  Mariner- 9

  1. What links Catalonia, Andalusia, Cantabria, Galicia?

Ans:  Regions of Spain

  1. Ingemar Stenmark won record 85 world cup races in what sport?

Ans:  Skiing

Q.Who wrote the music for the ballets Firebird and Rites of Spring?

Ans:   Igor Stravinsky

Q.What a common legal item literally means under penalty?

Ans:   Subpoena

  1. Who was the only person to win world titles on bikes and cars?

Ans:  John Surtees

  1. What is the oldest swimming stroke?

Ans:  Breaststroke (16th century)

  1. Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons?

Ans:  Switzerland

  1. Which medical tool was developed by Sanctorius in 1612?

Ans:  Thermometer

  1. What weapon was invented by Ernest Swinton used in 1916?

Ans:  Tank. Master Quiz

  1. Who created Tarzan in 1914?

Ans:   Edgar Rice Burroughs

  1. Camellia Sinesis evergreen shrub better known as what?

Ans:  Tea

  1. In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across Atlantic?

Ans: Marconi

  1. Who won six consecutive Wimbledon titles in the 1980s?

Ans:  Martina Navratilova

  1. What Italian building material translates as baked earth?

Ans:  Terracotta

  1. What links Buddy Holly, Lyndon Johnston, Janice Joplin?

Ans:  State of Texas

  1. Which eponymous character was ‘Thane of Cawdor and Glamis’?

Ans:   Macbeth

  1. Who wrote the 39 steps?

Ans:  Ohn Buchan

  1. Who won the Super Bowl in 1987?

Ans:   New York Giants

  1. What is the food tofu made from?

Ans:  Soya Bean Curd – via Soya milk

  1. Who was the son of Poseidon and Ampherite?

Ans:   Triton

  1. Annie Mae Bullock became famous under which name?

Ans:   Tina Turner

  1. What linked Armenia, Georgia, Latvia and Moldavia?

Ans:  USSR

  1. What is the state capital of New Jersey?

Ans:  Trenton

  1. Who won an Oscar for best supporting actor in Spartacus 1960?

Ans: Peter Ustinov

  1. What was invented by James Dewer in 1872?

Ans:  Vacuum or thermos flask

  1. Who was the Roman goddess of the hearth?

Ans:  Vesta. Master Quiz

  1. Viticulture is the growing of what plants?

Ans:  Vines

  1. In 1953 what was first successfully transmitted in the USA?

Ans: Colour Television

  1. Who wrote the ‘Thin Man’ in 1934?

Ans:   Dashiell Hammett

  1. Angel Falls, Venezuela Highest but where second highest?

Ans:  Yosemite USA

  1. Whitcome Judson in 1891 invented what for fastening shoes?

Ans:   Zip Fastener

  1. Who sold Louisiana to the USA in 1803?

Ans:  Napoleon

  1. Gregory Pincus, John Rock, Gerhart Domangk developed what?

Ans:   Oral Contraceptive

  1. The Gloucester E 28/39 first flew in 1941 – what was unusual?

Ans:  Whittle Jet Engine

  1. Woolworth’s – the 5 /10 cent store started in which US state in 1979?

Ans:  Lancaster Pennsylvania

  1. Which actress starred in the original King Kong in 1933?

Ans:  Fay Wray

  1. What’s missing from ale that’s included in beer?

Ans:  Hops

  1. Until 1971 what was the name of Zaire?

Ans:  Congo

  1. Karl Lienstater discovered which medical breakthrough in 1901?

Ans:  ABO Blood Groups

  1. Who is the only American president elected unopposed?

Ans:  George Washington (1798 1792)

  1. Which country men use the most deodorant?

Ans:   Japan. Master Quiz

  1. Who played Billy the Kid in ‘The Left Handed Gun’?

Ans:  Paul Newman

  1. What links Humphry Davie, Michael Faraday, Madam Curie?

Ans:   Poisoned by chemical works

  1. Hippophagic society members support what?

Ans:   Eating horsemeat

  1. What did Britain swap Havana for with Spain in 1763?

Ans:  Florida

  1. What is the crime of embracery?

Ans:   Jury Bribing

  1. Which country made the world’s first feature film in 1906?

Ans:  Australia ( Story of Kelly gang)

  1. Who wrote ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blonds’?

Ans:   Anita Loos

Q.What was Norman Bates’ hobby in Psycho?

Ans:  Stuffing birds

  1. What was Casanova’s day job?

Ans:  Librarian

  1. Where is the world’s largest gold depository?

Ans:  Federal Reserve Bank, Manhattan

  1. Angelo Scicilano better known as who?

Ans:  Charles Atlas

  1. How did George II die?

Ans:  Fell off toilet

  1. What did Marlon Brando and George C Scott refuse?

Ans:   Oscars. Master Quiz

  1. What is 6 inches bigger in summer?

Ans:  Eiffel Tower

  1. What two ingredients make the dish angels on horseback?

Ans:  Oysters – wrapped in Bacon

  1. What was Charles Dickens’ last (unfinished) novel?

Ans:  Mystery of Edwin Drood

  1. Which sea on Earth has no beaches?

Ans:  Sargasso sea

  1. Reuben Tice died trying to invent a machine to do what?

Ans: Dewrinkle prunes

  1. De Witt Wallace founded what?

Ans:   Readers Digest

  1. Who is the Patron Saint of thieves?

Ans:   St. Nicholas

  1. According to his business card what job did Al Capone do?

Ans:  Sell second hand furniture

  1. Humans are 10,000 times more sexually active than what animal?

Ans:  Rabbits

  1. Shirley Schrift became famous as which actress?

Ans:   Shelly Winters

  1. In Kansas what can a waiter not do in a teacup?

Ans:   Serve wine

  1. Which country has the smallest birth rate?

Ans:   Vatican City

  1. Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas?

Ans:   Rock Around the Clock

  1. Who did the USA buy the Virgin Islands from?

Ans:  Denmark. Master Quiz

  1. Who played the scarecrow in the Wiz?

Ans:   Michael Jackson

  1. What was or is a Waltzing Mathilda?

Ans: Swagman’s Knapsack

  1. Which country was the first to introduce old age pension?

Ans:   Germany

  1. Which hats became popular with children in 1956?

Ans:   Davy Crocket

  1. Malden Serkiovitch famous as which actor?

Ans:   Karl Malden

  1. What is it illegal to pawn in New York?

Ans:  American flag

  1. What hospital did Dr Kildare work at?

Ans:   Blaire General

  1. Collective nouns – a smuck of what?

Ans:   Jellyfish

  1. Who was Cleopatra’s first husband?

Ans:  Ptolemy Dionysus (her brother)

  1. Who was John Dawkins better known as?

Ans:  Artful Dodger

  1. Which film star has his statue in Leicester Square?

Ans:   Charlie Chaplin

  1. Virginia McMath became famous as which actress?

Ans:   Ginger Rodgers

  1. What is the name of Captain Ahab’s ship?

Ans:   Peaquod

  1. Roosevelt won the 1932 election – who lost it?

Ans:  Herbert Hoover

  1. Who wrote’ The History of Mr. Polly’?

Ans:   H G Wells

  1. What is the first day of Lent Ash?

Ans:  Wednesday

  1. Mr. Chips said goodbye – from which fictional school?

Ans:   Brookfield

  1. Who buried the treasure on Treasure Island?

Ans:   Captain Flint

  1. Which TV series was narrated by Walter Winchell?

Ans:  The Untouchables

  1. What colour is the bull on an archery target?

Ans:  Gold

  1. In golf what do the Americans call an albatross?

Ans:  Double Eagle

  1. Which classical composer wrote the Hungarian Rhapsody?

Ans:   Franz Liszt

  1. When is St. Swithens Day?

Ans:   15th July

  1. Which part of his body did Charlie Chaplin insure?

Ans:  Feet

  1. In golf what would you put in your shag bag?

Ans:  Practice Balls

  1. A bind is a group of what type of fish?

Ans:   Salmon

Q.Which author created Fu Manchu?

Ans:  Sax Rohmer

  1. Mrs. Darell Waters (translated 128 languages) pen name?

Ans:   Edith Blyton

  1. In which country was Auschwitz?

Ans:   Poland. Master Quiz

  1. On which national flag is there an eagle and a snake?

Ans:  Mexico

  1. What group of animals would be in chlowder?

Ans:   Cats

  1. What is a Sam Browne?

Ans:   Military belt

  1. What is the chemical symbol for tungsten?

Ans:  W

  1. Who are the two most translated English writers?

Ans:   William Shakespeare and Agatha Christie

  1. Citius Altius Fortius is the motto of what organization?

Ans:   Olympic. Master Quiz

  1. Who played Miss Marple in 6 films?

Ans:   Margaret Rutherford

  1. What language does the word alphabet come from?

Ans:   Greek  (alpha beta)

Q.What was the first film made in cinemascope?

Ans:  The Robe

  1. A pearmain is what type of fruit?

Ans:   Apple

Q.Who played the pawnbroker in the film of that name?

Ans:   Rod Stiger

  1. What was the first manufactured item to be sold on Hire Purchase?

Ans:   Singer sewing machine in the 1850s

  1. The Greek for a circle of animals gives its name to what?

Ans:   Zodiac

  1. Who was the Roman god of agriculture?

Ans:   Saturn

  1. What is Ikebana?

Ans:   Flower arranging

Q.What nationality was Morse inventor of the famous code?

Ans:  American

  1. Goa used to be a colony of which nation?

Ans:  Portugal

  1. What does a galactophagist drink?

Ans:   Milk. Master Quiz

  1. What did God create on the fifth day?

Ans:  Sea creatures and birds

  1. Where was Bob Dylan born?

Ans:  Duluth Minnesota

  1. In the 18th century, what would a pencil be?

Ans:  Brush

  1. Agrippa poisoned her husband/uncle who was he?

Ans:   Claudius

  1. Who was the mother of Castor and Pollux?

Ans:  Helen of Troy

  1. What are the snaffle Pelham and Weymouth?

Ans:  Horse bits

  1. Who had a hit with Devil Woman?

Ans: Cliff Richard

  1. What were the first false teeth made from?

Ans:  Ivory

  1. The jealous Athena turned who into a spider?

Ans:  Arachne

  1. Who was the female lead in The Shootist?

Ans:  Lauren Bacall

  1. Hypermetropic people are what?

Ans:  Long Sighted

  1. Which leader lives in the Portola?

Ans:  Dalai Lama. Master Quiz

  1. What wood was the cross supposed to be made of?

Ans:   Mistletoe

  1. Joseph Levitch became famous as who?

Ans:   Jerry Lewis

  1. If you planted a banderilla what are you doing?

Ans:   Bullfighting

  1. What was the first Pink Floyd album?

Ans:  Piper at the gates of dawn

  1. In which city was the first public opera house opened?

Ans:   Venice

  1. The Aphrodite of Melos has a more famous name – what?

Ans: Venus de Milo

  1. Which country invented the concentration camp?

Ans:  Britain (Boer war)

  1. John Huston scored a hit with his first film – what?

Ans:   Maltese falcon

  1. What real person has been played most often in films?

Ans:   Napoleon Bonaparte

  1. Scotopic people can do what?

Ans:  See in the dark

  1. What is the most critical thing keeping bananas fresh transport?

Ans:  Temperature not below 13 C, 55F

  1. What is the name of the Paris Stock Exchange?

Ans:  Bourse

  1. Whose music featured in The Clockwork Orange?

Ans:   Beethoven

  1. In Japan what colour car is reserved for the royal family only?

Ans:   Maroon. Master Quiz

  1. What city has Kogoshima as its airport?

Ans: Tokyo

Q.What was gangster George Nelson’s nickname?

Ans:  Baby Face

  1. Whose first wife was actress Jayne Wyman?

Ans:   Ronald Regan

  1. What do you give on the third wedding anniversary?

Ans:   Leather

  1. What is a baby whale called?

Ans:   Calf

  1. In which film did the Rolls Royce have the number plate AU1?

Ans:  Goldfinger. Master Quiz

  1. Vladamere Ashkenazy plays what musical instrument?

Ans:  Piano

  1. With which organ does a snake hear?

Ans:  Tongue

  1. On what is the Mona Lisa painted?

Ans:  Wood

  1. What is the second most common international crime?

Ans:   Art theft

  1. Count de Grisly was the first to perform what trick in 1799?

Ans: Saw woman in half

  1. Who wrote’ Les Miserable’?

Ans:   Victor Hugo

  1. Which bird turns it head upside down to eat?

Ans: Flamingo

  1. The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of who?

Ans:  Apollo

  1. Who rode a horse called Bucephalus?

Ans:  Alexander the Great

  1. To which London club did Mycroft Holmes belong?

Ans:  Diogenes. Master Quiz

  1. What did William Addis invent in prison?

Ans:  Toothbrush

  1. Kleenex tissues were originally intended as what in 1915 World War 1?

Ans:  Gas mask filters

  1. Who invented popcorn?

Ans:   American Indians

  1. What is the colour of mourning in Turkey?

Ans:  Violet

  1. For what is spirits of salt another name?

Ans:  Hydrochloric acid

  1. Which game is played on an oval with 18 players per team?

Ans:   Australian football

  1. In the Winnie the Pooh stories what is Kanga’s baby called?

Ans:   Roo

  1. Who saved Andromeda from the sea monster?

Ans:   Perseus

  1. What flower is the symbol of secrecy?

Ans:   Rose

  1. In which language does God Jul mean happy Xmas?

Ans:   Swedish

  1. Which flying pioneer was nicknamed as the lone eagle?

Ans:   Charles Lindbergh

  1. Which American state produces the most potatoes?

Ans:  Idaho. Master Quiz

  1. Who wrote Dr Zhivago?

Ans:   Boris Pasternak

  1. Who is Charlie Brown’s favourite baseball player?

Ans:   Joe Shlabotnik

  1. Emerald is the birthstone for which month?

Ans:  May

  1. Whose yacht was called Honey Fitz?

Ans:  John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  1. What is the white trail behind a jet plane made from Ice?

Ans:   Crystals

  1. What Italian habit did Thomas Coyrat introduce to England in 1608?

Ans:   Eating with forks

  1. If you were doing vaccimulgence what are you doing?

Ans:   Milking a cow

  1. For what purpose was the chow chow dog originally bred?

Ans:   As food. Master Quiz

  1. What kind of fruit is a kumquat?

Ans:  Small Orange

  1. Who was the Greek goddess of love?

Ans:   Aphrodite

  1. What first appeared in New York World 21st December 1913?

Ans:  Crossword

  1. Which group of animals is called a cete?

Ans:   Badgers

  1. Which herb did the Romans eat to prevent drunkenness?

Ans:   Parsley

Q.What is the original literal meaning of the word ‘bride’?

Ans:    To cook

  1. What is the only creature that can turn its stomach inside out?

Ans:   Starfish

Q.What is Milan’s opera house called?

Ans:   La Scala

  1. What is the oldest most widely used drug on earth?

Ans:   Alcohol. Master Quiz

  1. What type of animal is a Samoyed?

Ans:   Dog

  1. In which country did draughts originate?

Ans:   Egypt

  1. Shane Fenton became famous as who?

Ans:   Alvin Stardust

  1. What is the world’s most popular green vegetable?

Ans:   Lettuce

  1. What other name is used for the snow leopard?

Ans:   Ounce

  1. Which drink did Bach enjoy so much?

Ans:   Coffee

  1. Who invented the first safety razor in 1895?

Ans:   King Camp Gillette

  1. What nationality is Thor Heyerdahl?

Ans:   Norwegian

  1. A spunder or drift is the name for a group of what animals?

Ans:   Swine. Master Quiz

  1. What is Erse Irish?

Ans:   Gaelic language

  1. On Odometer measures what?

Ans:   Bird’s Eggs

  1. What did table tennis balls used to be made from?

Ans:   Cork

  1. If you had variola what disease have you got?

Ans:   Smallpox

  1. Which playing card is called the ‘Curse of Scotland’?

Ans:   Nine of Diamonds

Q.Which country had the first women MPs?

Ans:   19 in 1907, Finland

  1. In 1969 what category was added to the Nobel prizes?

Ans:   Economics

  1. In which city was Bob Hope born?

Ans:   London (Eltham)

  1. In the human body where is your occiput?

Ans:   Back of head

  1. Which food did Victorians deride as little bags of mystery?

Ans:   Sausages. Master Quiz

  1. Which film star was the first to appear on a postage stamp?

Ans:   Grace Kelly

Q.What would you expect to find in a binnacle?

Ans:   Ships compass

  1. Which Hollywood star has made the cover of Life most times?

Ans:   Elizabeth Taylor

  1. Which Mediterranean countries orchestra is bigger than its army?

Ans:   Monaco

  1. Baked beans were originally served in what sauce?

Ans:   Treacle (molasses)

  1. Where can you buy a copy of Penguin News?

Ans:   Falkland Islands

Q.Which African country was founded by Americans?

Ans:  Liberia

  1. What was Britain called – before it was Britain?

Ans:   Albion. Master Quiz

  1. What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise it?

Ans:  Its belly

  1. How did multi-millionaire Russell Sage save money?

Ans:   Not wear underwear

  1. What’s involved in 20% of car accidents in Sweden?

Ans:   A moose

  1. What does a tailor do with his plonker?

Ans:  Press suits

  1. What would you do with an Edzell blue?

Ans:    Eat it – it’s a potato

  1. In what month did the Russian October Revolution take place?

Ans:   November

  1. Nobody’s perfect is the last line in which classic comedy film?

Ans:   Some Like it Hot

  1. In 1760 what means of personal transport was invented?

Ans:   Roller Skates. Master Quiz

  1. In Hitchcock’s film The Trouble with Harry – what was the trouble?

Ans:  He was dead

  1. What was the first gramophone record made from?

Ans:   Tinfoil

  1. What did George Washington soak his wooden teeth in for taste?

Ans:   Port

  1. Who said, Its so long since sex I forget who gets tied up?

Ans:   Joan Rivers

  1. St. Appolonia is Patron Saint of what?

Ans:   Toothache

Q.What is measured on the Gay-Lussac scale?

Ans:   Alcohol strength

  1. What was the first country to guarantee freedom of worship?

Ans:   Transylvania. Master Quiz

  1. Which famous person invented the cat flap?

Ans:   Isaac Newton

  1. Why do Tibetans grow long nails on little fingers?

Ans:   To pick noses efficiently

  1. Richard Penniman became famous as who?

Ans:   Little Richard

  1. What is a snood?

Ans:   A kind of hairnet

  1. Who said “men are creatures with two legs and 8 hands”?

Ans:   Jayne Mansfield

  1. Which European country eats the most breakfast cereal?

Ans:   Britain

Q.Philosopher Jeremy Bentham has a very unusual pet – what?

Ans:   Tea Pot

  1. What country did Italy invade in 1935?

Ans:   Abyssinia (Ethiopia)

  1. What is produced in a ginnery?

Ans:   Cotton

  1. What was made illegal in England in 1439?

Ans:   Kissing. Master Quiz

  1. What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881?

Ans:  Electric chair

  1. In which country are you most likely to die from a scorpion sting?

Ans:   Mexico (die 1,000 a year)

  1. Who is the most filmed author?

Ans:  William Shakespeare (over 300)

  1. Excluding religious works what is the world’s top selling book?

Ans:  Guinness Book of Records

  1. Who sold the most albums on a single day?

Ans:   Elvis 20 million days after the death

  1. What was the last item shown on British TV before World War II?

Ans:    Mickey Mouse

  1. What countries people had the longest life expectation?

Ans:   Iceland

  1. Who said , I like Beethoven especially the poems?

Ans:   Ringo Starr

  1. John Glen first USA to orbit earth was in which service?

Ans:   US Marine Corps

  1. What fish can hold objects in its tail?

Ans:   Sea Horse

Q.Who is the most filmed comic strip character?

Ans:  Zorro

  1. Which country grows the most potatoes?

Ans:   Russia. Master Quiz

Q.What does a dosimeter measure?

Ans:   Dew

  1. Which English Kings armour has the biggest codpiece?

Ans:   Henry VIII

  1. Which country was the first to abolish capital punishment?

Ans:    Russia Czar Nicholas  (Siberia instead)

  1. Which pop group had a hit with Silence is Golden?

Ans:   Tremaloes

  1. Greek mathematician cylinder enclosed sphere carved on the grave?

Ans:   Archimedes

Q.What does a psephologist study?

Ans:  Voting – Elections

  1. Where would you find a line of Mars – Girdle of Venus?

Ans:   Palm – lines in Palmistry

  1. British call this bird species tits – what do Americans call them?

Ans:   Chickadees

  1. Which country owns the Hen and Chicken islands?

Ans:   North Island (New Zealand)

  1. Who created the TV series – The man from UNCLE?

Ans:   Ian Fleming. Master Quiz

Q.Which film director described actors as cattle?

Ans:   Alfred Hitchcock

  1. Shirley Bassey sang three Bond themes – which 3 films?

Ans:  Goldfinger, Diamonds are Forever, Moonraker

  1. Barring rain – in which athletics event would you get wet?

Ans:   Steeplechase

  1. What colour is the flesh of the Charentais melon?

Ans:   Orange

  1. Who appeared on the first US postage stamps?

Ans:  Washington and Franklin

  1. The guillotine was invented for chopping off what?

Ans:  Hands

  1. Which country invented the bedsprings?

Ans:   Greeks

  1. What did Spanish scientists fit cows to increase milk yield?

Ans:   False Teeth

Q.What people founded cheese making in England?

Ans:   Romans

  1. Atephobia is a fear of what?

Ans:  Imperfection

Q.What are Grapnel, Bruce, Danforth, Plough types of?

Ans:  Anchor

  1. Why did Handel compose The Messiah?

Ans:  For Cash

  1. Red flags flown by French ships – Joli Rouge origin of what name?

Ans:  Jolly Rodger

  1. In which country could you spend a Kwanza?

Ans:   Angola

Q.John Henry Deutschendorf famous as who?

Ans:   John Denver

  1. Mitre Dovetail Jig and Hack are types of what?

Ans:   Saw. Master Quiz

Q.Tracey and Hepburn first film in 1942 was what?

Ans:   Woman of the Year

  1. Antimacassars were fitted to chairs – what is Macassar?

Ans:   Hair oil

  1. Jack Ketch from 1663 to 1686 had what job?

Ans:   Hangman

  1. Nekal was the first type of what product (Germany 1917)?

Ans:  Detergent

  1. Who was the first Grand Prix driver to use a safety belt in 1967?

Ans:  Jackie Stuart

  1. Maurice Micklewhite became famous as who?

Ans:   Michael Caine

Q.What do Ombrophobes fear?

Ans:   Rain

  1. If you had a Brassica Rapa what vegetable would you have?

Ans:  Turnip. Master Quiz

  1. Boob Day in Spain is what day in Britain (practical jokes played)?

Ans:   April Fools Day (1st April)

  1. What crime did Theresa Vaughn commit 62 times in 5 years?

Ans:    Bigamy (Tried 1922 times)

  1. Who sailed in a ship called Queen Ann’s Revenge?

Ans:  Blackbeard

  1. Saponification is the process that makes what common product?

Ans:   Soap. 0 0 0

The End

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