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Big Quiz

Big Quiz

Big Quiz

Big Quiz

(A book of General Knowledge for students )

Internet Edition

Compiled & Edited by

Menonim Menonimus

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)

Big Quiz  (A book of General Knowledge for students ) compiled & Edited by Menonim Menonimus

Internet Edition by


First Edition: 2019


The quiz is an easier medium of acquiring knowledge through entertainment. Nowadays it seems that the demand and popularity of quiz books are on increase. In the market, some quiz books are also visible. But the quality and quantity of those are like a single chilly in a large pot of sauce. Realizing this scarcity of available quiz books in the market, we have undertaken this mission of bringing out a series of quiz books with a sole intention of helping the student community and reader in general. This present book entitled  Big Quiz, after ‘Quiz Miscellany’ is an output of our adventurous mission. This present book is prepared neither subject-wise nor topic-wise but as a medley of varied topics. In preparing this book we have collected and compiled data from various sources as- books, internet, official documents etc. We have spared no pains to afford the accurate available data on various subjects in this book in quiz form. In spite of our meticulous carefulness to make this book error-free, there is every possibility of spelling and grammatical mistakes, desktop publishing mistakes due to oversight or lack of timely information. We look forward to overcoming all the shortfalls of the book that might have crept into the book anyway.

Therefore we expect from all our readers to bring the mistakes and shortfalls to our notice so that we can make this book error-free in the next editions.

In fine, we acknowledge our debts for facts, data and all information used in this book to Central Government of India, Government of Assam, journals, Research report undertaken by many national and international institutions and organizations, UNESCO, other government institutions, other quiz books and internet sources.

This book of quiz (Big Quiz ) has been prepared with the purpose of helping the student community and reader in general in acquiring knowledge on the varied subject at a glance.

We are not aware of copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. However, we will not only appreciate but also take immediate action to rectify and overcome any such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone, in case it is brought to our notice.

Menonim Menonimus

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)



Q: Who is the alter ego of Henry the mild-mannered janitor?

Ans:   Hong Kong Phooey

Q. Ailsa Craig, Bedford Champion and Rijnsburger varieties of what?

Ans: Onions. Big Quiz

Q: What interested a nomologist?

Ans:   Scientific Laws

Q. Which car company was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1922?

Ans:   Jaguar

Q. Postboxes in the UK are red – what colour are they in France?

Ans: Yellow

Q. What would an Irishman do with his shone?

Ans:   Cut Peat

Q. Which group had hits with Fernando and Angelo?

Ans:   Brotherhood of Man

Q.The Simpsons are the longest-running cartoon, who is second?

Ans:    The Flintstones

Q. In 1777 George Macintosh created a red dye cudbear- what is it?

Ans:   Litmus (Ammonia and lichens)

Q. In which form of Japanese theatre is all roles played by men?

Ans:    Kabuki

Q. Which spirit was once known as kill devil?

Ans:   Rum. Big Quiz

Q.18% of Americans mention who in their will?

Ans:   Their pet

Q.In Greek mythology Cronos and Rhea were the parents of who?

Ans:   Zeus

Q. Richard Adams wrote the novel Shardik what was Shardik?

Ans:   A BearQ. What was the last European nation to accept the potato?

Ans:   France

Q. Which comic strip hero shares his name with a town in Turkey?

Ans:   Batman

Q.The Archie Moore cup is competed for in which sport?

Ans:   Polo

Q. In Gone With the Wind name Ashley Wilke’s plantation.

Ans:   Twelve Oaks

Q. In Ancient Rome what creature was the symbol of liberty?

Ans:   The Cat

Q.The Dove awards are presented annually for what?

Ans:   Gospel music

Q.Cape Comorin is the most southerly point of where?

Ans:   India. Big Quiz

Q. In Xmas UK children hang stockings what do Dutch children use?

Ans:   Shoes

Q.In a survey 32% of wives would change their husbands’ what?

Ans:   Weight

Q.The French newspaper La Monde translates as what?

Ans:   The World

Q. Where is the dirtiest skin on your body?

Ans:   The face

Q. According to USA today, what is the favorite luxury car?

Ans:   1. Lexus 2. Mercedes 3. BMW

Q.The Demologos was the first steam-powered what?

Ans:   Warship

Q. In which city is the distinctive building of the Saddledome?

Ans:   Calgary

Q. A university has a campus what does it literally mean?

Ans: A Field

Q. What is the name of Snoopy’s sister?

Ans: Belle. Big Quiz

Q. Which country invented the clothing button in the 13th century?

Ans:   France

Q. Richard Bachman is a pseudonym of which author?

Ans:    Steven King

Q. What was invented in the 1800s and sold as a diarrhea cure?

Ans:   Tomato Ketchup

Q.Who was once billed as The Atomic Powered Singer?

Ans:   Elvis Presley

Q. Where would you find Puck Miranda and Ariel Circling?

Ans: Uranus. Big Quiz

Q. Fangio the greatest ever F1 driver once had what job?

Ans:   Bus Driver

Q. Calamine is the ore what is the product?

Ans:   Zinc

Q. According to Samuel Johnson, what is the drink for heroes?

Ans:   Brandy

Q. Which TV character’s blood pressure was minus 3?

Ans:   Herman Munster

Q. What is the opposite of wet – if it is not wet?  Big Quiz

Ans:    Sweet

Q. In mythology which giant made of brass guarded?

Ans:   Crete Talus

Q.In the Bible David played the Kinnor what is a Kinnor?

Ans:   Lyre

Q.The Amazon river dolphins are what colour?

Ans:   Pink

Q. Which French philosopher hid in alleys mooning passers-by?

Ans:   Rousseau

Q.What is thought to be the oldest English Cheese?

Ans:   Cheshire

Q.Near Ayres Rock is a lake named after which composer?

Ans: Mozart

Q.In 1937 the BBC first televised which sporting event?

Ans: Wimbledon. Big Quiz

Q. The lutra-lutra is which semi-aquatic animal?

Ans:    Otter

Q. What are Bullace, Kirke’s Blue, and Opal varieties of?

Ans:   Plum

Q.Harold H Hilton only Englishman to do what in golf in 1911?

Ans:   Won UK and US open same year

Q. What is a Gurdwara?

Ans:    A Sikh temple

Q.The aardvark is the first animal in the dictionary what’s second?

Ans:   Aardwolf

Q.The Roman festival of Hilaria is equal to what modern day?

Ans:   April Fools Day

Q. What was voted toy of the 20th century?

Ans:   Lego. Big Quiz

Q. Before 1938 toothbrushes were made using hairs from what?

Ans:   Beaver

Q. What does the name Dracula mean in Romanian?

Ans:   Son of the Devil

Q.Thanatology is the study of what?

Ans:   Death

Q.Who wrote the book Gremlins in 1943 – later it was filmed?

Ans:   Roald Dahl

Q. Whose name translates as Emperor of all?

Ans:   Genghis Khan

Q.In Dante’s Inferno what crime was done by those at the lowest level?

Ans:   Betrayal

Q. Who sang the theme to The Spy Who Loved Me?

Ans:   Carly Simon

Q. 45% of wives say husbands do it, 5% of husbands admit it – what?

Ans:   Snoring. Big Quiz

Q. What European country has no rail lines?

Ans:    San Marino

Q. What bird is depicted on the Canadian $1 coin? Big Quiz

Ans:    The loon (a nickname is loonie)

Q. Who wrote the children’s book Bed knobs and Broomsticks?

Ans:    Mary Norton

Q. Which country was the first to issue parking tickets?

Ans:   France

Q.Marfona, Romano and Pentland Javelin varieties of what?

Ans:   Potatoes

Q.In a survey what is the most popular UK kids’ TV programme?

Ans:   The Simpsons

Q. Skopje is the capital of which land?

Ans:    Macedonia. Big Quiz

Q.In Finland who rides a goat named Ukko?

Ans:   Santa Clause

Q. Who directed the film of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451?

Ans:   Francois Trufeau

Q. Which mythological monster had nine heads?

Ans:   Hydra

Q. What does Dorethy have to steal from the wicked witch in Oz?

Ans:   Her Broomstick

Q. Where would you see rope, hoop, ball and ribbon used?

Ans:   Modern rhythmic gymnastics

Q. Amnesiac and The Bends albums of which UK group?

Ans:   Radiohead

Q. In 1752 Mr. Blake and Callahan raced and began which sport?

Ans:   Steeplechase

Q.The Semites are a group descended from whom?

Ans:    Shem (Noah’s son). Big Quiz

Q.What item’s name translates as distant voice?

Ans:   Telephone

Q. What is the capital of the United Arab Emirates?

Ans:   Abu Dhabi

Q.In Japan a trainee geisha must leave what uncovered?

Ans:   Upper lip unpainted

Q. Who wrote the novel The Betsy?

Ans:   Harold Robbins

Q.The Parthenon is named after Athena Parthenon what does it mean?

Ans:   Virgin or Maiden

Q. Nigel Neil created which famous UK Professor in the 50s?

Ans:   Professor Quatermass

Q. Where was Bonnie Prince Charlie born?

Ans:   Rome. Big Quiz

Q. In Gustav Holsts Planets suite which planet represents old age?

Ans:   Saturn

Q. What was lapidation?

Ans:    Death by stoning

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of sailors?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Saint Elmo

Q. Babba Louey was the sidekick of which cartoon character?

Ans:   Quick Draw McGraw

Q.If, not Shakespeare what links Juliet Cleopatra, Mark Antony?

Ans:   Commit Suicide

Q. What flavouring is in Frangelico liqueur?

Ans: Hazelnuts. Big Quiz

Q. Which comic book hero rode a horse called storm?

Ans:    Aquaman storm was a sea horse

Q. Which Irish writer appeared on the Irish £10 note?

Ans:   James Joyce

Q. From which plant do we get linseed oil?

Ans:   Flax

Q. The Hart memorial trophy is awarded in which professional sport?

Ans:   Ice Hockey

  1. Stamps are the most collected thing in the USA what is second?

Ans:   Dolls

Q.A mountain is the symbol of which film company?

Ans:   Paramount

Q.What does a phlebotomist do?

Ans:   Draws blood samples

Q. Mendelssohn’s symphony number 4 is nicknamed what?

Ans:   The Italian. Big Quiz

Q.What is Snoopy’s mother’s name?

Ans:   Missy

Q. Which sport awards the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

Ans:   Basketball

Q. What is the first word sung in Queens Bohemian Rhapsody?

Ans:    Is this the real life

Q.In 1950 the Minnesota valley canning company became what?

Ans:   Jolly Green Giant

Q. What I did for Love came from which Broadway musical show?

Ans:    Chorus Line

Q. Which actor studied as a priest then an architect before acting?

Ans:   Anthony Quinn

Q. Calvin Broadus is better known under what name?

Ans:   Snoop Doggy Dogg

Q.Julius Sturgis in 1861 built the first US factory making what?

Ans:   Pretzels

Q. If a bird nidifies what has it just done?

Ans:   Built a nest

Q. According to the cowboy encyclopedia, what is oregano?

Ans:   Unbranded calf

Q. In 1967, which airline became the first all-jet airline?

Ans:   TWA

Q. Which characters are described as being three apples high?

Ans:   The Smurfs

Q.In the comic strip Garfield what is the teddy bear’s name?

Ans:   Pooky

Q. What liqueur means cupid in Italian and love in Latin?

Ans:   Amaretto

Q.The film Midnight Express is set in which country?

Ans: Turkey. Big Quiz

Q. Dik Browne is the author of which cartoon strip?

Ans:   Hagar the Horrible

Q. On a racing form what does the letter u indicate?

Ans:   Unseated rider

Q. John Downland was a 16th-century composer for which instrument?

Ans:   The Lute

Q. Domingo is Spanish for what?

Ans:    Sunday

Q. In 1741 Robert Keeler first to commercially manufactured what?

Ans: Marmalade in Dundee, Scotland

Q. Wadi al Muli is better known as what?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Valley of the Kings

Q. In 1900 caterer Harry Stevens introduced what words to language?

Ans: Hot Dogs

Q. Garnet is the birthstone of January – what does it symbolize?

Ans: Truth. Big Quiz

Q. In which Dickens’ novel does the character Fezziwig appear?

Ans:   Christmas Carol

Q.In Hawaii what is the annual Kona festival?

Ans:   Coffee picking contest

Q. Mimi is the first name of which Warner Bros cartoon character?

Ans:   Roadrunner

Q.What was Marilyn Monroe’s original last name?

Ans:  Mortenson. Big Quiz

Q. Valentine Michael Smith is the central character in which book?

Ans:   Heinlein’s  Stranger in a Strange Land

Q.Rocketbuster make the world’s largest authentic what?

Ans:   Cowboy boots

Q.Name the first African American doll produced by Mattel.

Ans:   Francie

Q.Urchin is an old English name for which British native mammal?

Ans:   Hedgehog

Q.Whose debut album was Definitely Maybe?

Ans:   Oasis

Q. Michael Bond created which children’s character?

Ans:   Paddington Bear

Q.Commandaria is a dessert wine made for over 800 years – where?

Ans:   Cyprus

Q. Someone with initials DD after their name has what qualification?

Ans:   Doctor of Divinity. Big Quiz

Q.What singer was nicknamed by his fans ‘The Lizard King’?

Ans:  Jim Morrison

Q. What breed of dog advertises hush puppies?

Ans: A basset hound

Q.Syncope is the medical name for what condition?

Ans:   Fainting

Q. Which character was invented in a comic for Montgomery?

Ans:   Ward Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer

Q.A Romana Café features what liqueur?

Ans:   Sambuca. Big Quiz

Q. Which character was born in Riverside Iowa?

Ans:   James Tiberius Kirk

Q. We know what a bronco is but what does it mean in Spanish?

Ans:   Rough

Q. John Hetherington in London introduced what in 1797?

Ans:   Top Hats

Q.The French call it Gulf de Gascoigne what’s its English name?

Ans:   Bay of Biscay

Q.In MacDonald’s what is served in a blue wrapper?

Ans:   Filet-O-Fish

Q.In Happy Days what was Potsie’s full name?

Ans:   Warren Webber

Q. Which US vehicle company has a bulldog as its symbol?

Ans:   Mack trucks

Q. Cuffs and Buttons was a cocktail in the 19th century what is it now?

Ans:   Southern Comfort

Q. Which characters were invented in 1957 in Belgium?

Ans:   The Smurfs

Q. In which country was Chopin born?

Ans:   Poland

Q.You ordered nem in a Vietnamese restaurant what would you get?

Ans:   Spring Roll. Big Quiz

Q. Sunrise Sunset came from which Broadway musical show?

Ans:   Fiddler on the Roof

Q.What was the name of Barbie’s first horse?

Ans:   Dancer

Q. What drink began in Morison’s drug store Waco Texas in 1885?

Ans:   Dr Peppers

Q.If you called Jl52020 or 555 2020 in film who would answer?

Ans:   Ghostbusters

Q.In Norse mythology women were made from a tree – which tree?

Ans:   Elm. Big Quiz

Q. Which western writer created Hopalong Cassidy?

Ans:   Louis L’Amour

Q. Which group was originally known as the Russellites?

Ans:   Jehovah’s Witnesses

Q. Operation Olympic was a WW2 invasion plan not used where?

Ans:   Japan surrendered

Q. Which dog breed gets its name from German meaning to splash?

Ans:   The Poodle

Q. William Perks became more famous as who?

Ans:   Bill Wyman. Big Quiz

Q. In religious art, which Saint is associated with an ox?

Ans:   Saint Luke

Q.If you landed at MCO airfield where are you?

Ans:   Orlando (Florida)

Q.The Sicilian, French and Alekhines are all used in which game?

Ans:   Chess

Q.Which American Indian’s modern name in Spanish means village?

Ans:   Pueblo

Q.Kaleidoscope. Daddy, Palomino and Changes name the author?

Ans:   Danielle Steele

Q.Istanbul and Constantinople what else was it called?

Ans:   Byzantium. Big Quiz

Q. Ol of Sonderblom conceived and patented what technology?

Ans:   Token Ring Networking

Q. American Literary Association gives Caldicott medal for what?

Ans:   Illustration

Q.What is the name for the sacred circle in Tantric Buddhism?

Ans:   Mandala

Q. Tefnut was the Egyptian goddess of what?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Rain

Q. In a state of readiness is the literal meaning of which job title?

Ans:   Waiter

Q. Boxing, Wrestling and which Olympic event still exclude women?

Ans:   Weight Lifting

Q. Which Greek Philosopher taught at the Lyceum?

Ans:   Aristotle. Big Quiz

Q.In Sesame street name the detective who often said egad?

Ans:   Sherlock Hemlock

Q. Which poet wrote “Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

Ans:   Alexander Pope (Essay on  Criticism)

Q.In the Bible where was Jesus when he ascended into heaven?

Ans:   Bethany

Q. Aldeberan is the brightest star in which constellation?

Ans:   Taurus

Q. What was Bruce Lee’s first Hollywood produced a film?

Ans:   Enter the Dragon

Q.Who owned a sword called crocea mors or yellow death?

Ans:   Julius Caesar

Q.Dalmatian dogs originated in which country?

Ans:   Yugoslavia

Q. Nelis, Seckel, Forelle and Bosc all varieties of what?

Ans:   Pears. Big Quiz

Q.Mao had the red book who did the green book on African unity?:

Ans:  Moammar Qaddhaffi

Q. Which countries name come from the wood its first major export?

Ans:   Brazil

Q. Dionea Muscipula is the Latin name for which flesh eater?

Ans:   Venus Fly Trap

Q. Unimak is the largest island in which group?

Ans:   Aleutians

Q. Paronite and caronite are the ores what is extracted?

Ans:   Titanium

Q. A web designer might use CGI scripts what does CGI stand for?

Ans:   Common Gateway Interface

Q. Which French General left Napoleon to become King of Sweden?

Ans:   Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte

Q. What is the world’s fifth largest religion?

Ans:    Sikhism. Big Quiz

Q. Outside the work is the literal meaning of which snack food?

Ans:  Hors Drives

Q. Who is the Greek Goddess of the moon?

Ans:   Selene

Q.Who wrote The Joy of Sex?

Ans:   Alex Comfort

Q. Which breed of dog gets its name from the French for the earth?

Ans:   Terrier

Q. In the book Little Women, what is the sister’s surname?

Ans:   March

Q. Which war was ended by The Congress of Westphalia?

Ans:   Thirty Years War

Q. In Greek mythology who invented the lyre?

Ans:   Hermes

Q.The continental title baron is equal to which UK title?

Ans:   Earl. Big Quiz

Q.Name the boat on which you can see Niagara Falls.

Ans:   Maid of the Mist

Q. What sin have inhabitants of Dante’s first circle of hell committed?

Ans:    Pride ( they are crushed by stones)

Q. Kenneth Daigneau won $100 for naming which product?

Ans:   Spam

Q.The Romans called it Numidia what do we call it today?

Ans:   Algeria

Q. The Sound and the Fury took its title from what other’s work?

Ans:   Shakespeare’s Macbeth

Q. Krusty the Clown and Chandler in Friends have an extra what?

Ans:   Nipple

Q.Heinrich Schliemann the archaeologist is famous for excavating where?

Ans:   Troy

Q. In what sport would you find the terms hack, tee and hog line?

Ans:   Curling

Q. Name the British General in charge of the 1916 offensive of World War I?

Ans:    Sir Douglas Haig

Q. Which Saint is associated with an eagle in religious art?

Ans:   Saint John. Big Quiz

Q. Which girl’s name means farseeing?

Ans:   Prudence

Q.The Greeks used hexagonal or triangular ones of burnt clay what?

Ans:   Coffins

Q. What plant is sometimes called the poor man’s weatherglass?

Ans:   Scarlet Pimpernel

Q. Which mountain is called Goddess of the Harvest by the locals?

Ans:   Annapurna in Nepal

Q.The French call it Pomplamoose what do we call it?

Ans:    Grapefruit

Q.The Sejm is the legislative body in which country?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Poland

Q. Which theatre style’s name translates as skills or talents?

Ans:   Noh

Q. Hathor Egyptian, Branwen Celtic, Frigga Norse Goddess of what?

Ans:   Love. Big Quiz

Q.What was the name of the changeling on Deep Space Nine?

Ans:   Odo

Q. In the Flintstones what order did Fred and Barney belong to?

Ans:   Water Buffalos

Q. Who was the European correspondent of the New York Tribune 1851-62?

Ans:   Karl Marx

Q.The name of which language means off the coast in Arabic?

Ans:   Swahili

Q.In the original trivial pursuit brown was what category?

Ans:   Geography

Q.Hal Jordan was the original alter ego of which comic superhero?

Ans:    Green Lantern now Kyle Rayner

Q. Which company brewed harp lager?

Ans:   Guinness

Q.Wired Digital Incorporate created which search engine?

Ans:   Hotbot. Big Quiz

Q.What fictional planet orbited the red star Negus 12?

Ans:   Superman’s Krypton

Q. Who wrote the book The Puppet Masters later a film?

Ans:   Robert Heinlein

Q. Xavier Robert was the original creator of which toy?

Ans:   Cabbage Patch Dolls

Q. In the Muppet band, Zoot plays which instrument?

Ans:   Saxophone

Q. What was invented by Garnet Carter of Chattanooga in 1926?

Ans:   Miniature Golf

Q.Pope John Paul II played for the Polish national team what sport?

Ans:   Rugby

Q.In the Bible what in Hebrew means Place of a Skull?

Ans:   Golgotha

Q. Wilma Rudolf was the first black US woman to win Olympic gold where?

Ans:   Rome in 1960 (3)

Q. In Sesame street name the two-headed friendly monster.

Ans:   Frank and Stein

Q. Walter Wagers novel 58 minutes was the basis for which film?

Ans:   Die Hard 2

Q.In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Dab-Dab?

Ans:   Duck. Big Quiz

Q. Double diamond, Croquet and Rover terms in which sport/game?

Ans:   Croquet

Q. What was the recently closed Wembley Stadium called in 1923?

Ans:   The Empire Stadium

Q. Which country’s translated name means Land of the Eagle?

Ans:   Albania

Q. Which classical composer wrote Hark the Herald Angels Sing?

Ans:   Felix Mendelssohn

Q.Gentleman Verona, 12th Night, Merchant Venice name links Characters?

Ans:   Antonio

Q.Which decorative art means in Arabic stripped cloth?

Ans:   Macramé

Q. On what date did Greek Russian Orthodox churches celebrate Xmas?

Ans:   January 6th

Q. In which sport is the Wingate trophy awarded?

Ans:   Lacrosse

Q.What are Nissan, Av, Adar and Tishrei?

Ans:   Jewish months

Q.The Dogs of War took its title from which other work?

Ans:    Shakespeare’s JuliusCaesar

Q. Hyundai and which other car manufacturers are located in Korea?

Ans:   Kia. Big Quiz

Q.In Star Trek Voyager what is the shuttlecraft’s name?

Ans:   The Delta Flyer

Q. Where is King Arthur supposed to be resting?

Ans:   Avalon

Q. David kills Goliath in which book of the Bible?

Ans:   Samuel

Q. Which company operates the Central Selling Organisation?

Ans:    DeBeers (diamonds)

Q. Cognac must be at least 5 years old before it’s labeled what?

Ans:   Napoleon

Q. Which religious festival begins with the sighting of the new moon?

Ans:   Ramadan (Islam)

Q. Scott Joplin’s music used for the film The Sting- name the tune.

Ans:   The Entertainer

Q.Catholic calendar what is the 50 days following Easter called?

Ans:   Pentecost

Q. Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell.

Ans:   Turtle

Q.The Newbery Medal is given annually for what?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Children’s book

Q. Peter Parker is the alter ego of which superhero?

Ans:   Spiderman

Q. Who wrote the Science Fiction novel The Left Hand of Darkness?

Ans:   Ursula LeGuin

Q. Which company produces PageMaker, Photoshop and Acrobat?

Ans:   Adobe

Q.Who was nicknamed The First Lady of Song?

Ans:   Ella Fitzgerald

Q. In Hebrew what does ‘Am Lotze min’ mean?

Ans:   I want sex. Big Quiz

Q. In 1987 U2 won Grammy for best album of the year name it?

Ans:   The Joshua Tree

Q.Englishman John Woodhouse created which fortified Italian wine?

Ans:   Marsala

Q. In which city was Galileo born?

Ans:   Pisa

  1. Patusnaya and mallasol types of what?

Ans:   Caviar

Q. Who wrote the Royal Firework Music?

Ans:   George Friedric Handel

Q. In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Gub-Gub?

Ans:   Pig. Big Quiz

Q.O’Henry created which western character in a short story?

Ans:   The Cisco Kid

Q. Which dog is named after the German word for ‘muzzle’?

Ans:   Schnauzer

Q. What is Grandpa Simpson’s first name?

Ans:   Abraham

Q.Prosopography is the study of what?

Ans:   Careers

Q.N2O is more commonly known as what?

Ans:   Laughing gas

Q. Which area of water separates India from Sri Lanka?

Ans:   Palk Strait

Q.The star Castor is in which constellation?

Ans:   Gemini

Q. Which musical instrument was originally called a busine?

Ans: 13th-century trumpet

Q.Spanish restaurant if you ask for La Quinta what do you get?

Ans:   The Bill

Q. Which UK artist painted The Rakes Progress in the 1700s?

Ans:   William Hogarth

Q. Which group had a hit with Mr. Tambourine Man?

Ans:   The Byrds. Big Quiz

Q. Which English brewery has the oldest patent on beer?

Ans:   Bass Ale

Q. What is the second-largest city in Ireland?

Ans:   Cork

Q. Hitchcock appears in a newspaper in Lifeboat who wrote the book?

Ans:    John Steinbeck

Q. Which detective dies in The Final Problem?

Ans:   Sherlock Holmes

Q.In Greek mythology Penthesilea was the queen of which people?

Ans:   Amazons

Q. Which UK city is the home of the Halle Orchestra?

Ans:   Manchester

Q. Name the X-man who shoots laser beams from his eyes?

Ans:   Cyclops

Q. Titanic music score sales are greatest which film did it beat?

Ans:   Chariots of Fire (Vangelis)

Q. In Christian tradition what day is known as the festival of lights?

Ans:    Candlemas, 2nd Feb

Q. In Islam, what is the fourth pillar of wisdom?

Ans:   Fasting in Ramadan

Q. Which car company manufactured the Leganza?

Ans:   Daewoo. Big Quiz

Q. What name in Hebrew means to add?

Ans:   Joseph

Q. Pomona was the Roman Goddess of what?

Ans:   Fruit Trees

Q. Boaz appears in which book of the Bible?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Ruth

Q.Which drug company manufacture Viagra?

Ans:   Pfizer

Q. Narita is the main airport in which city?

Ans:   Tokyo

Q. Which pop group were named after the inventor of the seed drill?

Ans:   Jethro Tull

Q. 1980 Pac Man was released arcade version by which company?

Ans:   Midway

Q. Traditional Advent candles are two colours pink and what?

Ans:   Purple. Big Quiz

Q. Daniel Keys wrote which in 1959 Hugo award-winning SF novel?

Ans:   Flowers for Algernon

Q. In the Dr Dolittle stories what type of creature was Too-Too?

Ans: Owl

Q. The Character Mary Goodnight was the Bond girl in which film?

Ans:   The man with the golden gun

Q.In Star Trek Generation who was the chief of security killed off?

Ans:   Tasha Yar

Q.The star Antares is in which constellation?

Ans:   Scorpius. Big Quiz

Q.In Islam, what is the third pillar of wisdom – there’s 5 in total?

Ans:   Charity – 2.5 % of income

Q. Andrew Patterson wrote which definitive Australian song?

Ans:   Waltzing Matilda

Q.Who was the vice president of the US when a bomb dropped on Hiroshima?

Ans:   No One (was not one)

Q. What is divided into 114 surahs?

Ans:   The Koran. Big Quiz

Q. If a doctor says you have singultus what have you got?

Ans:   Hiccups

Q. Which female name means bright or illustrious?

Ans:    Clara

Q: Richard Hannay hero of the 39 steps is which nationality?

Ans:   Canadian

Q: Skadi is the Norse Goddess of what?

Ans:   Winter and the Hunt

Q: The religious text Mishna comes from which religion?

Ans:   Judaism

Q: Amerigo Vespucci airport is in which city?

Ans:   Florence. Big Quiz

Q. What type of food is a sanatoria?

Ans:   Chocolate

Q. Which places name means many islands?

Ans:   Polynesia

Q. What was advertised as any time anyplace anywhere?

Ans: Martini. Big Quiz

Q.The sequel to which famous novel was called 20 years after?

Ans:  The Three Musketeers

Q.In 1782 in France what was louison or Louisette?

Ans:   The Guillotine before renaming it

  1. In which country do the Sumi people live?

Ans:   Lapland

Q.The star Spica is in which constellation?

Ans:   Virgo

Q. Which psychologist invented the terms introvert and extrovert?

Ans:   Carl Jung

  1. In the Bible who was Adam and Eve’s youngest child?

Ans:   Seth or Shet

Q.In food what does UHT mean on the carton?

Ans:   Ultra Heat Treatment

Q. Who released the album Invincible?

Ans:   Michael Jackson

  1. Which order of monks is famous for their silence?

Ans:   Trappist

Q. In which country could you spend a taka?

Ans:   Bangladesh. Big Quiz

Q. Which chemical was introduced to the US as a cough suppressant?

Ans: Heroin. Big Quiz

Q. Meaning person, who overcomes the name of the ancient Indian religion?

Ans:    Jainism

Q.The curfew tolls the knell of the parting day – which poems start?

Ans:   Elegy written in a Country Churchyard by Thomas Grey

Q. Lovely Rita meter maid appeared on which Beatles album?

Ans:   Sergeant Peppers

  1. What is the name for the group of men who elect a Pope?

Ans:   College of Cardinals

  1. Abel Magwitch and Biddy appear in which Dickens book?

Ans:   Great Expectations

Q.In the Simpsons name the Police Chief?

Ans:   Chester Wiggum

Q.In the original Star Trek, the Horta was a life form based on what?

Ans:   Silicon

Q.The Zagros mountain range is in which country?

Ans: Iran

Q.The Treaty of Paris in 1856 ended which war?

Ans:    The Crimean war

Q. Which mythical UK creature becomes an evil boggart if annoyed?

Ans:   Brownie

  1. The second pillar of Islam Salah involves what?

Ans:   Daily Prayers

Q. Which battle was fought at Senlac Hill?

Ans:    Battle of Hastings

  1. Which Biblical hero’s name meant splendid sun?

Ans:   Samson. Big Quiz

Q. Who wrote to The Young Persons Guide the Orchestra?

Ans:   Benjamin Britain

Q.Insertion, Heap, Topological and Bubble types of which IT thing?

Ans:    Sorting methods in programming

Q.Operation Urgent Fury was the US invasion of where?

Ans:   Granada

  1. What is the staple food of the Maori people of New Zealand?

Ans:   Sweet Potato. Big Quiz

Q.The IAAF finally recognized women in which sport in 1995?

Ans:   Pole Vault

Q. Hashimoto’s disease is the malfunctioning of which gland?

Ans:   Thyroid

Q. Petroselinum crispum is the Latin name of which herb?

Ans:   Parsley

Q.Dobby Selvages and Filling are terms used in which process?

Ans:   Weaving

Q.In music if F major is the key what is the relative minor?

Ans:   D minor

Q. Who produced and directed the Death Wish series of films?  Big Quiz

Ans:   Michael Winner

Q. Mozart wrote Ah, Vous Dirai-Je, Maman what’s its English title?

Ans:   Twinkle – Twinkle Little Star

Q.After The Red Baron was shot down who took over his squadron?

Ans:   Herman Goering

  1. In Greek mythology which woman’s name means all gifts?

Ans:   Pandora

  1. A lido is an open-air swimming pool where was the original lido?

Ans:   Venice

Q. Name the test applied to computers to see if they can think?

Ans:   Turing test

Q. Where would you find a bema narthex and apse?

Ans:   In a Basilica

Q. Which company manufactures Calvin Kline’s Obsession?

Ans:   Unilever

Q. Name UK General who defeated Montcalm on Plains.

Ans:   Abraham James Wolfe

Q. Jim Rhodes is the alter ego of which Marvel comic book hero?

Ans:   Iron Man

  1. Old Dominion was the nickname of which US state?

Ans:   Virginia

  1. Bor and Bestla are his parents, Vili and Ve are his brothers – name him?

Ans:    Odin (Chief Norse God)

Q. The Shining Path is a revolutionary movement in which country?

Ans: Peru. Big Quiz

Q. Name the European Cathedral known as the coronation cathedral.

Ans:   Rheims

Q. Which stars name means chained maiden?

Ans:   Andromeda

Q.If you landed at Mirabel international airport where are you?

Ans:   Montreal

Q. Which pop singer was nicknamed The Groover from Vancouver?

Ans:   Brian Adams

Q.Agni, face covered in butter, is the Hindu god of what?

Ans:   Fire

Q. The religious text Tripitaka comes from which religion?

Ans:   Buddhism

Q. Who had the gift of prophecy and the curse of not being believed?

Ans:   Cassandra (Daughter of Priam of Troy)

Q. Which book’s chief rival is the Encyclopaedia Galactica?

Ans:   Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Q.Harold H Lipman received a patent in 1858 for what invention?

Ans:   Gluing a rubber on a pencil

Q.The opening lines of which classic Russian novel are in French?

Ans:    War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy

Q.From the Earth to the sun is one AU what does AU stand for?

Ans:   Astronomical Unit

  1. Captain Hans Langsdorff captained which German Battleship?

Ans:   Graf Spee

Q.If a doctor says you have ecchymosis what have you got?

Ans: A Bruise. Big Quiz

Q. Copper gets its name from which Mediterranean country?

Ans:   Cyprus (where it was first found)

Q. In his will who left his wife his second-best bed?

Ans:   William Shakespeare

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of boy scouts?

Ans:   Saint George

Q.Who designed the different engine finally built in 1991?

Ans:    Charles Babbage

Q. What is the largest environmental organization in the world?

Ans:   Greenpeace

Q.Odin owned Geri and Freki what were they?

Ans:   Wolves

Q. Which female name means the worth of love?

Ans:   Amanda

Q.In Greek mythology Deianeira was the wife of whom?

Ans:   Hercules

Q. Troy McClure appears in which cartoon series?

Ans:   The Simpsons

Q. Illinois second-largest city and a TV detective share what name?

Ans:   Rockford

Q.In Star Fleet Will Riker plays which musical instrument?

Ans:   Trombone. 0 0 0

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