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Best Quiz

Q. In 1839 what innovation was added to bicycles?

Ans:   Pedals.

Q. What is the most eaten food in the US?

Ans:   Milk and Cream

Q. What country consumes the most fish per capita?

Ans:   Japan. Best Quiz

Q. What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on its cover?

Ans:   National Geographic

Q. In Arizona, you can have no more than two what in a house?

Ans:   Dildos (artificial penis)

Q. What is the provincial bird of Yukon?

Ans:   Raven

Q. In Columbus Ohio, it is illegal to sell what on Sunday?

Ans:   Cornflakes

Q. Sukkot is a festival in which religion?

Ans:   Jewish. Best Quiz

Q. If you suffered from pyrexia what have you got?

Ans:   Fever

Q. In Morrisville Penn, a woman must have a permit to do what?

Ans:   Wear Cosmetics

Q. Where could you see a likeness of Pharaoh Khafre’s head?

Ans:  On the Sphinx

Q. In Oklahoma, it is illegal to wear what in bed?

Ans:   Your Boots. Best Quiz

Q. Nine inches in the nautical measure is called what?

Ans:  A Span

Q. In Tennessee, it is illegal to drive if you are what?

Ans:  Asleep

Q. What product sells best in US supermarkets 98.2% of shoppers?

Ans:  Toilet paper

Q. In Ackworth Georgia, all citizens must own what by law?

Ans: A Rake. Best Quiz

Q. Rehoboam is a bottle size but also the last king of where?

Ans:   Israel

Q. What country drinks the most milk per capita?

Ans:   Iceland

Q. 68% of Americans do what (Trying to be punctual)?

Ans:   Set their watches ahead

Q. What animal is the mascot of the US Naval Academy?

Ans:   Goat. Best Quiz

Q. Where was volleyball invented?

Ans:  France

Q. What is the mosquito’s main food?

Ans:   Nectar from flowers

Q. What is the most common name in the Bible?

Ans:   Zachariah

Q. International dialling codes – where is 672?

Ans:   Antarctica. Best Quiz

Q. What seven letter word do all Americans pronounce wrongly?

Ans:   Wrongly

Q. What was built by the inmates of Changi Prison Camp?

Ans:   Burma Railroad

Q. In Greek legend what was eaten on the Island of Jerba?

Ans:   Lotuses

Q. Luke wrote two Bible books Luke and what?

Ans:   Acts. Best Quiz

Q. What large animal has a less than two-inch erect penis?

Ans:   Gorilla

Q. According to 36% of Americans, they have done what?

Ans:   Spoken with God

Q. 21% Americans don’t do it every day 5% never do it – what?

Ans:  Make their bed

Q. Collective nouns – a group of what is a charm?

Ans:   Goldfinches. Best Quiz

Q. In Florida, it’s illegal for a housewife to do what more 3 times daily?

Ans:  Break a dish

Q. In Bristol England, an old law says dogs can do what?

Ans:  Watch sex in your bed

Q. What killed half the US soldiers in World War I, 1918?

Ans:  Flu Epidemic

Q. 33% of American women lie about what?

Ans:   Their Weight. Best Quiz

Q. Collective nouns – a Trip of what?

Ans:   Goats

Q. Telesphobia is a fear of what?

Ans:    Being Last

Q. Irish Proverb – If you want to be criticized do what?

Ans:  Marry

Q. There are more the 38000 types of what?

Ans:  Mushrooms

Q. What country has the most bookshops per head population?

Ans:   New Zealand

Q. What is the opposite of the ‘Plenum’?

Ans:  Vacuum

Q. In Massachusetts, it is illegal to duel with what?

Ans:  Water Pistols. Best Quiz

Q. Whose last published novel was Murder from the Past?

Ans:   Agatha Christie

Q. Where is David Livingstone Buried (Two Places/countries)?

Ans:  Westminster Abby /Tanzania

Q. Sunglasses were invented in China to do what?

Ans:   Hide a Judges’ eyes

Q. The Italian Date is a common name of what fruit?

Ans:   Tamarind

Q. What is banned by law in Japanese restaurants?

Ans:   Tipping

Q. In Kentucky, a man cannot purchase what without his wife?

Ans:   A Hat

Q. What country issued a banana-shaped stamp?

Ans:  Tonga

Q. What colour are an American porcupine’s teeth?

Ans:   Orange. Best Quiz

Q. 8% of people in the world have an extra what?

Ans:   Rib

Q. Who was the Roman Goddess of the land?

Ans:   Terra

Q. Where was the world’s first oil well drilled?

Ans:   Pennsylvania

Q. In any given 6 month period 40% of Americans are what?

Ans:  Affected by Mental Illness

Q. Who said, “A Single death is a tragedy a million a statistic”?

Ans:   Joseph Stalin. Best Quiz

Q. If you are in the Choke mountains what country are you in?

Ans:  Ethiopia

Q. In the language of flowers, what does the cucumber flower mean?

Ans:   Criticism

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of desperation?

Ans:   St. Jude

Q. How often must one perform a quotidian task?

Ans:   Daily

Q. An average American eats 28 what in their lifetime?

Ans:  Pigs

Q. Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash?

Ans:   Orville Wright

Q. Name two sports where the winner moves backwards?

Ans:   Tug of War. Best Quiz

Q. There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what?

Ans:  Fog

Q. ‘Lyssophobia’ is the fear of what?

Ans:   Going Mad

Q. What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongue?

Ans:   Seoul (South Korea)

Q. Collective nouns a rag of what?

Ans:  Colts. Best Quiz

Q. If you were drinking Tiger beer in what country would you be?

Ans:  Singapore

Q. Who said, “People only see what they are prepared to see”?

Ans:   Ralph Waldo Emerson

Q. In Utah, you can get a license to hunt what?

Ans:   Dinosaurs. Best Quiz

Q. Epistemophobia is the fear of what?

Ans:  Knowledge

Q. Which magazine declared bankruptcy in the early 1990s?

Ans:  Success

Q. To what Patron Saint would you pray if you had a headache?

Ans:   Saint Dennis

Q. 96% of all what is purchased by women?

Ans:   Candles. Best Quiz

Q. What did Oliver Pollock invent in 1778?

Ans:   The dollar sign $

Q. In the language of flowers giving a mushroom meant what?

Ans:  Suspicion. Best Quiz

Q. What woman has the most statues of her?

Ans:  Joan of Arc 40,000

Q. What word did non-English speakers say sounded prettiest?

Ans:   Diarrhoea

Q. If you were drinking Cobra beer in what country would you be?

Ans:   India

Q. What does a myrmecologist study?

Ans:  Ants. Best Quiz

Q. What is a Pygmy Blue?

Ans:   Smallest butterfly

Q. Emelio Marco Palma was the first to do what in 1978?

Ans:   Born in Antarctica

Q. After homes and jobs, where do Americans spend the most time?

Ans:   Shopping Malls

Q. Which US place name translates Indian as a place of drunkenness?

Ans:  Manhattan. Best Quiz

Q. Philematology is the science of what?

Ans:  Kissing

Q. Collective nouns – A Labour of what?

Ans:   Moles

Q. In Minnesota, it’s illegal for a woman dressed as what on the street?

Ans:  Santa Clause. Best Quiz

Q. In 1999 Dallas Texas passed a law banning what from the city?

Ans:  Rooster’s noise pollute

Q. 20% of Japanese publications are what?

Ans:   Comic Books. Best Quiz

Q. If a Ghanian says Afishapa what have you been told?

Ans:  Merry Christmas

Q. St Gerard is the Patron Saint of whom?

Ans:  Pregnant Women

Q. Collective nouns – A cloud of what?

Ans:   Gnats

Q. Men average 12 a year women 18 a year – what?

Ans:  Read Books. Best Quiz

Q. What classic novel sold only 50 copies of the author’s lifetime?

Ans:   Moby Dick

Q. The average human has seven what each day?

Ans:   Sex Fantasies

Q.Who is the Patron Saint of authors?

Ans:   Saint Paul. Best Quiz

Q.What does a Caligynephobia fear?

Ans:   Beautiful women

Q. Collective nouns – A group of beavers is what?

Ans:  Colony

Q. 58% of people like what during sex?       World Quiz

Ans:  Dirty Talk

Q. The Walibri tribe of central Australia greet each other how?

Ans:  Shaking penis. Best Quiz

Q. In Tremonton Utah, it is illegal for a woman, not man what in an ambulance?

Ans: Have sex

Q. In Islamic law after having sex with a lamb mortal sin to do what?

Ans:   Eat its flesh. Best Quiz

Q. Only 30% of women do what?

Ans:   Swallow

Q. Who said, “Canada? I don’t even know what street Canada is on”?

Ans:   Al Capone

Q. The Colossus of Rhodes was a statue of whom?

Ans: Helios, the sun god

Q. Collective nouns – A tiding of what?

Ans:  Magpies. Best Quiz

Q. What is the name for a special vibrator worn with straps?

Ans:   A Butterfly

Q. What movie had the line “We’re on a mission from God”?

Ans:  The Blues Brothers

Q. 60% of women experience what?

Ans:   Menstrual Cramps

Q. Who turned down the Bogart role in Casablanca?

Ans:  Ronald Reagan

Q. Alcohol comes from the Arabic word Al Kohl -meaning what?

Ans:   The Essence

Q. In Washington State, it is specifically illegal to have sex with whom?

Ans:   Virgins

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of brewers?

Ans:   Saint Nicholas

Q. In the language of flowers, what does oak leaves mean?

Ans:  Bravery. Best Quiz

Q. Collective nouns – a leash of what?

Ans:   Greyhounds

Q. 25% of women regularly do what?

Ans:  Shave off pubic hair

Q. What word in English has the most synonyms?

Ans:  Drunk

Q. What English word comes from Latin for Sheath for a Sword?

Ans:   Vagina. Best Quiz

Q. There are 33 words on the back of a bottle of what beer?

Ans:   Rolling Rock

Q. Women do it twice as often as men – what?

Ans:  Blink

Q. Einstein never wore what if he could avoid it?

Ans:   Socks

Q. Beethoven’s 9th was his interpretation of what work by Schiller?

Ans:  ‘Ode to Joy’.

Q. Where in Europe can you find wild monkeys?

Ans:  Gibraltar. Best Quiz

Q. An average male will have 2000 what during his lifetime?

Ans:   Masturbated Ejaculations

Q. Who was the first honorary US citizen?

Ans:   Winston Churchill

Q. What links Bill Clinton, Fidel Castro, Einstein, and Jimmy Hendrix?

Ans:   Left-Handed

Q. ‘Urea’ is only found in humans and what another animal?

Ans:  Dalmatian Dogs

Q. Approximately 3 million women in the USA have what?

Ans:   Tattoos. Best Quiz

Q. Who said, “Once you are dead you are made for life”?

Ans:  Jimmy Hendrix

Q. What does ‘Vodka’ literally mean?

Ans:   Little Water

Q. Collective nouns – a hedge of what?

Ans:  Herons

Q. What does an ‘Erotophobe fear’?

Ans:   Sexual Love

Q. Who is the Patron Saint of Gout?

Ans:   Saint Andrew. Best Quiz

Q. In the language of flowers, what does yellow lily mean?

Ans:   Falsehood

Q. What are the Roman Numerals for 4000?

Ans:   MMMM

Q. 43% of Americans regularly do what?

Ans: Attend church

Q. Chachi was a character in Happy Days what it means in Korean?

Ans:   Penis

Q. Who was the first man to set foot on all five continents?

Ans:  Captain Cook. Best Quiz

Q. Each day 3000 Americans do what for the first time?

Ans:  Start Smoking

Q. Elizabeth I had ‘anthrophobia’ what was she afraid of?

Ans:   Roses

Q. What did Beethoven do before composing?

Ans:  Put head in cold water

Q. Where was the first police force established in 1667?

Ans:  Paris. Best Quiz

Q. Who is the largest toy distributor in the world?

Ans:   McDonalds

Q. In Chicago, it is illegal to fish wearing what?

Ans:   Your Pyjamas

Q. Vegetarians do what more than carnivore/omnivores?

Ans:   Fart

Q. What county has a national dog (only one country has one)?

Ans:  Netherlands

Q.What is the leading cause of death in China?

Ans:   Respiratory Disease

Q. What product is consumed most in California?

Ans:  Bottled Water

Q. ‘Farina’ is Italian for what?

Ans:   Flour. Best Quiz

Q. What science fiction author wrote about ‘The Cities in Flight’ series?

Ans:   James Blish

Q. 30% of women have done it but only 10% do it regularly – what?

Ans:   Multiple Orgasms

Q. What word comes from the Latin phrase “to be ashamed of”?

Ans:   Pudenda

Q. Choroti women are expected to do what during sex?

Ans:   Spit in their partner’s face

Q. What links horses, rabbits and rats?

Ans:  Cannot Vomit. Best Quiz

Q. An average American does it 2.2 times a week – what?

Ans:  Visit a Supermarket

Q. How did Queen Victoria ease her menstrual cramp pain?

Ans:   Used Marijuana

Q. George Washington carried a portable what?

Ans:  Sundial

Q. In Kansas, it is illegal to eat cherry pie with what?

Ans:  Ice Cream. Best Quiz

Q. 73% of what is produced and consumed in the USA?

Ans:  Internet Pornography

Q. 97% of all paper money in the USA has traces of what on it?

Ans:  Cocaine

Q. Half the population of China is what?

Ans:  Short-Sighted

Q. Telephone poles are mostly made from what wood?

Ans:   Chestnut

Q. The Spanish word ‘Esposa’ means both wife and what?

Ans:   Handcuffs

Q. What book was given to all officers in the Confederate army?

Ans:  Les Miserables

Q. ‘Ninkasi’ was the ancient Egyptian goddess of what?

Ans:   Beer. Best Quiz

Q. In Glendale Arizona, it is illegal for a car to do what?

Ans:  Reverse (Back up)

Q. Who said, “Sometimes too much drink is barely enough”?

Ans:   Mark Twain

Q. All commercially bred turkeys are what?

Ans:   Artificially Inseminated (males oversized)

Q. What was the ‘Bikini’ originally called?

Ans:  The Atom

Q. More than 100 women make a living from impersonating who?

Ans:  Marilyn Monroe

Q. In Omaha Nebraska it is illegal for a barber to shave what?

Ans:   A man’s chest

Q. Calgary University offers a two-day course in what?

Ans:   Igloo Building. Best Quiz

Q. Cleopatra sometimes wore a fake what?

Ans:   Beard – for Official Duties

Q. What colour are the Amazon River’s dolphins?

Ans:  Pink

Q. If you had aprosexia what would be impaired or reduced?

Ans:  Ability to study

Q. 90% of New York cabbies are what?

Ans:  New immigrants

Q. Name the first mailman in Philadelphia?

Ans:   Benjamin Franklin

Q. Harold Edgerton has taken all the world’s photos of what?

Ans:  US nuclear bomb explosions

Q. There are over 800 brands of what for sale in the USA?

Ans:   Bottled Water

Q. In what country do they answer the phone by saying- ‘I am listening’?

Ans:   Russia

Q. Who said, “More people would be alive if we had a death penalty”?

Ans:  Nancy Reagan

Q. The Chinese apple is another name for what fruit?

Ans:   Pomegranate. Best Quiz

Q. 43% of women want to try sadomasochism after smelling what?

Ans:   Vanilla extract

Q. What is the name of the elephant-headed god in India?

Ans::   Ganesh

Q. The Victorians began circumcision of male babies to stop what?

Ans:  Masturbation

Q. In Georgia, it’s illegal for a barber to do what?

Ans:   Advertise Prices

Q. 25% of sexually active people have tried what?

Ans:   Anal Sex

Q. Who said “Losing my virginity was a career move”?

Ans:   Madonna

Q. Hem -eroticism is what?

Ans:  Sexual fantasy. Best Quiz

Q. Marathon runners have on average 14 a week – what?

Ans:   Alcoholic drinks

Q. On Average North American women do what 83 times a year?

Ans:  Have Sex

Q. 46% of women say this is better than sex – what?

Ans:   A good night sleep

Q. Where is the fourth most popular place on a ship to have sex?

Ans:  The lifeboat. Best Quiz

Q. 10% of men claim to do this regularly – what?

Ans:  Shave their pubic hair

Q. In Virginia, it is against the law for people to bribe except whom?

Ans:  Political Candidates

Q. In ancient Greece, aristocratic women were deflowered with what?

Ans:  Stone Penis

Q. A Hop-Low is the world’s smallest – what?

Ans:  Mushroom

Q. 30 million people in the USA have ‘diasima’ – what is it?

Ans:  Gap in front teeth

Q. In Chaucer’s England, a ‘mussel’ was slang for what?

Ans:  Vulva. Best Quiz

Q. What was the city symbol of Pompeii?

Ans:   A Winged Penis

Q. Psychologist say when a woman wears red she wants what?

Ans:   Another Woman

Q. 67% of dog owners do what at holiday time?

Ans:  Buy a present for dog

Q. How many tail feathers have a Kiwi?

Ans:  None

Q. In North Carolina, it is against the law for who / what to fight?

Ans:   Cats and Dogs

Q. Who said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”?

Ans:   Sigmund Freud. Best Quiz

Q. What is silviculture?

Ans:  Forestry

Q. What was the only film about Vietnam made during the war?

Ans:  The Green Berets

Q.What did archers at the ancient Olympics use as targets?

Ans:   Tethered Doves

Q. What national flag has the largest animal emblem – a lion?

Ans:   Sri Lanka

Q. What is the Badger state?

Ans:   Wisconsin. Best Quiz

Q. In Michigan, married couples can be imprisoned unless they do what?

Ans:  Live Together

Q. Where would a soldier wear a Havelock Head?

Ans: In Desert

Q. What was Napoleon Bonaparte’s official emblem?

Ans:   Bumblebee

Q. The USA call her the Maid of Honour what do the British call her?

Ans:   The Chief Bridesmaid

Q. In Missouri, a man must have a permit to do what?

Ans:   Shave. Best Quiz

Q. What is Xylography?

Ans:  Wood Engraving

Q. In Phoenix Arizona you can’t walk through a hotel wearing what?

Ans:  Spurs

Q. What does the name ‘Mesopotamia’ mean?

Ans:   Between two rivers

Q. Spain Portugal and Algeria are the three top producers of what?

Ans:  Cork. Best Quiz

Q. What building in New York has 43600 windows?

Ans:   World Trade Centre

Q. Where is the world’s largest bullfighting ring?

Ans:   Mexico City

Q. What American state has the most outhouses?

Ans:   Alaska

Q. All hospitals in Singapore use what brand name product?

Ans:   Pampers

Q. In Oklahoma by law baseball teams cannot do what?

Ans:   Hit the ball over the fence out of the ground

Q. Where would you find your shank?

Ans:   Sole of foot. Best Quiz

Q. There are butterflies that smell like what?

Ans:  Chocolate

Q. What does a ‘tsiologist’ study?

Ans:   Tea

Q. 99% of American households have at least one what?

Ans:   TV

Q. 56% of Americans believe there is what in heaven?

Ans:   Baseball

Q. In Ancient Mesopotamia, people worshipped what?

Ans: Pigeons

Q. What job has the longest lifespan in the USA on average?

Ans:   77 Nuns. Best Quiz

Q. Faith, Hope, Charity, Fortitude, Justice, Prudence-what’s missing?

Ans:   Temperance 

Q. In what city was America’s first stock exchange built?

Ans:  Philadelphia

Q. 45% of Americans use what each day?

Ans:   Mouthwash

Q. Collective nouns – a descent of what?

Ans:   Woodpeckers

Q. In Florida, it is against the law to put what on the school bus?

Ans:   Livestock

Q. Who said, “Too many of our imports are from abroad”?

Ans:   George Bush. Best Quiz

Q. Who is the Roman Goddess of sorcery hounds and crossroads?

Ans:  Trivia

Q. Only three Angels are named in Bible Gabriel, Michael and who?

Ans:   Lucifer

Q. What word starts and ends with und?

Ans:   understand

Q. Collective nouns – a mustering of what?

Ans:   Storks

Q. Caterpillar comes from the old French- what does it literally mean?

Ans:   Hairy Cat. Best Quiz

Q. In 1919 in the USA you could be jailed for doing what in?

Ans:   Public Sneezing

Q. Why did Ancient Egyptians shave their eyebrows?

Ans:   Mourning death cat

Q. Other than fruit what is the only natural food made without killing?

Ans:  Honey. Best Quiz

Q. The word rodent comes from the Latin rodere meaning what?

Ans:   To gnaw

Q. Collective nouns – A gang of what?

Ans:   Elks. Best Quiz

Q. Peladophobia is the fear of what?

Ans:   Bald People

Q. After water what is the most consumed beverage?

Ans:   Tea

Q. In West Virginia, it is illegal to cook what – because of smell?

Ans:   Cabbage (one goes to prison for it)

Q. In Norse mythology, Odin traded an eye for what?

Ans:  Wisdom

Q.What is a pismire?

Ans:   An Ant. Best Quiz

Q. At her beheading, Marie Antoinette wore what colour shoes?

Ans:  Purple

Q. What country has the worst road accident averaging 10 deaths per mile?

Ans:   Portugal

Q. In Vancouver, a city law says all cars must carry what?

Ans:   An Anchor (emergency brake)

Q. What flowers name derives from the Greek word for testicle?

Ans:   Orchid. Best Quiz

Q.What is in the Red Data Book?

Ans:   Endangered Species

Q. April is the cruellest month – which poet wrote that line?

Ans: T S Elliot (it refers to income tax)

Q. What country’s women most likely to have sex on a first date?

Ans:  Australia 13%. Best Quiz

Q. Who wrote the book ‘Call of the Wild’?

Ans:  Jack London

Q. If you had Cynophilia what type of sex turns you on?

Ans:  Sex with dogs

Q. Who directed the movie Wall Street, 1987?

Ans:   Oliver Stone

Q. What country’s women are most likely to have sex daily?

Ans:  Russia 

Q. What place is nicknamed “The City of Lilies”?

Ans:  Florence

Q.What is a Tambura?

Ans:  An Indian long-necked lute

Q. In Chinese mythology what is ‘Taimut’?

Ans:  A Dragon. Best Quiz

Q. A Hodophile gets sexually aroused by what?

Ans:  Travelling

Q. In ‘The Canterbury Tales’ why were the pilgrims travelling?

Ans:   To visit Thomas a’ Beckett’s Tomb

Q. Lucius Tarquinius Superbus was the last king of where?

Ans:  Rome

Q. In Greek mythology who gave the “eyes” to the peacock?

Ans:  Argus. Best Quiz

Q. Who was “The father of magazine science fiction”?

Ans:   Hugo Gernsback

Q. A phalophilliac has a fetish about what?

Ans:   Large Penises

Q. A Primigravida is what?

Ans:   First Pregnancy

Q. San Francisco by law you can’t clean your car with what?

Ans:   Used Underware

Q. Robert Record in the mid 16th century invented what sign?

Ans:   Equal (=). Best Quiz

Q. A Retifist has a fetish about what?

Ans:  Shoes

Q. If you suffered Harpaxophillia what turns you on?

Ans:   Being Robbed

Q. Operation Dracula in World War II freed what city?

Ans:   Rangoon, Burma

Q. Who was the last English King to die on the battlefield?

Ans:   Richard III

Q. Name of the Roman hippodrome used for chariot races?

Ans:   Circus Maximus

Q. ‘Ilium’ is the Latin name for what ancient city?

Ans:  Troy. Best Quiz

Q. If you had hemicrania what would you be suffering from?

Ans:   Migraine

Q. The roadrunner belongs to what family of birds?

Ans:   Cuckoo

Q. Cyesolagnia is a fetish about what?

Ans:   Pregnant women

Q. What Shakespeare’s play is set in Messina and has Claudio in it?

Ans:   ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

Q. What was the eighth month in the ancient Roman Calendar?

Ans:  October. Best Quiz

Q. If a woman marinates what is she doing?

Ans:   Female Masturbating

Q. ‘Harmatophobia’ is the fear of what?

Ans:   Sexual Incompetence

Q.Whose members get “Promoted to Glory” on their death?

Ans:  Salvation Army

Q. William Sydney Porter is better known as who (literature)?

Ans:   O’Henry

Q. What Shakespeare’s play is “The Green-Eyed Monster” mentioned?

Ans:   Othello. Best Quiz

Q.What do Yoni worshipers worship?

Ans:   Female Genitals

Q. In Italy what is a “Zuppa Inglese”?

Ans:   Desert

Q. In Omaha, Parents can be arrested if the child does what in church?

Ans:   Burps

Q. What was known as the ‘Ox Box Xerox’?

Ans: Photocopier

Q. An area of London got its name from a hunting call what?

Ans:  Soho

Q. In Nevada, it is illegal to drive what on the highway?

Ans:   A Camel. Best Quiz

Q. Who was the leader of the wolves in Kipling’s ‘Jungle Book’?

Ans:  Akala

Q. In Mississippi, it is still legal to kill whom?

Ans: One’s Servant

Q. Acrotomphillia is having sex with who or what?

Ans:   Amputees

Q. Who was the last British king born outside the UK?

Ans:   George II (Hanover)

Q. Roman orator Marcus Tullius nicknamed what for a wart on the nose?

Ans:  Cicero

Q. What musical instrument is named from the Greek wooden sound?

Ans:  Xylophone

Q. What English word meaning disaster comes from Italian for flask?

Ans:   Fiasco. Best Quiz

Q. What was Auguste Bartholdi’s most famous work in 1886?

Ans:   Statue of Liberty

Q. What is the magazine of the Jehovah’s Witnesses called?

Ans:    The Watch Tower

Q. Defecolagnia is sexual arousal from what act?

Ans:   Crapping

Q. In New Jersey, it is illegal to frown at whom?

Ans:   Police Officers. 0 0 0.

Best Quiz

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