Quiz Miscellany


Quiz Miscellany

Quiz Miscellany

Quiz Miscellany

Quiz Miscellany

(A book of General Knowledge for students )

Internet Edition

Compiled & Edited by

Menonim Menonimus

Quiz Miscellany (A book of General Knowledge for students ) compiled & Edited by Menonim Menonimus

New Edition:


The quiz is an easier medium of acquiring knowledge through entertainment. Nowadays it seems that the demand and popularity of quiz books are on increase. In the market, some quiz books are also visible. But the quality and quantity of those are like a single chilly in a large pot of sauce. Realizing this scarcity of available quiz books in the market, we have undertaken this mission of bringing out a series of quiz books with the sole intention of helping the student community and readers in general. This present book entitled  Quiz Miscellany is an output of our adventurous mission. This present book is prepared neither subject-wise nor topic-wise but as a medley of varied topics. In preparing this book we have collected and compiled data from various sources as- books, the internet, official documents etc. We have spared no pains to afford the accurate available data on various subjects in this book in quiz form. In spite of our meticulous carefulness to make this book error-free, there is every possibility of spelling and grammatical mistakes, and desktop publishing mistakes due to oversight or lack of timely information. We look forward to overcoming all the shortfalls of the book that might have crept into the book anyway.

Therefore we expect from all our readers to bring the mistakes and shortfalls to our notice so that we can make this book error-free in the next editions.

In fine, we acknowledge our debts for facts, data and all information used in this book to Central Government of India, the Government of Assam, journals, Research reports undertaken by many national and international institutions and organizations, UNESCO, other government institutions, other quiz books, and internet sources.

This book of quiz (Quiz Miscellany preceded by our another quiz book entitled ‘World Quiz’) has been prepared with the purpose of helping the student community and reader in general in acquiring knowledge on the varied subjects at a glance.

We are not aware of copyright violations in any form which has been incurred while preparing this book. However, we will not only appreciate but also take immediate action to rectify and overcome any such thing which has occurred unintentionally or unknowingly in any form towards anyone, in case it is brought to our notice.

Rabbi Masrur

Kamalpur, Barpeta (Assam)


Quiz Miscellany

Section- A

Q: Who was nicknamed as ‘The Admiral of the Mosquitoes’? 

Ans: Christopher Columbus

Q: What arts/literary movement founded by Tristan Tzara in 1915?

Ans:   Dadaism. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Which author wrote the screenplay of ‘Bonds You Only Live Twice’?

Ans:   Roald Dahl

Q: Dalmatian dogs are born of which colour or colours?

Ans:   White (spots come later)

Q: Edward de Bono – Maltese Doctor – developed what concept?

Ans:   Lateral Thinking

Q: What is the capital of Ghana?

Ans:   Accra

Q: In Greek mythology who was the Goddess of Chastity?

Ans:   Artemis (sister of Apollo)

Q: What was Madam Curie’s husband’s name?

Ans:  Pierre Curie

Q: The USA president lives in the White House – Who lives in Blue House?

Ans:   President of South Korea

Q.What does an aronophobe fear?

Ans:  Internet

Q: What city is the world’s largest carpet manufacturer?

Ans:   Kashmir

Q: What element was named after the Greek word for ‘green’?

Ans:   Chlorine

Q: What hotel hosted the first Oscar ceremony?

Ans:  Roosevelt Hotel

Q: The name of which Indian city means ‘Village of Boiled Beans’?

Ans:  Bangalore

Q: Which country had The Dauphin as a ruler?

Ans:  France

Q: Which country had the Guns of Navarone installed?

Ans:   Turkey. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Ictheologists study what?

Ans:  Fish

Q. What is a Winston Churchill?

Ans:  Cigar

Q: Who or what lives in a formicarium?

Ans:  Ants

Q: What type of acid is used in car batteries?

Ans:   Sulphuric

Q: It’s a flock of sheep what’s a group of owls called?

Ans:  Parliament

Q: What animal would you find in a form?

Ans:  Hare

Q: Who in books and films was the man of bronze?

Ans:   Doc Savage

Q: Who was Stan Laurel’s partner?

Ans:   Oliver Hardy

Q: What is classified by the A B O system?

Ans:   Blood Groups

Q: What plant does the Colorado beetle attack?

Ans:  Potato

Q: Where did the Pied Piper play?

Ans:   Hamlin

Q: To where in France do the sick make pilgrimages?

Ans:  Lourdes

Q: In which city was the famous black hole?

Ans:   Calcutta

Q: Christopher Cockerel invented what?

Ans:   Hovercraft

Q: Ray Bolger played who in ‘The Wizard of Oz’?

Ans:   Scarecrow

Q: Which part of the human body contains the most gold?

Ans:   Toe-nails

Q: If you had rubella what would you have caught?

Ans:   German measles

Q: La Giaconda is better known as what?

Ans:   Mona Lisa

Q: What is Britain’s most commonly planted tree? 

Ans: Sitka Spruce

Q: Who wrote the Opera Madam Butterfly?

Ans:   Puccini

Q: What links – Goa – Kerala – Manipur – Jharkhand?

Ans:   They are Indian states.

Q: Eric Arthur Blaire was the real name of which author?

Ans:   George Orwell

Q: Which country do Sinologist’s study?

Ans:    China. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Rudy Stevens became famous under which name?

Ans:   Barbara Stanwyck

Q: Which non-alcoholic cordial is made from pomegranates?

Ans:   Grenadine

Q: What occupation had the most fatal work injuries in the US in 1994?

Ans: Truck Drivers

Q: What did sailors often have tattooed on backs to stop flogging? 

Ans:  A Cross

Q: Where would you find lagan? 

Ans: In sea overboard attached to float

Q: How did King Arthur acquire the round table?

Ans:  As a wedding gift

Q: What is the only Bible book referred to in Shakespeare’s play?

Ans: Henry V

Q: Harry Rosoll created which famous bear?

Ans:   Smokey the Bear

Q: What did J Edgar Hoover bar people from walking on?

Ans:  His Shadow

Q: Car racing and what sports was banned in the USA during World War II?

Ans:  Horse Racing

Al Alcorn wrote which famous computer program/game?

Ans: Pong

Q: In what country is Peter II of Yugoslavia buried?

Ans: America

Q: Asian moon rat is the only animal that smells like a vegetable – which one?

Ans:  Onion

Q: Palmolive promised to help women keep what? 

Ans: School-girl complexion

Q: Which country’s name comes from the Arawak word? 

Ans: Cuba

Q: Norman Bean became famous as which author? 

Ans:  Edgar Rice Burroughs

Q: What is the most popular last name in France?

Ans: Martin

Q: Which country has the most cellular phones per capita?

Ans: Sweden

Q: What was the first shoe brand name to go into Oxford Dictionary?

Ans:  Dr Martins

Q: Fred Waller patented what sporting equipment? 

Ans: Water Skis

Q: Who began his career as ‘The World’s Worst Juggler’?

Ans: Fred Astair

Q: Which cities name means ‘end of the elephant’s trunk’? 

Ans: Khartoum

Q: What is the most assigned play (drama) in English curriculum?

Ans: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ written by William Shakespeare.

Q: Which kind of flower has the most species?

Ans: Orchid. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Name Shakespeare’s play with a city in Greece in name.

Ans: Timon of Athens

In the Bible Cain built a city named after his son what?

Ans: Enoch

Q: ‘Amor Vincit Omnia’ a Latin phrase meaning what?

Ans: Love conquers all.

Q: ‘Theatre at the Stairway’ is the translation of which place? 

Ans: La Scala Milan

Q: Where is Bonnie Prince Charlie buried? 

Ans: Rome

Q: Where are you if you land at Norman Manley airport?

Ans: Kingston, Jamaica

Q: In the human body what is produced by the parotid glands?

Ans:  Saliva

Q: What was the first magazine to publish a hologram on it’s cover? Quiz Miscellany

Ans: National Geographic

Q: 33% of the world’s population can’t do what apparently simple thing?

Ans:  Snap their fingers

Q: What type of large vehicle is named after a Hindu God?

Ans: Jagannath

Q.Their technical name is hydrometeors what’s common name?

Ans: Hailstones

Q: Lord Harry, Old Billy, Queed, Skipper, Toast nicknames for whom?

Ans: The Devil or Satan

Q: The Chinese scattered firecrackers around the house – why?

Ans: Fire Alarms

Q: Who was shot and killed in saloon number ten?

Ans: Wild Bill Hickock

Q: What is the most popular jukebox song of all time?

Ans: ‘Crazy – Patsy Cline’

Q: Which spy’s name translates as ‘Eye of the Dawn’? 

Ans: Mata Hari

Q: What would a rhinotillexomaniac be doing?

Ans: Picking their nose

Q: Which Clint Eastwood film has the most killings (65)?

Ans: ‘Where Eagles Dare’

Russia has one but the US has at least six – what Places called?

Ans: Moscow

Q: ACII, Stockless, Mushroom and Plough types of what? 

Ans: Anchors

Q: February 1999 what was the fastest-growing religion in the US? 

Ans: Sikh

Q: In Pac Man eating what was worth 5000 points?

Ans: Banana. Quiz Miscellany

Q.What common item has a coil, point, sheath and two shafts?

Ans: Safety Pin

Q: In which country are the most flowers bought per capita?

Ans: Netherlands

Q: What is the moon’s astronomical name?

Ans: Moon

Q: Carnegie Melon University only offers a degree in what?

Ans: Bagpiping

Q: In the US what’s the most common reason for a visit to ER?

Ans:  Stomach Cramps

Q: Advertising slogan – No one ever got fired for buying what?

Ans:  IBM

Q: Who was shown on the most popular US postal stamp of 1998?

Ans:  Sylvester and Tweety

Q: What three inventions do Americans say they can’t live without?

Ans:   Car, Light bulb and Telephone

Q. Where in the world can you find Friday before Thursday?

Ans: In a Dictionary

Q: Where would you find a breast, fore, spring and after spring?

Ans:  Tying up a ship

Q: What sport originally meant in French ‘look here’?

Ans:  Tennis

Q: In Dukes of Hazard boys drove General Lee name? 

Ans: Daisies jeep Dixie

Q: Evidence of the first recorded brothel was found in which city?  Quiz Miscellany

Ans:  Athens (Greece)

Q: Which two-letter word is the most sacred in Hinduism?

Ans:  Om. Quiz Miscellany

Q: What is the most chosen name for US schools sports teams?

Ans:  Eagles or Tigers

Q: Who was the first choice to play Beverley Hills Cop?

Ans:   Sylvester Stallone

Q: Francis Galton first classified what?

Ans:   Fingerprints

Q: At Roman feasts which birds tongues were delicacies?

Ans:   Flamingos

Q: Tessenjutsu is a martial art based on the use of what item?

Ans:  A Fan

Q: Which common item was banned by law in Bermuda until 1948?

Ans:   Motor Cars

Q: We know what a moussaka is but what does it literally mean?

Ans:   Moistened

Q: French in tennis love means zero but what did it originally mean? 

Ans:   Eggs

Q: Link Apollo, Ghengis Khan and Abraham Lincoln on TV? 

Ans:  All met James T Kirk

Q: In Alabama, it’s illegal to have more than 3 what in one’s house? 

Ans:  Animals

Q: Two is a company three is a crowd what do four and five make?

Ans:    Four and five make nine

Q: On a carving in Coventry Cathedral, what did Lady Godiva ride?

Ans:  A Goat

Q: After the US civil war, what was known as the soldiers’ disease? 

Ans:   Morphine addiction

Q: Which US states name means ‘meadowland’? 

Ans:  Kentucky

Q: What creature is nicknamed the ‘old man of the sea’?

Ans:    Sea Otter

Q. What did the word ‘hussy’ originally mean?

Ans:   Housekeeper

Q: ‘The Alley Cats’ was the working title of which TV show?

Ans:   Charlie’s Angels

Q: Which city had the world’s first public bus service?

Ans:  Paris

Q: In the UK 9 out of 10 people live within walking distance of what?

Ans:  A Bus Stop

Q: 75% of industrial accidents happen to people who don’t do what? 

Ans: Eaten Breakfast

Q: ‘Swine’ is a Chinese brand name of which food?

Ans:  Chocolate

Q: What keeps growing until one is 35 then starts to shrink? 

Ans: Skeleton

Q: Which is the only bird that drops its upper eyelid to blink?

Ans:  Owl. Quiz Miscellany

Q: What company created the gif image file format?

Ans:  CompuServe

Q: What was Vincent Price’s first horror film?

Ans:  ‘House of Wax’

Q. Which skill uses things called chain singles and doubles?

Ans:  Crocheting

Q: Name the profession most often late for appointments? 

Ans: Doctors

Q: The average American consumes 9 lbs of what every year?

Ans: Food Additives

Q: In Korea what is ‘Sirum Sumo’?

Ans:  Wrestling

Q: In the human body what is replaced every three months?

Ans: Eyelashes

Q: What is the top holiday in the US for candy / sweet sales?

Ans:  Halloween

Q: Which US state flag is triangular in shape?

Ans:  Ohio

Q: In a survey, 4% of US employees never do what at work?

Ans:  Laugh

Q: Which sitcom was set in Dunns River?

Ans:  Connecticut Soap

Q: Fred Silverman invented the name ‘Scooby Do’ – named after who?

Ans:  Frank Sinatra

Q: What does Intel stand for?

Ans: Integrated Electronics

Q: Which game was called ‘Beano’ till Edwin Lowe renamed it?

Ans:  Bingo

Q: In the US what was free before 1863?

Ans:  Mail service

Q: What was the first word uttered by Helen Keller?

Ans: ‘Water’

Q: Middle Ages having what creatures in the house as a symbol of good luck?

Ans: Ants

Q: Which group was derided as the poor man’s Rolling Stones?

Ans:  Aerosmith

Q: On piano, the left pedal is the soft what’s the right called?

Ans:   Sustaining

Q: One anger, Two mirths, Three weddings, Four birth what are they?

Ans:  Crows. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Specifically to what does ‘Episcopal’ refer?

Ans:  Bishops

Q: Which sort of court case causes the most perjury?

Ans:   Contested Divorce

Q: Which country consumes the most chicken per capita?

Ans:   Saudi Arabia

Q: Which country comes second to consume the most chicken per capita after Saudi Arabia?

Ans:   Israel

Q: Saint Homobonus is the Patron Saint of who?

Ans:  Business People

Q: Which item first appeared in Superior Hotel Montana in 1908?

Ans:  Gideon Bible

Q: What became a full Olympic sport in 1992?

Ans:   Badminton

Q: Which actor used to sweep out lions cages for a living?

Ans:   Sylvester Stallone

Q: The average American does it 1811 times in their life – what?

Ans:   Eat at MacDonald’s

Q: Who was the first computer millionaire?

Ans: Herman Hollerith

Q: ‘Tasseomancy’ is fortune telling using what?

Ans:  Tea Leaves

Q: In the UK whose private house has its own court and 11 prison cells?

Ans:  Lord Mayor (London Mansion House)

Q: Who was the first athlete to have an animated cartoon series?

Ans:  Mohamed Ali

Quiz Miscellany

Section- B

Q. In the 1920s cars built in Bennington had what safety device?

Ans: A Saint Christopher

Q: Which dish gets its name from the French meaning to stir?

Ans:  Ratatouille

Q: Where would you find the stuffing box and sucking rod?

Ans:  Oil Well Pump

Q: Pidge appeared in which Disney film?

Ans:   Lady and Tramp pet

Q: The average size of what is a grain of sand?

Ans:   Meteor. Quiz Miscellany

Q. There are 20 days in the week in whose calendar?

Ans:  Aztec

Q: A young dog is called a pup- what’s the correct name for a young skunk?

Ans:  A kit or kitten

Q: Okamoto in Japan is the world’s largest maker of what?

Ans:  Condoms

Q: Apis, Mnevis, Onuphis, are  3 names for the sacred what of?

Ans:   Egypt Bull

Q: It costs $30 a day in Austria to do this nude in winter – what?

Ans:   Cross country skiing

Q: Escaping convicts used to drop what to throw dogs off the scent?

Ans:   Red Herrings

Q: What first name has been used by most presidents?

Ans:   James

Q: The word cruise comes from which language?

Ans:  Dutch (Kruisen)

Q: In a survey of US ERs what is the most commonly broken bone?

Ans:   Clavicle or Collar Bone

Q: In computing who are floppy and matilda?

Ans:  Gateways cows

Q: Where is the world’s largest gay festival held annually?

Ans:   Sydney gay Mardigras, Australia

Q: In Japan, they sell the last climax – what is it?

Ans:   Brand of tissues

Q: In the US only 8 % of women do it – but it changes their lives – what?

Ans:  Propose marriage to boyfriend

Q: The Swiss spend the worlds most money per capita on what?

Ans:   Insurance

Q: Proportionately which creature has the largest brain? 

Ans:The Ant

Q: The Jewish prayer for the dead Kaddish is in what language?

Ans: In Written Hebrew

Q: What is the name of Doctor Claws pet in ‘Inspector Gadget’?

Ans: Madcat

Q: Which magazine is most often stolen from US libraries?

Ans: ‘Sports Illustrated’

Q: Which actress had a job putting cosmetics on corpses? 

Ans: Whoopee Goldberg

Q: So far 11 US presidents have been what?

Ans: Generals. Quiz Miscellany

Q: 6300 was the biggest cast in a commercial for what company?

Ans:  British Airways

Q: Knock-Knock was the first cartoon starring what character?

Ans:  Woody Woodpecker

Q: The Sweater Shop International was a competition of which sport?

Ans:  Snooker

Q: In Greek mythology, women of Lemnos did what to their husbands?

Ans:  Murder

Q: Good fellow’s Lumholtz’s and Bennett’s type of what animal?

Ans:  Tree Kangaroo

Q: TVs Ben Casey started with ‘Man Woman Birth Death’ and what?

Ans:  Infinity

Q: What was banned in Indonesia for stimulating passion? 

Ans:  Hula Hoops

Q: What are popcorn, moss and seed?

Ans:   Knitting Stitches

Q: Which food item contains the most residual pesticides?

Ans:   Peaches

Q: In the US what job has an average IQ?

Ans:  Policeman

Q: ‘Great Brother’ is the Chinese translation of which drug?

Ans:   Viagra

Q: Which English name produces the most nicknames?

Ans:   Elizabeth

Q: Which fruit is the symbol of hospitality?

Ans:   Pineapple

Q: Which city is built on 118 islands?

Ans:  Venice. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Before it meant tall building what did skyscraper mean?

Ans:  Tall sailing ships masts

Q: Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer had a girlfriend – name her?

Ans:   Clarissa

Q: Which author sold most books in the first half of the 20th century?

Ans:   Edgar Rice Burroughs

Q: In which sport is the ]Lugano Trophy] awarded?

Ans:   Road Walking

Q: Amnesic, Diarrhetic and Paralytic main types of what poisoning?

Ans:   Shellfish

Q: Donald Baxter, McMillan compiled the first what dictionary?

Ans:  Eskimo – English

Q: In 1950 what character was on the first metal lunch box in the US?

Ans:  Hopalong Cassidy

Q: Which US state has the highest divorce rate?

Ans:   Arkansas. Quiz Miscellany

Q: What was the first publicly televised sporting event in Japan?

Ans:   A Baseball Match

Q: If you have a buccula what have you got?

Ans:  Double Chin

Q: Which insect is the symbol of female potency?

Ans:   The Honey Bee

Q: Optiphone, Lustreer and Mirascope early names for which item?

Ans:   Television

Q: The name of which fabric comes from the Persian word for spun?

Ans:   Taffeta

Q: What job does an Oikologiost do?

Ans:   Housekeeper

Q: In 1969 Sport was the first magazine to run for what?

Ans:   Condoms

Q: Purple green and gold are the official colours for which annual event?

Ans:   Mardi Gras

Q: What is Homer Simpson’s greatest fear?

Ans:   Sock Puppets

Q: Lusophone describes countries whose main language is what?

Ans:   Portuguese

Q: In World War I what warning device was on the top of the Eiffel Tower?

Ans:  Parrots

Q: According to doctors people with what pets fall asleep easiest?

Ans:   Fish

Q: What is sometimes referred to as ‘Zulu time’?

Ans:  Greenwich Mean Time

Q: What was originally called olive oil water?

Ans: Vaseline. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Average US male does it in 11.4 minutes but female takes 13 what?

Ans:   Shower

Q: Nylon was invented in 1934 what product first used it?

Ans:  Toothbrush

Q: What river’s name translates as a river of hate?

Ans:   Styx in Hades

Q: The average what is designed to last for 180 wearings?

Ans:   Bra

Q: On which annual day do most heart attacks occur?

Ans:   New Year’s Day

Q: What is the name for the number 1 followed by 100 zeros?

Ans:  Google

Q: Who invented wax paper?

Ans:   Thomas Edison

Q: What is the name of Porky Pig’s nephew?

Ans:   Cicero

Q: Ancel Keys developed which US soldiers item?

Ans:   K rations

Q: If you suffered from ‘acronyx’ what have you got?

Ans:   Ingrown Toenail

Q: What was the first TV theme song to hit number one US charts?

Ans:   Davy Crocket

Q: What was the first food designed for the microwave?

Ans:  Popcorn. Quiz Miscellany

Q: In the US what was the first TV test symbol?

Ans: a Dollar sign

Q: Which painter’s work is the most stolen?

Ans:   Pablo Picasso

Q: What does Abraham Lincoln never do in any photographs?

Ans:   Smile

Q: ‘Pif Paf Pof’ is the Dutch equivalent of which English phrase?

Ans:   Snap Crackle Pop

Q: Before 1687 clocks never had what?

Ans:   Minute hands

Q: What is the most profitable section in supermarkets?

Ans:  Meat and Fresh vegetables

Q: The average American eats 5666 what in their lifetime?

Ans:   Fried Eggs

Q: Which old English time unit is 1.5 minutes long?

Ans: A Moment

Q: In Las Vegas which gambling thing generates the most profit?

Ans:   Slot Machines

Q: What colour is Queen Elizabeth’s blotting paper?

Ans:  Black

Q: In the 13th century, European children were baptized with what?

Ans:   Beer. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Which popular cartoon strip has never included an adult?

Ans:   Peanuts

Q: What is the most common street name in the USA?

Ans:   Park Street

Q: According to one estimate, Benjamin Franklin had 24 what?

Ans:  Bastards (Illegitimate children)

Q: Before tennis what drew spectators to?

Ans:   Wimbledon Croquet

Q: Which famous ship and whiskeys name means ‘short underskirt’?

Ans:  Cutty Sark

Q: Beethoven gave up what while writing his ninth symphony?

Ans:  Bathing

Q: In 1776 the first union went on strike in the US – what job?

Ans:   Journeyman Printers

Q: Name the first foreign company to open a factory in the USA?

Ans:   Volkswagen

Q: Whose secretary was Loelia Ponsonby?

Ans:   James Bond

Q: Who was Mussolini’s favourite cartoon character?

Ans:  Donald Duck

Q: According to truck drivers which US state has the worst drivers?

Ans:   California

Q: What’s the most commonly used password on computer systems?

Ans:   Password

Q: Who was the first trapeze artist to perform without a net?

Ans:   Jules Leotard

Q: If you suffer from ‘protanopia’ you cannot see what?

Ans:  Colour red

Q: What occurs in September and December more than any other month?

Ans:  Letter E

Q: In Bewitched Aunt Clara had a collection of what?

Ans:  Doorknobs

Q: For what was Joan of Arc made a Saint?

Ans:  Her Virginity

Q: What was the most bombed place in World War II?

Ans:   Malta. Quiz Miscellany

Q: As a performer what one thing would Elvis never do?

Ans:  An Encore

Q: The word ‘Utopia’ from Greek means what?

Ans:  Nowhere

Q: What did Einstein call “the most difficult thing to understand”? 

Ans:  Income Taxes

Q: Firefly, Longhorn, Harlequin and Tortoise types of what?

Ans:   Beetles

Q: Who is the only artist that toured with Elvis, Beatles and Eagles?

Ans:  Roy Orbison

Q: What is the most used expression in any language on earth?

Ans:   Ok. Quiz Miscellany

Q: What is the only creature born with horns?

Ans:  Giraffe

Q: Where is the busiest highway in the USA?

Ans:  It’s a bridge (New York’s George Washington)

Q: Which screenwriter has received the most Oscar nominations?

Ans:   Woody Allen

Q: Men without chest hair are more likely to get what disease?

Ans:  Cirrhosis of the liver

Q: What common item was once called moth patches?

Ans:   Freckles

Q: What is written at the bottom of an Ouija board?

Ans:   Goodbye

Q.Tucson Arizona what’s officially known as pavement deficiencies?

Ans:  Potholes in the road

Q: What would you find in a vivarium?

Ans:   Snakes. Quiz Miscellany

Q: What does ‘Yo-Yo’ mean in English?

Ans:   Come-Come

Q: What word do Alaskan sledge drivers shout to move their teams?

Ans:   Hike not Mush

Q: Cardinal, Barlinka and Napoleon are varieties of what?

Ans:   Black Grapes

Q: Which word literally meaning sweet paste is a breakfast item?

Ans:   Marmalade

Q: What is the only edible orchid?

Ans:   Vanilla

Q: Average woman’s 1.5 times bigger than average men – what?

Ans:   Circumference of Thighs

Q: Writing with light is the literal meaning of what word from Greek?

Ans:   Photography

Q: 1964 Iowa City had one Tokyo the other only ones in the world what?

Ans:   Sperm Banks

Q: The British consume twice as much per capita as the US – what?

Ans:   Baked Beans

Q: On Quaker Oats what word is written on the scroll of the box?

Ans:  Pure

Q: ‘Anhedonia’ is the inability to feel what? 

Ans:   Pleasure

Q: What is 42% carbohydrate’s 5% protein and 53% fat?

Ans:   Chocolate

Q: If a Turkish judge breaks a pencil what does it mean?

Ans:   Death sentence

Q: In the film Jumping Jack Flash what is Jack’s code key?

Ans:   B Flat. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Washington police officers get a half-hour class in how to what?

Ans:  Sit Down

Q.What is the world’s largest food company? 

Ans: Nestle

Q.What is a chromophobe? 

Ans:  Afraid of Falling downstairs

Q.Who is the tallest telletubbie?

Ans:   Tinky Winky. Quiz Miscellany

Q: Boston Red Sox are The Pilgrims but what were they before?

Ans:  The Somerset’s

Q: In 1900 Americans did it for 9 hours 20 minutes now it’s 7 hours 20 what?

Ans:  Sleep

Q: One in twenty children born in the US today will do what?

Ans:  Serve time in prison. 0 0 0.

Quiz Miscellany

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I am Menonim Menonimus, a Philosopher & Writer.


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