Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled’-A Critical Analysis


Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled’-A Critical Analysis

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Brajendra Nath Seal 'Nature Unveiled'-A Critical Analysis

Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled’-A Critical AnalysisAnalysis

Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled’-A Critical Analysis

Brajendranath Seal’s ‘Nature Unveiled’ is a romantic poem with a touch of mysticism. In this poem, the poet has forgotten himself as a social being and thinks of himself to be a being of nature far away from human society and takes share with the objects of nature.

First, the poet says that he is sick and faint of human society and hence comes out of his home as a streamlet leaps out from the dark cavern of hills. Thus like a rivulet, he wandered over gorse (a spiny yellow-flowered shrub) and heather (a bush of shrub) following the tract of golden mist upon the glades. He makes his spirit bathe in the morning dew where the wood nymphs stroke against the morning light. Not only so, he thinks himself to be one with the woods. He budded in the bud and grew rapidly afresh in the green shoots. The tendril (slender shoot of creeper) of the leaves of trees was his veins. His eyes blossomed on every bush. His arms waved in the tall spike of grass. He, with the hillside, breathed in the white fog. He felt that the twirling leaves vibrated through the pores of his skin. Thus he thought himself to be one with the woods and he felt that the earth was his body. The poet ceases not to think of himself to be one being of nature but continues to think more that the life of the object of nature was his own life. Like birds, he sang on every bough. He leaped rock to rock. He snorted the ‘crisp air’ (fresh air). He frisked, dined and bathed his plumage in the stream as a bird. He glided, swayed and curved like a flight of cranes and he poised his body like an eagle in the mid-air. In the serene dale, till it was morning, he heard the indistinct cry and song of birds. He thought that the wind came from heaven. He saw, in front of him, a dark green mound and climbed it.

After this, the poet adds a mystic vision of the creator of nature, to the poem and says that while he climbed the top of the hill he saw the Mother of Nature (here Swarashwati Hindu goddess of Learning) and saw that her spirit was brooding over the objects of nature like a dove as to give birth to a new object. The poet saw that the Mother of nature with motherly instinct reared and moulded the bird. More he saw that she had moulded the starred tail of the peacocks and the crest of the parrots.

After giving the mystic vision of the Mother of Nature, the poet turns his eyes again towards the objects and beings of nature and sees that a spotted spider, coming out from the molted grass, caught her tiny mate in a lustful grip and dealt the fatal hug. Then a spotted lizard came out of a crevice and flew at the spider and screeched. After this, the poet saw that a hawk swooped down and an eagle-eyed on the ‘quarry’ (a heap of dead bodies) from the sky. Suddenly he saw that Djinn appeared and coiled them all in voluminous folds. The mist rolled in and blotched the scene. Then the earth’s face seemed to turn grotesque with a monstrous frown. The mist rolled on and all were wiped out. Thus in the latter portion of the poem, the poet shows the odd side of nature.

The poem is written in blank verse. The diction of the poem is not easy as the poem bears the characteristics of compactness of using words. The last stanza of the poem is not easy to understand as in the stanza the poet evokes imagery of some voracious huge monsters.

This, as a nature poem, is as grand as Wordsworth’s ‘Tintern Abbey’ and Toru Dutt’s ‘Casuarina Tree’. 0 0 0

Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled’

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Brajendra Nath Seal ‘Nature Unveiled 

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