A Picnic Party Shared by Me


A Picnic Party Shared by Me

A Picnic Party Shared by Me

A Picnic Party Shared by Me

A Picnic Party Shared by Me-Essay

Introduction: Picnic means feasting for pleasure with one’s friends, colleagues, or relatives taken out of home. After the Half-yearly Examination, we the students of class X decided to go for a picnic. On our headmaster’s advice, we decided to go and have a feast at Kaziranga.

Time: Our Half-yearly Examination ended on the 30th of June 2011 and we started for the picnic on the 1st of July. We had thirty students and two teachers with us. We started very early in the morning. We took the necessary foodstuff, utensils and firewood with us.

Description of the Venue: We contracted an omnibus to carry us to Kaziranga. We arrived there at 1 p. m. Kaziranga is a region of natural beauty. It is full of all kinds of flora and fauna. We enjoyed heart-attracting beauty in and around. We enjoyed the sights and sounds of various kinds of trees, herbs, birds and animals. We saw a lion and a tigress with her cub, among many others. We enjoyed the leaping and dancing of a pair of peacocks. We had enamoured of the murmuring sound of the brook flowing down from the hills. Our English teacher played on violin which added more joy to our merriment.

Food and Refreshments: On reaching the place we had tea with loaves and bananas. After this, we enjoyed the natural sights of that place. After 4 o’clock in the evening, we took our meal with great rejoicing.

Other Entertainment: After the meal, we took rest for a while. Some of us danced and sang Bihu songs. Thus we enjoyed the whole day enjoying all sorts of merriment.

Conclusion: At 6 o’clock in the evening, we got on the bus and started our return journey. Our hearts were pained to leave such a place of natural beauty. I shall remember the joys and experiences of this day all my life. 0 0 0

A Picnic Party Shared by Me

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A Picnic Party Shared by Me

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