The Lion and the Mosquito


The Lion and the Mosquito

The Lion and the Mosquito

The Lion and the Mosquito

The Lion and the Mosquito

One summer evening a lion was sleeping under a tree. It was dozing. The wind was blowing gently. Suddenly a mosquito came and began to sing his buzzing song by the ear of the lion. Being disturbed by the buzzing sound of the mosquito, the lion got angry and said “Hey mosquito, go away or I will tear you by my paws.’’

The mosquito looked far away and said, “Why should I go away? Let me sing my song.”

Saying so, the mosquito began to make a buzzing sound again by the ear of the lion. The lion got much anger and hit the mosquito with his left paw. The mosquito flew off. The paw of the lion struck his own ear.

The lion, being red with anger decided to give the mosquito a deadly blow. He kept waiting.

After sometime, the mosquito came again and began to make a buzzing sound by the ear of the lion. The lion, making a loud roaring sound, held up his head and struck the mosquito with his right paw. The mosquito flew off with a loud buzzing sound.  This time too the lion hit himself. His right ear began to bleed.

The mosquito kept making a buzzing sound more loudly. The lion became helpless.

At last, the lion got up and walked away quietly.

The mosquito chased after the lion and said, “Friend, do you still think to be the king of beasts? Honorable king, bear in mind that everyone is great in his own way.” 0 0 0.

N. B. The story ‘The Lion and the Mosquito’ originally belongs to the book entitled ‘Juvenile Stories and Essaysby Menonim Menonimus

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