The Grasshopper and the Ant


The Grasshopper and the Ant

The Grasshopper and the Ant

The Grasshopper and the Ant

The Grasshopper and the Ant

In a summer winter, a grasshopper went into the garden of a landlord. There he saw many ants busy carrying loads.

“What are you doing?” said the grasshopper.

“We are hoarding food for the long winter ahead,” the ants said.

The grasshopper laughed at the hardworking ants as they worked day and night.

The grasshopper said to them, “Look at me! I’m as happy as one can be.”

The ants paid no heed to the grasshopper; instead, they kept busy with their work.

Summer ended and the cold winter arrived. The wind began to blow strong and it started snowing. The grasshopper now began to worry.

There is no food, no grass, no flowers, and no leaves. I don’t meet even the tiniest fly or worm. What will I do? What will I eat? I will starve to death!”The grasshopper cried.

He became sad, and being hungry, he kept sitting on the naked bough of a plant. Suddenly he remembered his neighbour, the ants. Then he slowly walked on. At last, he arrived at the door of his neighbour, the ants. He knocked at the door.

The ants came out of their mound and said, “What do you want, lazy grasshopper?”

The grasshopper replied, “Dear ants, I am hungry. I have nothing to eat. Please could you give me some food?”

The ant shook in anger and said, “Lazy one! What were you doing during the summer? You were only singing and dancing here and there. You should have thought of the cold winter. Go away.”

The ant left the grasshopper there and slammed the door behind it.

The lazy grasshopper became sad than ever before. 0 0 0.

The Grasshopper and the Ant

N. B. The story entitled ‘The Grasshopper and the Ant’ originally belongs to the book entitled ‘Juvenile Stories and Essaysby Menonim Menonimus

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