Allen and Tapash Uncle


Allen and Tapash Uncle

Allen and Tapash Uncle

Allen and Tapash Uncle

Allen and Tapash Uncle

It is 8.30 a.m. Allen is going to school on foot. On the way, he meets his far-off uncle named Tapash.  Listen to the conversation between the two:

Tapash: What is your name, boy?

Allen: My name is Allen.

Tapash: Thank you. What is your father’s name?

Allen: Mr. Sailen Shahu is my Father’s name.

Tapash: O! Sailen Shahu, the Superintendent of Om Academy, is not he?

Allen: Yes.

Tapash: During our college life we were colleagues. Tell him about me. What class are you in?

Allen: I am reading in class III.

Tapash: What school are you in?

Allen: I am reading in Rewa Model Jatiya Vidhalaya.

Tapash: Who is your Headmaster?

Allen: Mr. Dipen Nath is our Headmaster.

Tapash: How is your father?

Allen: He is well, uncle.

Tapash: What is he doing nowadays?

Allen: After his retirement, he is doing nothing except reading and writing.

Tapash: How is your mother?

Allen: She is O.K.

Tapash: Mrs. Prabawati is your mother, isn’t she?”

Allen: Yes. How do you know my mother, uncle?

Tapash: Your mother is the daughter of my maternal uncle. Your school bus is coming. Would you ride in it.?

Allen: I don’t go by school bus.

Tapash: Why?

Allen: Our Science teacher says that walking is good exercise and everybody must walk at least up to a distance of five kilometers a day to keep himself healthy and active. Hence I go to school on foot.

Tapash: Thank you, boy. You are wise. Be a better and ideal citizen of our country. Thank you.

Allen: Thank you, uncle. Please visit our home. 0 0 0.

Allen and Tapash Uncle

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