Social Service-An Essay


Social Service-An Essay

Social Service-An Essay

Social Service

Social Service-An Essay

Introduction: Social service refers to the activities or services for the welfare of a society or community. Man is a social being. He does not live alone. He lives in a society. If a  part of his society suffers from some trouble, he may also be affected by the trouble. So sometimes a member of society should do something for every member of society to live a happy social life.

Significance of Social Service: Social service is a great quality. Great men do not live only for themselves or for fame. They are always motivated to work for the good of others. Social service is the best part of education. It makes society better. It instills a sense of universal brotherhood. It removes narrowness from our minds and brings us heavenly bliss. Serving men means serving God. Everyone can serve in their own way. All the great men like Hazrat Muhammad, Guru Nanak, Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus Christ, and Florence Nightingale dedicated their lives for the good of human society and they are immortal. Social workers try to bring peace and order to the world and they reduce human suffering. There can be no greater virtue than to liberate humanity from suffering.

For Students: The main duty of a student is to study. But social service is an essential part of education. Along with their studies, they should do some work for the betterment of society. Social service provides scope for creative thinking. Students can help their neighbours in crisis. During the holidays, they can do something to improve the village. Collective illiteracy is the biggest problem in India. Villagers are generally ignorant and pathetic. In collaboration with the villagers, a band of ready workers can open a night school. Every year people suffer from malaria and epidemics and die prematurely. Students can explain the primary rules of public health.  A little organized work and eagerness suffice for its purpose. This will provide a good discipline for them.

Conclusion: It is said that as is the society so is its inhabitants. So we should try to render some services for the betterment of our society and this habit of doing good to society should be formed in student life. 0 0 0

Social Service-An Essay

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Social Service-An Essay

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