Shova Brahma-Brief Life Sketch


Shova Brahma-Brief Life Sketch

Shova Brahma-Brief Life Sketch

Shova Brahma

Shova Brahma-Brief Life Sketch

Shova Brahma (Sobha Brahma) was a renowned Indian painter, writer, sculptor and pioneer in the field of art.

This great artist was born on 18th October 1929 in a backward village called Bhumka in present-day Gosaigaon of Kokrajhar district. His father’s name was Haricharan Brahma and his mother’s name was Devashri Brahma.

Shova Brahma was educated in the primary school of his village. After this, he matriculated from Chapatgram High School, Dhubri in 1950 with a letter mark in History and enrolled in Guwahati College. From an early age, Brahma dreamed of becoming a painter and sculptor. Shova Brahma enrolled in the Shanti Niketan in Calcutta, founded by Rabindranath Tagore, and returned to Assam in 1958 with a bachelor’s degree in art.

Coming to Assam, he started teaching at Tarini Charan High School and engaged in creative work. He had two goals in his creative life. The first was the establishment of the College of Fine Arts in Assam, the second was the creation of a unique art form by studying the culture, art and public life of the various ethnic groups in North-East India. Despite his poverty and extreme lack of money, he continued his relentless efforts to creativity. On 31 January 1964, he was appointed the Principal of the present Government College of Fine Arts. Along with his busy working life, he used his sculptures to inspire all irrespective of race, language and colour. His every painting was like a book. In 1965, his paintings and sculptures were first exhibited at Guwahati District Library. After that, his works were exhibited in Shillong, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia and other places in the country and abroad.

Apart from painting and sculpture, he was also instrumental in the creation of literature. After retiring from the post of Principal of the College of Fine Arts in 1989, he immersed himself in literary writing. His published books include ‘Silpakalar Nava Prajanma, Godan Uji, Leonardo-da-Vinci, Roses and Gold (English), Khanthayali’ (Bodo) etc.

Shova Brahma was able to get various awards for his work from the state level to the national level. This great artist passed away on March 5, 2012. 0 0 0


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