Shakespeare | Pericles | A Review


Shakespeare | Pericles | A Review

Shakespeare Pericles A Review

Shakespeare’s Pericles-A Review

Pericles, Prince of Tyre is a play by William Shakespeare that is often overlooked in comparison to some of his more famous works, such as Hamlet or Macbeth. The play is believed to have been written in the early 1600s and was likely a collaboration between Shakespeare and a lesser-known playwright named George Wilkins. Despite its relative obscurity, Pericles is a fascinating work that tells a captivating story of adventure, romance, and redemption.

The plot of Pericles follows the titular character, a young prince from the kingdom of Tyre, as he embarks on a series of perilous journeys that take him from one end of the Mediterranean to the other. The play is divided into several distinct acts, each of which takes place in a different location and involves a new cast of characters.

The first act of the play introduces us to Pericles and his quest to win the hand of the beautiful Princess Antiochus. However, he soon discovers a terrible secret about her and flees for his life, setting in motion a chain of events that will lead him on a journey of discovery and self-improvement.

Over the course of the play, Shakespeare’s Pericles faces a variety of challenges, including shipwrecks, pirates, and treacherous rulers. Along the way, he meets a number of interesting characters, including the noble knight Helicanus, the wise and virtuous King Simonides, and the beautiful and virtuous Thaisa. He also finds love and loses it, suffers great losses and gains great riches, and eventually finds redemption and reunites with his lost family.

One of the most striking things about Pericles is the way that it blends elements of different genres, including romance, adventure, and tragedy. At times, the play feels like a swashbuckling adventure story, with Pericles battling pirates and facing down corrupt rulers. At other times, it is a tender love story, with Pericles and his beloved Thaisa pining for each other despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

The language of the play is, as one would expect from Shakespeare, lyrical and poetic. The dialogue is full of beautiful and memorable lines that stick in the mind long after the play has ended. There are also moments of humor, particularly in the scenes involving the bawdy and irreverent character of John Gower, who acts as a sort of narrator and guide to the audience.

Overall, Pericles is a play that deserves more attention than it typically receives. It is a rich and rewarding work that offers a unique and captivating glimpse into Shakespeare’s artistry and imagination. Whether you are a fan of adventure stories, romantic dramas, or simply great writing, Pericles is definitely worth your time. 0 0 0.

Shakespeare Pericles A Review

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