Sarojini Naidu | Suttee | An Analytical Study


Sarojini Naidu | Suttee | An Analytical Study

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Sarojini Naidu  Suttee  An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu’s Poem ‘Suttee’-An Analytical Study

The poem discusses a sensitive and complex subject matter related to the ancient practice of sati, which involved a widow self-immolating on her husband’s funeral pyre.

The poem begins by addressing someone or something as the “lamp of my life.” However, the speaker says that death has suddenly extinguished this light, and nothing can bring it back. The speaker wonders if they must now live in darkness without the light of their life.

Next, the speaker compares the person or thing to a tree that represents their life. They say that death has cruelly crushed this tree down to its hidden roots, and its former glory cannot be restored. The speaker questions whether the blossoms can survive if the tree itself is dead.

Lastly, the speaker refers to the person or thing as the “life of my life.” They say that death has separated them like a broken word, tearing them apart even though they are meant to be one. The speaker ponders whether the body can continue to exist when the soul has departed.

In essence, the poem ‘Suttee’ explores the theme of loss, particularly the loss of a cherished person or thing. It raises questions about the continuation of life, identity, and love in the face of death’s inevitability. 0 0 0

Sarojini Naidu Suttee An Analytical Study

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