Sarojini Naidu | Cradle Song | An Analytical Study


Sarojini Naidu | Cradle Song | An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu  Cradle Song  An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu’s Poem ‘Cradle Song’-An Analytical Study

“Cradle Song” is a poem by Sarojini Naidu. It is a lullaby that expresses the tender care and love of a caregiver for a child. The poem uses gentle and soothing imagery to create a calming atmosphere.

The speaker describes themselves moving through fragrant groves and rice fields, across a lotus-filled stream, to bring a special gift to the child they are singing to. This gift is a beautiful and enchanting dream, sparkling with dew.

The speaker then encourages the child to close their eyes and enjoy the magical sight of fireflies dancing among the neem trees. They reveal that they have taken the dream from the heart of a poppy flower, just for the child.

The poem ‘Cradle Song’ ends with the speaker bidding the child’s eyes goodnight. They mention the stars shining brightly around the child, and they gently press against the child with a soft caress, offering the gift of a lovely dream.

The theme of the poem revolves around the loving care and tenderness shown by the caregiver towards the child. It captures the peacefulness of bedtime and the desire to provide comfort and sweet dreams. The poetic diction, or the choice of words, is simple and evokes a sense of tranquility and warmth. The poem emphasizes the beauty and innocence of childhood and the affection shared between caregiver and child. 0 0 0

Sarojini Naidu Cradle Song An Analytical Study

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