R Tagore | Lotus | Analytical Study


R Tagore | Lotus | Analytical Study

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R Tagore  Lotus  Analytical Study

Rabindranath Tagore’s Poem ‘Lotus’-An Analytical Study

“Lotus” by Rabindranath Tagore is a poem that reflects on missed opportunities and the realization of something precious too late. The speaker describes a day when a lotus bloomed, but their mind was preoccupied and unaware. Their basket was empty, and they failed to notice the beauty of the flower.

Occasionally, a sense of sadness would interrupt the speaker’s distractions, and they would briefly awaken from their reverie. They would catch a faint trace of a delightful fragrance carried by the southern wind. This fragrance evoked a deep longing within the speaker, as if the summer breeze itself was yearning for fulfillment.

At the time, the speaker did not understand that the source of this sweetness and completion was so close. They were unaware that it belonged to them and that this perfect beauty had blossomed within the depths of their own heart.

In final, “Lotus” is a poem that explores the theme of missed opportunities and the realization of something precious after it has passed. The speaker laments being preoccupied when a lotus bloomed, failing to appreciate its beauty. They experience moments of longing and sadness, sensing a fragrant breeze that elicits a deep yearning. However, they only come to understand later that the source of this fulfillment was within themselves all along. The poem conveys a sense of reflection, missed chances, and the discovery of beauty within one’s own being. 0 0 0

N.B. The article originally belongs to the book ‘Analytical Studies of Selected Poems of Rabindranath Tagore‘ by Menonim Menonimus.

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