Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career 


Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career

Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career

Al-Samawal bin Adiya: His Life and Poetic Career 

Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career

Brief Life Sketch: Al-Shamaul bin Adia was a famous poet of the pre-Islamic era. In history, he has been famous as a religious, loyal, humanitarian, promise-keeping, and truthful person.

He was born into a devout Jewish family in the Aus tribe of Hejaz province in Arabia. He lived in a fort called Abalak in Al-Tamiya, near Medina. He dug a ditch in Medina to give water to passers-by and thirsty people. For the convenience of the public, he built a market inside the fort and stored a wide variety of items that were easily accessible to the people.

He was unique in keeping promises. It is said that once a prince and poet by the name of Imraul Qays lost his father’s kingdom and was driven away by the troops of the king of Heera. Then Al-Shamaul bin Adia gave him shelter in the fort. There Imraul Qays kept some shields he had inherited with Al-Shamaul. Later on, the king of Heera came to know that Imraul was hiding in the fort of Shamaul bin Adia. Then the king sent an army led by Haris bin Jalim to catch Imraul from the fort. But Imraul Qays had left the fort before the army arrived at the fort. Then Haris bin Jalim ordered Shamaul bin Adia to hand over the shields of Imraul Qays that were kept with him. However, Al-Shamaul disobeyed the order, saying that he could not give away anything else. Later on, a son of al-Shamaul was captured by Haris’ forces outside the fort. Then Haris imposed a condition on Al Shamaul that if he handed over the armors (shields) of Imraul Qays then he would release Shamaul’s son. Otherwise, he will be killed. Then Shamaul said, “You can do whatever you want to do my son, I can’t hand over the property of other people that are kept under my trusteeship,”. This was followed by the loss of Al-Shamawal’s son. It is clear from the incident that al-Shamaul was an honest and truthful man. His story of truthfulness and hospitality is immortalized in history.

He died in Medina in 570 AD.

Poetic Career: Shamaul bin Adiya is thought to have written many poems. But it is a pity that only a few of his poems have been preserved. Feudal conflict, praise of his tribe and condemnation of the enemy are the main themes of his poetry. His poems also deal with the issues of truthfulness, conscientiousness, loyalty, kindness, humanity, and so on. For example, the following lines from his poetry may be quoted:

“When a person’s honor is not tarnished by inferiority,

He looks good in whatever clothes he wears.

If he never retreats from forbearance,

There is no other way to get good praise. “

His poetry is a mixture of simplicity and complexity. Some of his verses are very easy to understand and some are complex and roundabout. In order to express the heroism of his own tribe, he resorted to various imageries like the imagery of horse, rain, sword, etc.

“We have a mountain where we protect people who come to live in,

It is impervious, eye-rolling, and powerful;

Its roots are deep under the ground

Its branches rise up and touch the stars

It’s too tall to reach. ”

It is worth mentioning that among the poets who contributed to the development of Arabic poetry in the pre-Islamic era, the poet Al-Shamaul bin Adiya has a prominent place. 0 0 0.

Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career

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Al-Samawal bin Adiya | Life and Poetic Career

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