A Gentleman-An Essay


A Gentleman-An Essay

A Gentleman-An Essay

A Gentleman

A Gentleman-An Essay

Introduction: A person possessing some humane qualities as honesty,  humbleness, kindness, generosity, sobriety, courage, self-respect, self-reliance, morality, impartiality etc. is called a gentleman. One does not become a gentleman by birth or wealth. Money and rank have no essential relationship with real gentlemanly qualities. Only he who does gentle deeds can be called a gentleman. A poor man can be a true gentleman in spirit and everyday life.

Essential Qualities: To be a true gentleman, one must be honest,  humble, sober, courageous, self-respecting and self-reliant. A true gentleman is never mean and never takes unfair advantage. He has no ear to condemn and makes the best explanation for everything. A gentleman never hurts others. He does not give in derogatory words to anyone. He is liberal-minded. He is kind and also considerate to enemies. He does not insult anyone. He is also kind to animals. He is not distracted by success, he is not depressed by failure. He does not boast of his wealth or his strength. He keeps his promise and never tells a lie. He is never cruel and forgives those who try to harm him. A true gentleman never laughs at the guilt of others. He does not make any rude remarks and respects all religions. He is kind and sympathetic to his subordinate. He is a friend of the poor and the weak. A man possessing these fine qualities is a true gentleman whatever his post may be.

A man is not just a gentleman because he has a good income, lives in a good style and has a good appearance. A poor man may have a more gentlemanly quality than a rich man.

Conclusion: A true gentleman leads a pure and honest life. He respects everyone and judges everything with wisdom. Everybody should try to be a gentleman in the truest sense. 0 0 0 A Gentleman-An Essay

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