The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III


The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III

The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III

The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III


The Reviews


Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III

Menonim Menonimus


The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III, a book of literary criticism by Menonim Menonimus, published by Growhills Publishing, Barpeta, Assam (India)

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The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III


In the vast expanse of human creativity, literature emerges as a guiding light for intellectual and emotional exploration. Its ability to transcend temporal and cultural boundaries connects us to the profound thoughts and experiences of individuals across the globe and throughout history. This ambitious undertaking, ‘The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World’, unfolds in four enlightening volumes, seeking to traverse the expansive landscapes of epic literature that have mesmerized minds and touched hearts across diverse cultures.

Epic literature, marked by grand narratives, heroic figures, and intricate plots, has held a unique position in the human psyche for thousands of years. From the heroic quests of ancient civilizations to the intricate sagas of contemporary times, epic tales have woven the fabric of human imagination, mirroring our universal aspirations, struggles, and triumphs.

This exhaustive collection of reviews embarks on a journey through the diverse and vibrant tapestries of epic literature spanning continents, languages, and centuries. It beckons readers to explore the myths of ancient Greece, the poetic sagas of the Norse, the historical epics of Asia, the timeless classics of the Middle East, and the evolving interpretations emerging from every corner of the globe.

Within these pages, we plunge into the depths of both renowned and lesser-known epics, dissecting their themes, characters, cultural contexts, and enduring significance. Each review is meticulously crafted with a commitment to comprehending and celebrating the intricate interplay of creativity and culture, as well as the lasting impact of these monumental works.

As readers traverse these volumes, they journey through deserts with nomadic heroes, sail across perilous oceans, and ascend mythical peaks alongside legendary figures. They encounter gods and monsters, bear witness to humanity’s struggles against destiny, and explore the intricacies of human emotion throughout the ages.

‘The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World’ not only pays homage to the richness of global storytelling but also honors the scholars, translators, and enthusiasts who have devoted their lives to preserving and illuminating these literary gems. It is a celebration of the diverse perspectives that shape our comprehension of the human experience, emphasizing that, despite our differences, we are bound together by the timeless narratives that define us.

May this collection serve as inspiration for readers to immerse themselves in the epic worlds that have fascinated generations and continue to resonate across cultures. As we embark on this literary odyssey, let us be reminded that within every epic, we uncover not only the essence of storytelling but also the shared essence of humanity itself.


Santi Kanan
Menonim Menonimus

The Reviews of Epic Literature Around the World Vol-III


The Colloquy of the Ancients-A Review
The Voyage of Bran-A Review
The Exile of the Sons of Uisneach-A Review
The Destruction of Troy (Togail Troi)-A Review
Cath Maige Tuired (The Second Battle of Mag Tuired)-A Review
Chanson de Roland’-A Review
‘La Chanson de Geste’-A Review
La Chanson d’Antioche-A Review
La Chanson des Nibelungen’-A Review
Le Roman de Troie by Benoit de Sainte-Maure-A Review
‘Le Roman de Renart’-A Review
Le Lais-A Review
‘Le Roman de la Rose’- A Review
‘La Legende Arthurienne’-A Review
‘La Chanson de Roland à Roncevaux’-A Review
Le Cycle de Guillaume d’Orange – A Review
‘Sundiata Epic’-A Review
‘The Epic of Son-Jara’-A Review
The Epic of Askia Mohammed’-A Review
‘The Epic of Dinga’-A Review
‘The Epic of Lumumba and Nzinga’-A Review
‘The Epic of King Mwanga’- A Review
The Epic of Maghan Kon Fatta – A Review
The Epic of Menelik I-A Review
‘The Epic of Abiku’-A Review
Van den vos Reynaerde (Reynard the Fox)-A Review
Beatrijs (Beatrice) – A Review
‘De Rijmkroniek van Holland’ (The Rhymed Chronicle of Holland)-A Review
Joost van den Vondel’s Works- Reviews
Gerbrand Adriaensz. Bredero’s Works-A Review
De overwintering op Nova Zembla (The Overwintering on Nova Zembla)-A Review
Max Havelaar, or The Coffee Auctions of the Dutch Trading Company)-A Review
The Thousand and One Nights-A Review
Antar and Abla-A Review
‘Sirat Antar’-A Review
‘Bani Hilal’-A Review
The Epic of Dhat al-Himma-A Review
The Knight and the Princess (Sirat al-Malik wa’l-Khamira) – A Review
‘Qays and Layla’-A Review
Ramakien (Ramakirti)-A Review
Buthsarana – A Review
‘Kavisilumina’-A Review
Hunuwataye Kathawa – A Review
‘Mayura Sandesaya’-A Review
‘Dalada Siritha’: A Review
‘Ran Rasa’ by King Virabahu II-A Review. 0 0 0.

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