Kavisilumina-A Review


Kavisilumina-A Review

Kavisilumina-A Review

Kavisilumina-A Review

‘Kavisilumina,’ authored by King Parakramabahu VI in the 15th century, stands as an exquisite masterpiece within Sinhalese literature. This epic narrative traverses the realm of history, recounting the remarkable achievements and unparalleled reign of King Parakramabahu VI, while showcasing the vivid cultural tapestry of ancient Sri Lanka. The epic delves into various themes, including governance, culture, and the king’s prowess, captivating readers with its rich narrative and historical significance.

Narrative Prowess and Historical Significance:

‘Kavisilumina’ excels in its ability to weave together historical events, cultural nuances, and royal achievements in a compelling narrative tapestry. The epic provides readers with a glimpse into the socio-political landscape of 15th century Sri Lanka, offering a unique window into the past. The author, King Parakramabahu VI himself, showcases his prowess not only as a ruler but also as a skilled poet and storyteller.

Celebration of King Parakramabahu VI:

The heart of ‘Kavisilumina’ lies in its portrayal of King Parakramabahu VI’s reign. The epic lauds his achievements, administrative acumen, and dedication to the welfare of his kingdom and subjects. It vividly illustrates his visionary projects, such as the construction of vast irrigation systems, stupas, and other architectural marvels. Through the pages of the epic, the reader is transported to an era where the king’s rule was marked by prosperity, stability, and cultural flourishing.

Cultural Richness:

Embedded within the narrative are glimpses of the rich cultural milieu of ancient Sri Lanka. The epic exudes a sense of pride in the kingdom’s cultural heritage, showcasing its art, literature, and religious practices. Through vivid descriptions of ceremonies, festivals, and rituals, the reader gains insight into the intricate fabric of society during that era.

Poetic Excellence:

King Parakramabahu VI’s mastery over language and poetry is evident throughout ‘Kavisilumina.’ The epic is not only a historical account but a testament to his poetic skills. The rhythmic verses and eloquent descriptions add a lyrical quality to the narrative, making it a captivating literary work beyond its historical importance.

Legacy and Influence:

‘Kavisilumina’ has left an indelible mark on Sinhalese literature and culture. It serves as a source of inspiration for subsequent generations, fostering a sense of reverence for the country’s historical past and its visionary rulers. The epic’s influence extends beyond literature, shaping perceptions of leadership and governance.


While ‘Kavisilumina’ is undoubtedly a significant work, it’s important to approach it with a critical lens due to its authorship. As King Parakramabahu VI is both the author and the subject of the epic, some bias might be present in the depiction of his achievements. It’s crucial for readers to cross-reference the epic with other historical sources to gain a comprehensive understanding of the events.

In conclusion, ‘Kavisilumina’ stands tall as a monumental creation in Sinhalese literature. King Parakramabahu VI’s portrayal of his own reign showcases not only his leadership but also his literary prowess. Through its narrative, cultural richness, and poetic excellence, the epic immerses readers in the splendor of a bygone era and leaves an enduring legacy in the annals of Sri Lankan literature. 0 0 0.

Kavisilumina-A Review

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