Tavernier | Travel in Turkey and Persia | A Review


Tavernier | Travel in Turkey and Persia | A Review

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Tavernier  Travel in Turkey and Persia  A Review

Tavernier’s‘Travel in Turkey and Persia’-A Review

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier’s travel book “Voyage en Turquie et en Perse” (Travel in Turkey and Persia) is an account of his extensive travels through these regions in the 17th century. The book was published in multiple volumes, with the first volume appearing in 1676 and subsequent volumes appearing over the next two decades.

Tavernier was a French jeweler and traveler who made several trips to the Near East in the 17th century. He was a shrewd businessman, and his travels were often motivated by his desire to find precious stones and other valuable items to trade. However, his accounts of his travels are much more than just business records, as they provide a vivid and detailed picture of life in these regions at the time.

The book is divided into several parts, with each part covering a different region or aspect of Tavernier’s travels. For example, the first volume covers his journey from Constantinople to Isfahan, while subsequent volumes cover his travels in India, his time spent in the court of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, and his journeys through Persia, Turkey, and other regions.

One of the strengths of Tavernier’s writing is his attention to detail. He provides extensive descriptions of the people, customs, and landscapes of the regions he visits. For example, he describes the clothing, food, and customs of the people he encounters, as well as the architecture and natural features of the places he visits. He also provides detailed accounts of his interactions with local rulers, merchants, and other important figures, giving readers a sense of the political and social structures of the regions he visited.

Another notable feature of Tavernier’s writing is his frankness. He is not afraid to criticize the people he meets or the practices he observes, and he often gives his own opinion on controversial topics such as the treatment of women and the role of religion in society. His writing is also notable for its humor and wit, which help to make the book an engaging and enjoyable read.

While the book is primarily a travelogue, it also contains valuable historical information. Tavernier provides insights into the political and social conditions of the regions he visited, as well as the economic and cultural exchange that took place between these regions and Europe. His accounts of trade and commerce are especially valuable, as they shed light on the early modern economy and the global circulation of goods.

One of the limitations of Tavernier’s book is its Eurocentrism. While he is generally respectful of the cultures and traditions of the regions he visits, his perspective is clearly that of a European traveler. He often compares the customs and practices he observes to those of Europe, and he is quick to point out what he sees as the shortcomings of non-European societies. As a result, the book “Voyage en Turquie et en Perse” (Travel in Turkey and Persia) can sometimes come across as condescending or ethnocentric.

Overall, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier’s “Voyage en Turquie et en Perse” is a valuable and engaging travel book that provides a rich and detailed picture of life in the Near East in the 17th century. While it has some limitations, it remains an important historical document and a fascinating read for anyone interested in the history and culture of this region. 0 0 0.

Tavernier | Travel in Turkey and Persia | A Review

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