Sarojini Naidu | Indian Love Song | An Analytical Study


Sarojini Naidu | Indian Love Song | An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu  Indian Love Song  An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu’s Poem ‘Indian Love Song’-An Analytical Study

“Indian Love Song” is a poem by Sarojini Naidu that expresses the deep love and longing between two individuals. The poem uses vivid imagery and comparisons to depict the intensity of their emotions.

The speaker compares their heart’s response to the captivating sound of flutes with the graceful movement of a serpent. They convey how their heart surrenders to the touch of their beloved. The setting described is a night adorned with the fragrance of jasmine gardens and sirisha-bowers, where brightly colored parrots gather on fruit-laden branches like vibrant flowers.

The beloved, referred to as “He,” is portrayed as a hidden treasure, like the sweet perfume hidden within a rose’s petals. The speaker cherishes the presence of the beloved in their own bosom, likening it to a garland, a jewel, and a dove nesting in an Asoka-tree. They implore their love to remain still until the morning dawns, spreading its golden light over ivory fields.

The theme of the poem ‘Indian Love Song’ revolves around the passionate and enchanting nature of love. It highlights the longing and desire between two individuals, using evocative imagery to create a sense of beauty and allure. The poetic diction, or the choice of words, is rich and descriptive, painting a vivid picture of the emotions and surroundings. The poem captures the intensity and romanticism of love, invoking the reader’s imagination and stirring their emotions. 0 0 0

Sarojini Naidu Indian Love Song An Analytical Study

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