Puritanism Meaning & Definition


Puritanism Meaning & Definition

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Puritanism Puritanism Meaning & Definition

Puritanism Meaning & Definition

Literally, the term ‘Puritanism’ refers to the strict pursuit of the basic principles and tenets of the original Christian (Hebrew Creeds). In other words to say, Puritanism advocates and admonishes people to follow the original teachings of the Christian Scriptures and to consolidate the Hebrew or Biblical tenets in Christianity. A Puritan refers to a number of English Protestants who want simpler church ceremonies, morality and gravity in behavior. John Milton was a strict puritan both in his private life and in his writings.

The main tenets of Puritanism were obedience and faith in one and only God, belief in Jesus Christ as the savior of mankind from sin, staunch belief in order and discipline, love of man, emphasis on morality, and belief in the victory of virtue over vice. 0 0 0.


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