Poetry is the Criticism of life | Mathew Arnold


Poetry is the Criticism of life | Mathew Arnold

Poetry is the Criticism of life-Mathew Arnold

Poetry is the Criticism of life | Mathew Arnold

Mathew Arnold, a valiant defender of poetry, defines poetry as, “The Criticism of life under the conditions fixed for such a criticism by the laws of poetic truth and poetic beauty.” If compared with the definitions of poetry made by others, Arnold’s one is wide and broad which gives rise to a good deal of speculation. Arnold, by the term ‘Criticism’ wants to mean that poetry is not a photographic picture of life. It has an ideal value also. To him, poetry should present an ideal life. But the ‘idea’ expressed in poetry should be integrated with life. By the phrase ‘poetic truth’ Arnolds wants to mean that the truth expressed in poetry should be universally common truth to the human sensitive heart; and by the phrase “poetic beauty”, he means that the form of a poem with its manner of expression should be integrated to the matter and they all should go hand in hand.

But to say impartially, Arnold’s definition is not true for all poems that have been being composed with times. This definition is partially true. Like every piece of art, poetry is also a representation of life. Many times the representation of life is seen through a critical point of view but this criticism, especially in poetry, is emotional— but emotional criticism is not true to real life; it only gives rise to a moment’s excitement that delights our sensitive heart. It’s true that emotion is common to all good poetry. So, emotional criticism cannot be true criticism. That is why it may be well commented that Arnold’s definition of poetry that “it is a criticism of life’’ is not wholly true. Because if it is said that poetry is the expression of emotion that rises up in our heart rounding a feeling—then it word comprises of all poetry created through the ages.

To conclude it is reasonable to say that though criticism of life expressed in poetry is not realistically true, yet any piece of poetry bears criticism of the poet’s emotional outlook on life. 0 0 0.

Poetry is the Criticism of life | Mathew Arnold

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Poetry is the Criticism of life | Mathew Arnold

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