Mary II | Brief Biography


Mary II | Brief Biography

Mary II  Brief Biography

Mary II

Mary II was the daughter of James II and Anne Hyde, born on April 30, 1662 in London, England. She was the queen of England, Scotland and Ireland from 1689 to her death in 1694, ruling alongside her husband, King William III.

Mary was educated as a Protestant and was raised in the Dutch Republic, where her father had sought refuge after being deposed as King of England. She married William of Orange in 1677, and they lived in the Dutch Republic until 1688, when they were invited to England to help overthrow her father.

The Glorious Revolution of 1688 saw James II deposed and replaced by William and Mary, who ruled as joint monarchs. Mary was a popular queen, known for her kindness and her willingness to listen to the opinions of others. She was also a strong supporter of the Church of England and worked to promote religious toleration in England.

In 1692, Mary II fell ill with smallpox and died at the age of 32. Her death was a great loss to the country, and she was widely mourned by the people of England. She was buried in Westminster Abbey, next to her husband. 0 0 0.


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The official records of the British monarchy, including letters and documents related to Mary II’s reign
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