Charles I | Brief Biography


Charles I | Brief Biography

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Charles I  Brief Biography

Charles I

Charles I (1625-1649) was King of England, Scotland, and Ireland from 1625 until his execution in 1649. He was born on November 19, 1600, in Dunfermline Palace, Scotland, to King James VI of Scotland and Anne of Denmark. He became King of England upon the death of his father, who also became James I of England, in 1625.

He was known for his belief in the divine right of kings, which held that a monarch’s authority was granted directly by God and not by the people or parliament. This belief put him at odds with Parliament and ultimately led to the English Civil War.

During his reign, he faced several major challenges. He tried to impose Anglicanism in Scotland, which led to the Bishops’ Wars and the eventual signing of the Treaty of Ripon in 1640. He also faced financial difficulties and was forced to call Parliament in 1640 to address the issue. This led to the Long Parliament, which was hostile to Charles and ultimately led to the English Civil War.

The war began in 1642 and lasted until 1646, with his leading the Royalists against the Parliamentarians. Despite initial successes, Charles was ultimately defeated and captured by Parliamentarian forces in 1646. He was put on trial for high treason in January 1649 and was found guilty. On January 30, 1649, Charles I was executed outside of Banqueting House in London. 0 0 0.

“Eikon Basilike: The Portraiture of His Sacred Majesty in His Solitudes and Sufferings” (1649).

“Charles I: A Political Life” (2005) by Richard Cust – This book provides a comprehensive overview of Charles I’s life and reign, including his policies, political philosophy, and relationships with key figures of the time.

“The Martyrdom of Charles I” (1955) by Pauline Gregg – This book provides a historical account of Charles I’s execution, as well as an examination of the broader political and cultural context in which it took place. ***

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