Heroic Poem | Heroic Poem Chief Features


Heroic Poem | Heroic Poem Chief Features

Heroic Poem Heroic Poem Chief Features

Heroic Poem | Heroic Poem Chief Features

A Heroic Poem is a long narrative written in an elevated style that tells the story of a hero whose adventures and exploits have a universal appeal. The scope of a Heroic Poem is vast. All epics and great tragedies go under the purview of Heroic Poems. For example- Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey in Greek, Virgil’s Aeneid in Latin, Balmiki’s  The Ramayana and Devavayas’ The Mahabharata in Sanskrit, Milton’s The Paradise Lost in English, Jai Shankar Prashad’s Kamayani and Maithili Sharan Gupta’s Saket in Hindi, Madhusudan Dutta’s Megnathvada Kavya in Bengali, Camoen’s Os Lusiadas in Portuguese, etc. are some specimen of heroic Poems, etc. William Shakespeare’s great tragedies are heroic poems also.

The main features of the Heroic Poems may be summarized as follows:

The theme of a heroic poem is taken from mythology or the history of common interest.

The scope of a heroic poem is all pervasive. It reflects the social, political, religious, intellectual, and cultural phenomena of an age.

It contains thrilling episodes and situations which the hero faces boldly.

The hero of such a poem is often a great national figure upon whom the fate of a nation depends. He struggles continuously against adverse circumstances.

Fate or supernatural agent plays important role in such poems.

The style of a heroic poem is elevated which is characterized by higher poetic imageries, allusions, and references.

In brief, to say, the heroic poems are highly serious both in matter and manner. 0 0 0.

Heroic Poem Chief Features

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Heroic Poem Chief Features

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