Dialogue | Meaning | Definition


Dialogue | Meaning | Definition

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Dialogue Dialogue Meaning Dialogue Definition



Dialogue refers to the conversation between two or more people. The use of dialogue imparts dramatic quality to a story.

Dialogue should be used sparingly and carefully with the intention that through dialogues the plot may get evolved and the characters may get revealed with their true passion, emotion, motive, feeling etc. Dialogue should be in keeping with the personality of the speakers and suitable to the situation. For instance, a king should behave and talk like a king, a maidservant like a maidservant, a ruffian like a ruffian, a beggar like a beggar, and a clergyman like a clergyman. In brief, to say, dialogues should be realistic but in using dialogue, the storyteller should take care that the speech may not go, in any way, beyond the purpose of the author. For example, in a real-life situation, people happen to make a quarrel in which the people involved use many unnecessary words or repetitions of the same words and phrases. The storyteller must eschew them all and employ only those speeches which serve the purpose of the evolution of the plot and the purpose of unfolding the inner motives, passion, feelings, etc. of the characters. 0 0 0.


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