The Travels of Jean de Thévenot | A Review


The Travels of Jean de Thévenot | A Review

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The Travels of Jean de Thévenot  A Review

‘The Travels of Jean de Thévenot’-A Review

“Relations de divers voyages curieux” (also known as “The Travels of Jean de Thévenot“) is a collection of travel accounts written by French traveler and scholar Jean de Thévenot. The book was first published in 1663 and has since become a valuable resource for historians and scholars interested in the early modern period of exploration and travel.

The book is divided into three parts, with each part containing accounts of Thévenot’s travels to different regions of the world. The first part covers his travels in the Middle East, the second part covers his travels in India and Southeast Asia, and the third part covers his travels in Africa. Thévenot’s observations and experiences in these regions provide valuable insights into the cultures, customs, and geography of the places he visited.

One of the strengths of “Relations de divers voyages curieux” is Thévenot’s attention to detail. He provides vivid descriptions of the people, landscapes, and architecture he encounters on his travels. For example, his descriptions of the ruins of Persepolis in Iran and the mosques of Istanbul are particularly fascinating. Thévenot also includes detailed maps and illustrations that help to bring his accounts to life.

Another notable aspect of the book is Thévenot’s approach to travel. He was not merely a tourist, but a serious scholar who was interested in learning as much as he could about the places he visited. He often engaged in scientific pursuits, such as collecting plants and studying the natural world, as well as studying the languages and cultures of the people he met. His curiosity and openness to new experiences make his accounts both informative and engaging.

One potential drawback of “Relations de divers voyages curieux” is that Thévenot’s perspective is that of a European traveler in the 17th century. As such, his accounts can be Eurocentric and reflect the biases and assumptions of his time. However, this is a common limitation of travel accounts from this period, and Thévenot’s observations and descriptions still provide valuable insights into the cultures and peoples he encountered.

Overall, “Relations de divers voyages curieux” is a fascinating and valuable collection of travel accounts that provides a window into the world of the early modern period of exploration and travel. It is a must-read for anyone interested in the history of travel and exploration. 0 0 0.

The Travels of Jean de Thévenot A Review

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