Tavernier | Travels in India | A Review


Tavernier | Travels in India | A Review

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Tavernier  Travels in India  A Review

Tavernier’s ‘Travels in India’-A Review

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier’s travel book “Travels in India” is a rich and comprehensive account of his journeys throughout India in the 17th century. Tavernier was a French traveler and merchant who spent over 40 years traveling throughout Asia, including India. His book, first published in 1676, is considered a seminal work in the field of travel literature and provides valuable insights into the social, cultural, economic, and political conditions prevailing in India during that period.

One of the most striking features of the book is its detailed description of the geography, culture, and history of India. Tavernier describes the different regions of India and their distinctive features, from the fertile plains of the Ganges to the arid deserts of Rajasthan. He also provides fascinating insights into Indian customs and traditions, from the caste system to the religious practices of Hindus and Muslims.

Tavernier’s account of the economy of India is also noteworthy. As a merchant himself, he had a keen eye for business opportunities and was interested in the trade and commerce that characterized the region. He provides detailed information about the production and trade of various goods, including textiles, precious stones, and spices. He also provides a vivid account of the thriving diamond trade in the region, which was centered in the city of Golconda.

In addition to these descriptions of the material conditions of India, Tavernier also provides insights into the political and social conditions of the region. He describes the various rulers and kingdoms that he encountered on his journeys, and provides a detailed account of the Mughal Empire and the reign of Emperor Shah Jahan, whom Tavernier had met personally. He also describes the impact of the Mughal Empire on the various regions of India, and the social and economic changes that resulted from Mughal rule.

Tavernier’s book is also notable for its detailed and accurate illustrations of the people, places, and objects he encountered on his travels. The book is filled with detailed engravings of the landscapes, architecture, and cultural artifacts of India, and these illustrations provide a valuable visual record of the region during that period.

Overall, “Travels in India” is an important and fascinating work of travel literature, offering a rich and detailed account of India during the 17th century. Tavernier’s descriptions of the geography, culture, economy, and politics of the region provide valuable insights into the social and historical conditions of the period, while his detailed engravings provide a vivid visual record of the region. The book is a must-read for anyone interested in the history and culture of India, or in the genre of travel literature more generally. 0 0 0.

Tavernier Travels in India A Review

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