Sarojini Naidu | The Poet’s Love | Analytical Study


Sarojini Naidu | The Poet’s Love | Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu  The Poet's Love  Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu’s Poem ‘The Poet’s Love’-An Analytical Study

The poem “The Poet’s Love” by Sarojini Naidu explores the theme of the poet’s self-sufficiency during the daytime and the longing for love and connection during the nighttime. The poetic diction creates a sense of contrast between these two states.

In the first stanza, the poet declares that during the strong and secure hours of noon, they do not need love. They are filled with mad dreams and have the power to bind the world to their desires through their conquering song. The poet is content with their creative imagination and the ability to control the wind metaphorically through their art. They advise love to keep silence in their soul and remain distant beyond the seas.

However, in the second stanza, the poet’s tone shifts. They describe the desolate hour of midnight when silence blankets the world and starry tranquility prevails. During this time, the poet’s soul hungers for the voice of love. They long for the magic of wild melodies and the connection that love can bring. They ask love to answer their soul’s yearning across the seas, implying a desire for a deep and meaningful connection.

The overall theme of the poem revolves around the poet’s self-reliance and creative power during the daytime, contrasted with their longing for emotional connection and the presence of love during the nighttime. It explores the dual nature of the poet’s emotional and creative life, highlighting the significance of love and connection in their creative process.

In simpler terms, the poem ‘The Poet’s Love’ expresses the poet’s self-sufficiency and creativity during the day when they do not need love. However, during the quiet and lonely hours of the night, they long for the voice of love and the connection it brings. The poem highlights the contrast between the poet’s self-reliance and their longing for emotional fulfillment and connection through love. 0 0 0.

Sarojini Naidu The Poet’s Love Analytical Study

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Sarojini Naidu The Poet’s Love Analytical Study

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