Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor


Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

–Menonim Menonimus

Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

According to The Concise Oxford Dictionary, the term ‘construction’ refers to arrangements of anything. Literary the construction of a plot of a narrative should be relevant and consistent from the beginning to the end as it should develop through certain stages such as- beginning, rising, climax, falling and denouement (conclusion).On this ground, it may be called that the novelist of the novel Yawmiyyat Naib Fil Aryaf has no sense of either form or construction. There are ample events and episodes which have entered into the texture of the novel without any logic. The author employs the autobiographical method in narrating his themes and events and has written them down in a diary form. No doubt that he sees and evaluates everything in his own peculiar way without being conscious of arranging themes in order. The novel consists of diary entries of eleven days. Let us evaluate the construction of the plot in the novel in brief as below.

The novel opens with the diary entry of the 11th of October. The episode begins with the investigation of the case of Kamar al-Dawla Alwan who got shooting by someone at 8 o’clock at night while he was walking in the street. No doubt the novelist has succeeded in giving a vivid description of his mission in this section of the novel. But he becomes prolix in giving the description of his visit which has marred the tragic tone of the Kamar al Dawla. In this section, he also introduces the episode of Rim, the sister-in-law of Kamar al Dawla.

In the second section which is the diary entry of 12th October, the novelist has diverted from his point and narrated the court scene and shows the readers how the judges operate their verdicts. In giving the portraiture of the judging machinery of Egypt, he has won the race.

In the third section that is i.e. on the 13th of October, the novelist goes back to the investigation and gives an account of the hospital condition and of the food habit of the ma’mur. Thus he makes a digression from the main points to what he goes first.

On 14th October the novelist Tawfiq al-Hakim narrates a miscellany of things as- the club, and court and gives a picture of poverty-stricken villagers who were brought under accusation.

On the 15th of October, we get a description of marmur’s absence from the club and Rim’s disappearance from the ma’mur’s house.

In the diary entry of the 16th of October, the novelist has given a vivid account of the grave-digging scene in order to find out the real cause of the death of the wife of Kamar al-Dawla Alwan which ends in futile.

On the 18th of October, the novelist introduces a new episode and vividly portrays the unhygienic childbirth condition of the poor village woman. The episode is tragic but the novelist has depicted it in a comic way.

In the diary entry of 20th October, the novelist makes a digression and again goes back to the legal system and introduces a new theme of politics.

On 21st October, the novelist brings an end to the Rim episode as she is shown to be drowned in a village canal. In this section of the novel, we see Shaik Asfur that he is brought an accusation for being associated with Rim and doubt of the prosecutor rests on him that he knew the secrets of Rim. But Asfur revealed nothing. At last, he was released.

In the diary entry of 22nd October, Tawfiq al-Hakim, the novelist has given an account of the prosecutor’s business and makes an appraisal of his works. And thus the novel is brought to an end.

The above analyses of the contents (plot, events and episodes) of the novel show that there is no specific plot in the novel. Instead, there are a number of events and episodes which have been huddled together without maintaining any logic of organization. Certainly, there are events with only a beginning and end but not the middle. 0 0 0

Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor 

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Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

N. B. This article entitled ‘Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor’ originally belongs to the book ‘Tawfiq al-Hakim’s Novel ‘Yawmiyyat Naib Fil Arayaf-An Analytical Study‘ by Menonim Menonimus. Plot Construction in Diary of a Country Prosecutor

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