Nissim Ezekiel | Enterprise | Analytical Study


Nissim Ezekiel | Enterprise | Analytical Study

Nissim Ezekiel  Enterprise  Analytical Study

Nissim Ezekiel’s Poem ‘Enterprise’-An Analytical Study

“Enterprise” by Nissim Ezekiel is a reflective poem that explores themes of love, rejection, ambition, and acceptance. The speaker narrates a personal experience where they flee from a hotel after an explosion and use this incident as a metaphor for leaving behind past relationships and embracing a new venture in life.

Stanza 1:
The poem opens with the speaker recounting the moment they heard an explosion while taking a bath. In a state of panic, they abandon the soap and hastily dress up to escape from the hotel, which later burns down. The speaker expresses a desire to forget the town and, intriguingly, someone they address as “you” who is far away and not expected to return. This suggests a past relationship that has ended or grown distant, leaving the speaker with unresolved feelings.

Stanza 2:
In this stanza, the speaker contemplates their worthiness of love, expressing a hope that even as an “ungainly and clumsy man,” they could be loved by the distant “you.” However, they seem resigned to the possibility that the affection they desire may not be reciprocated. Despite this, the speaker declares that they have other matters to focus on and that they will venture into a new enterprise.

Stanza 3:
The speaker reveals their plan to start a company that manufactures matches, metaphorically referred to as the “fire of love.” These matches will be sold in attractive boxes and cases, primarily to be used for lighting cheroots and beedis (types of cigars). The ambitious plan indicates the speaker’s desire for financial success and the ability to live a lavish lifestyle.

Stanza 4:
The speaker describes their vision of prosperity, including making money, playing in the markets, and socializing with influential people and their charming spouses. They envision dressing well and owning an imported car, aiming to create an image of success and opulence.

Stanza 5:
Addressing the distant “you,” the speaker gives them the freedom to make their own choices and continue with their life as they please. The speaker expresses a lack of patience for waiting for the distant person, implying that they will move on without them.

Stanza 6:
The poem concludes with the speaker acknowledging the transience of life, comparing their fate to that of a hotel burning suddenly in flames. The reference to “middle-aged men and fading beauty” suggests the inevitability of aging and the impermanence of physical attractiveness.

Enterprise” by Nissim Ezekiel is a reflective and introspective poem that explores themes of love, ambition, and the fleeting nature of life. Through a vivid narrative and powerful metaphors, the poem portrays the speaker’s journey of leaving behind past relationships and pursuing new aspirations. The poem’s contemplative tone and poignant reflections make it relatable to readers who have experienced heartbreak, ambition, or the uncertainties of life’s transitions. 0 0 0.

Nissim Ezekiel Enterprise Analytical Study

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Nissim Ezekiel Enterprise Analytical Study

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