Niccolao Manucci | Viaggi or Travels | A Review


Niccolao Manucci | Viaggi or Travels | A Review

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Niccolao Manucci  Viaggi or Travels  A Review

Niccolao Manucci’s ‘Viaggi’ or ‘Travels’-A Review

Niccolao Manucci’s ‘Viaggi’ or ‘Travels’ is a captivating travelogue that provides a detailed and vivid account of the author’s travels throughout India during the seventeenth century. Manucci was an Italian adventurer who lived in India for over fifty years, and his book offers a unique insight into the culture, customs, and history of the subcontinent during that time.

The book is divided into two volumes, with the first volume focusing on the author’s early travels in India and the second volume recounting his experiences as a soldier in various military campaigns. The narrative is presented in chronological order, beginning with Manucci’s arrival in Goa in 1656 and concluding with his departure from India in 1713.

One of the most striking features of “Viaggi” is the richness of detail and the depth of Manucci’s observations. The author describes in great detail the people he met, the places he visited, and the events he witnessed during his travels. Manucci also provides a wealth of information on the social, cultural, and religious practices of the various Indian communities he encountered, including Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs.

The book is also notable for the author’s lively and engaging writing style. Manucci has a gift for storytelling and his vivid descriptions of the places he visited and the people he met bring his adventures to life. The author also has a keen eye for detail, and his observations on the social and cultural practices of the Indian people are particularly insightful.

However, it should be noted that the book has some limitations. The author’s perspectives are inevitably shaped by his own background and experiences, and his views on Indian culture and society can be at times ethnocentric and biased. Additionally, the book is written from the point of view of a European visitor to India, and the author’s accounts of Indian customs and practices can be viewed as exoticizing or orientalist.

Overall, Niccolao Manucci’s “Viaggi” is a valuable and engaging travelogue that offers a unique perspective on India during the seventeenth century. The book’s rich detail and lively writing make it an enjoyable read, while the author’s observations on Indian culture and society provide valuable insight into a fascinating period of history. However, readers should approach the book with a critical eye and be aware of its limitations in terms of perspective and bias. 0 0 0.

Niccolao Manucci Viaggi or Travels A Review

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