Method | Meaning | Definition


Method | Meaning | Definition

Method Method Meaning Method Definition

Method | Meaning | Definition

Method refers to the particular way of treating, operating or representing a thing. The literary Method refers to the particular way of representing any literary art as a whole.

There are several literary methods among which mention may be made of- Dramatic Method, Interview Method, Conversational Method, Narrative Method, Soliloquy Method, Dramatic Monologue Method, Figure Method, Autobiographical Method, Pastoral Method and so on.

All these methods may broadly be classified as- Subjective Method and Objective Method.

In the Subjective Method, the speaker says, whatever he says, in the first person and through this method, he generally expresses his own personal experience and outlook towards things and life.

In the Objective Method the speaker treats things objectively, often using the third person, keeping him away from expressing his self (ego). Among the much-used objective methods, mention may be made of the Dramatic Method and Narrative Method. 0 0 0.


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