M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study


M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study

M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study

M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study

M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study

‘You Have Given Me’ is a little poem written in praise of the poet’s beloved that inspires the poet in every sphere of life. Gratitude to the poet’s beloved (here he may be the poet’s Parton) is the main theme of the poem. 

First, in this piece of poetry, the poet acknowledges his gratitude to his beloved (patron) and says that being inspired by his beloved; the poet has become prosperous both in earthly life and heavenly thoughts. The patron of the poet has inspired not only to earn homes and domes, shields and field, land and sand which are earthly riches but with them, he or she inspired the poet to feel the joys and sorrows of all humans. The poet says that under the pressure of both the joys and sorrows, he has reached the gate of heaven and enjoyed the heavenly ecstasy. The experience of joys and sorrows felt within the poet’s heart turns him into a prophet.

Secondly, the poet anticipates that the human race has embraced the ways or set of creeds of the poet that he has made out of his conscious thought and meditation in favour of a better human race.

Thirdly, the poet admits with an open heart that his Parton has made him make out the path of a new law, order and creed as means of solving the problems and ignorance of human beings that the sages and prophets before him were deprived of.

At last, the poet praises his patron (beloved) for being inspired by him or her.

The thought and feeling expressed in this poem is a difficult one because it deals with both earthly experiences and heavenly graces. Here the poet’s optimistic outlook toward a better Earth is expressed.

The language of the poem is easy and reads like a piece of continuous prose in sentence structure but the imagery used in this poem is poetic i.e. emotional and figurative.

To sum up, this little piece of poetry is a philosophical one through which the poet anticipates what he would become. 0 0 0


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M M | You Have Given Me | An Analytical Study

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