Ibn Khaldun | Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya | A Review


Ibn Khaldun | Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya | A Review

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Ibn Khaldun  Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa'l-Ma'asin al-Yusufiyya  A Review

Ibn Khaldun ‘Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya’-A Review

“Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya” is a historical work written in the 14th century by Ibn Khaldun, a renowned Arab historian and philosopher. The book is a biography of the ruler of the Marinid dynasty, Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Othman, who was known as Sultan Abu al-Hasan.

The book is divided into two parts. The first part, “Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya,” is a collection of the rare and valuable gifts that the Sultan received from various foreign rulers, including the Mamluk Sultan of Egypt, the King of Castile, and the King of Aragon. The second part, “Al-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya,” describes the excellent qualities of Sultan Abu al-Hasan, including his bravery, generosity, and piety.

The book “Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya” is an important historical source for understanding the political and cultural exchanges between the Marinid dynasty and other contemporary states. It also sheds light on the social and cultural aspects of the Marinid court and the Islamic world during the 14th century. 0 0 0.

Ibn Khaldun Al-Nawadir al-Sultaniyya wa’l-Ma’asin al-Yusufiyya A Review

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