Come to Me in My Dream and Then | An Analytical Study


Come to Me in My Dream and Then | An Analytical Study


Come to Me in My Dream and Then | An Analytical Study

The Poem ‘Come to Me in My Dream and Then’ An Analytical Study

Come to Me in My Dream and Then | An Analytical Study

‘Come to Me in My Dreams and Then’ is a piece of romantic poetry the theme of which is the poet’s longing for meeting his beloved in dreams at night. It’s written in a simple style. 

The poet says, addressing his imaginary beloved, to come to him at night in dreams because the poet has been suffering from the pain of separation from his beloved. By suffering pain the poet becomes broken-hearted and so desires her company in dreams. The poet says that his beloved is a heavenly being that would come as a messenger from radiant climes. The poet says more that his beloved is kind to all and asked her to be kind to the poet also. The poet has been waiting for his beloved for long past days but she has not come in reality. So the poet implores her to come to prove that dream is true. The poet lastly, desires that his lover would come at night and would manipulate her hand on the poet’s head and kiss his eye-brows and would console the pained heart of the poet. If she comes in dreams at night then all the pain and weariness that the poet has been suffering from would come to an end.

This poem deals with the theme of love, but the poet’s love is not spiritual but amorous as he says:

‘Come now and let me dream it truth

And part my hair and kiss my brow.’

Though this piece of poetry is amorous yet it is rich in sensuous imagery.

The style of this poem is easy and simple. It’s written in the style of a dramatic monologue. The rhyme scheme of the poem is aa, bb.

After all, it is an enjoyable sensuous love lyric that draws the attention of our hearts more than our minds. 0 0 0

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