Wildlife of Assam-Quiz


Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Wildlife of  Assam-Quiz

Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q: Which is the largest national park in Assam?

A. Manash National Park.

Q: How many national parks are there in Assam?

A. 5. Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q: What is the state flower of Assam?

A. Kapau.

Q: What is the state tree of Assam?

A. Halong tree.

Q: What is the state animal of Assam?

A. One-horned Rhino.

Q: What is the state bird of Assam?

A. Deo Hanh.

Q: What are the gibbons called found in Assam?

A. Hulk Gibbon.

Q. How many species of mammals are found in Assam?

A. 189.

Q: What is the Assamese local name for ‘Pigmy-Hog’?

A. Nol Gahari.

Q. What is the length of the horn of a one-horned rhino?

A. 15 – 16 inches.

Q: What is the highest bamboo grown in  Assam?

A. Bar Bhaluk (30 m).

Q: How many species of cotton flowers are found in Assam?

A. 182 species.

Q: What is the largest tree in Assam?

A. Halong. . Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q: In which year did the government declare Barnadik as a Wildlife Sanctuary?

A. 1981.

Q: Who is responsible for the conservation and utilization of forest resources in the hilly districts of Assam?

A. District Councilor.

Q: Who is responsible for the conservation of forest resources in the plains districts of Assam?

A. Forest Department, Assam.

Q: In which year is the Orang National Park recognized by the government?

A. 1999. . Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q. What species of fish is found in the habitat of Assam?

A. 128.

Q. Name of the two bird sanctuaries in Assam.

A. ‘Pani Dihing’ and ‘Deepar Beel’.

Q: What is the scientific name of Deo Hanh?

A. Kaichina Chutulata. . Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q. What are the names of the two national parks for the conservation of tigers in Assam?

A. Manah National Park and Nameri National Park.

Q. Which elephant habitat is the largest in Assam?

A. In the Pavai Sanctuary.

Q: What is the Kaziranga National Park in Assam famous for?

A. For one-horned rhinoceros.

Q. How much is the soil of Manah National Park?

A. 500 sq. Km.

Q. In which year was the ‘Pavitara Sanctuary’ recognized?

A. 1987. . Wildlife of Assam-Quiz

Q. What kind of animal is ‘Manas Sanctuary’ famous for?

A. Tiger.

Q: Where is the Sonai-Rupai Sanctuary located?

A. In Shonitpur district.

Q: What is the total area of Kaziranga National Park?

A. 430 sq. Km. *0 0 0*.

Wildlife of  Assam-Quiz

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