Virgil | Brief Biography


Virgil | Brief Biography

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Virgil  Brief Biography

Virgil | Brief Biography

Publius Vergilius Marone, more commonly known as Virgil, was a classical Roman poet and author of the epic poem “Aeneid.” Born in the small village of Andes, near Mantua in northern Italy, in 70 BCE, he was the son of a farmer who later became a minor official.

Virgil received a good education in Cremona, Milan, and Rome, where he studied under the great Roman poet and philosopher, Lucretius. He went on to study in Naples, where he was introduced to the works of Homer and Greek literature, which would greatly influence his own writing.

After completing his studies, Virgil returned to Rome where he began to write his own poetry. His early works, such as the “Eclogues,” were written in the traditional style of Greek pastoral poetry, and were well-received by the literary circles of Rome. The “Eclogues” were a collection of ten poems that depicted life in the countryside, and were noted for their delicate descriptions of nature and their melancholic tone.

Virgil’s greatest work, the “Aeneid,” was commissioned by Augustus, the first emperor of Rome, as a celebration of the Roman Empire and its legendary founder, Aeneas. The poem tells the story of Aeneas’ journey from the fallen city of Troy to Italy, where he would eventually become the father of the Roman people. The “Aeneid” is widely considered one of the greatest epic poems in Western literature and is still widely studied and admired to this day.

Aside from his writing, Virgil was known for his modesty and his philosophical and political views. He was a firm believer in the Stoic philosophy, which emphasized the importance of reason and inner peace, and was a strong supporter of Augustus and the Roman Empire.

Virgil died in 19 BCE in Brundisium, Italy, while on his way to Greece. He left behind a legacy as one of the greatest poets in Roman history, and his works continue to be widely read and studied to this day. The “Aeneid” is considered one of the foundational texts of Western literature and has influenced countless writers, artists, and thinkers throughout the centuries.

In conclusion, Virgil was a talented poet and writer who made a lasting impact on Roman and Western literature. His works, including the “Eclogues” and the “Aeneid,” continue to be widely read and admired for their beauty, philosophical depth, and historical significance. 0 0 0.

Virgil Brief Biography

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