Sarojini Naidu | Humayun To Zobeida | An Analytical Study


Sarojini Naidu | Humayun To Zobeida | An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu Humayun To Zobeida An Analytical Study

Sarojini Naidu’s Poem ‘Humayun To Zobeida’-An Analytical Study

“Humayun To Zobeida” is a poem written by Sarojini Naidu. It expresses the speaker’s deep love and longing for someone named Zobeida. The poem uses beautiful imagery and metaphors to convey the speaker’s emotions.

The speaker compares Zobeida’s beauty to the rose, her glory to the dawn, her sweetness to the nightingale, and her whiteness to the swan. Zobeida’s presence is described as haunting the speaker’s waking moments like a dream and their slumber like the moon. She permeates the speaker’s being like a musky scent and possesses them like a tune.

However, when the speaker asks Zobeida for a tender moment of love, she refuses, saying she is hidden behind a veil and cannot show her face. The speaker questions the need for any barrier or curtain to separate their longing from their happiness. They wonder why Zobeida’s beauty should be hidden from their kiss.

The theme of the poem ‘Humayun To Zobeida’ revolves around the intense love and desire that the speaker feels for Zobeida. It explores the longing to be united with the beloved and the desire to break down any barriers that separate them. The poetic diction, or the choice of words, is vivid and evocative, painting a picture of love, beauty, and longing. The poem captures the intensity of emotions and the speaker’s plea for a deeper connection with their beloved. 0 0 0

Sarojini Naidu Humayun To Zobeida An Analytical Study

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