R Tagore | Brink of Eternity | Analytical Study


R Tagore | Brink of Eternity | Analytical Study

R Tagore  Brink of Eternity  Analytical Study

Rabindranath Tagore’s Poem ‘Brink of Eternity’-An Analytical Study

The theme of the poem “Brink of Eternity” by Rabindranath Tagore revolves around the speaker’s desperate search for someone or something that they cannot find within the limited confines of their own room. The speaker acknowledges the smallness of their house and the impossibility of regaining what has been lost. This loss is connected to a deep longing and the yearning to find what they seek.

The poem employs the literary device of contrast to emphasize the difference between the speaker’s small and limited space and the vastness of the divine realm. The speaker acknowledges the infinite mansion of their lord, suggesting a transcendent and expansive existence beyond their own limitations.

The poem utilizes vivid imagery to depict the speaker’s yearning for connection and fulfillment. They stand under the golden canopy of the evening sky, symbolizing a moment of reverence and openness. They lift their eager eyes to the face of their lord, signifying a search for a higher presence or divine intervention.

The speaker ‘Brink of Eternity‘ expresses a sense of reaching the brink of eternity, a point beyond which nothing can vanish. This conveys a yearning for permanence, a longing for something that cannot be lost or taken away. The poem touches upon the emotions of hope, happiness, and the vision of a face seen through tears, signifying the deep longings of the heart.

Finally, the poem concludes with a plea for the speaker’s emptied life to be immersed and submerged in an ocean of fullness. This imagery signifies a desire to be completely engulfed by a sense of fulfillment and connection. The speaker seeks to experience that lost sweet touch, implying a longing for a profound connection with the universe and all its aspects. 0 0 0

R Tagore Brink of Eternity Analytical Study

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