Literature Review Sample


Literature Review Sample

Literature Review Sample

Literature Review Sample

Literature Review Sample

Below is a brief example of a literature review. Please note that this is a condensed sample, and in an actual literature review, each of these paragraphs would be further developed with detailed analysis, synthesis, and references to specific works. Literature Review Sample

‘The Impact of Social Media on Mental Health’: A Literature Review


The pervasive use of social media has become an integral part of contemporary life. As its influence grows, so does the concern about its impact on mental health. This literature review aims to explore existing research on the relationship between social media usage and mental health outcomes. Literature Review Sample

Section 1: Social Media and Depression:

Numerous studies have investigated the association between social media engagement and depression. Smith et al. (2018) found a positive correlation between prolonged social media use and depressive symptoms among adolescents. Conversely, Jones and Williams (2020) argued that the relationship is more complex, influenced by factors such as cyberbullying and online social support.

Section 2: Social Media and Anxiety:

Anxiety, another prevalent mental health concern, has been linked to certain social media behaviors. Research by Brown and Johnson (2019) suggests that the constant comparison facilitated by social platforms can contribute to heightened anxiety levels. However, Green et al. (2021) propose that the nature of online interactions, rather than mere usage, plays a significant role in anxiety outcomes.

Section 3: Social Media and Positive Mental Health:

Contrary to the negative associations, some studies highlight the potential positive impact of social media on mental health. Wang and Lee (2017) emphasize the role of online communities in fostering social support and reducing feelings of isolation. Additionally, White and Smith (2019) suggest that the creative expression facilitated by certain platforms can contribute to enhanced well-being.


While the literature presents a nuanced picture, it is evident that the relationship between social media and mental health is multifaceted. Future research should consider the varying effects on different demographic groups and the role of specific online behaviors. Understanding these nuances is crucial for developing informed interventions and strategies to promote positive mental health in the digital age. Literature Review Sample

Remember, a comprehensive literature review would include more sources, detailed analyses, and a discussion that synthesizes the findings of various studies. This sample provides a basic structure and format for presenting information in a literature review. 0 0 0.

Literature Review Sample

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