What are the 2 major Types of Literature?


What are the 2 major Types of Literature?

What are the 2 major Types of Literature

What are the 2 major Types of Literature?

The 2 major types of literature are:


Fiction is a major type of literature that includes imaginative and invented narratives. This category encompasses novels, short stories, novellas, and plays where authors create characters, settings, and events that may not exist in reality. Fictional works often explore human experiences, emotions, and societal issues, providing readers with a means of escapism or a deeper understanding of the complexities of life. What are the 2 major Types of Literature?


Non-fiction literature is another significant type that deals with real events, facts, and information. This category includes autobiographies, biographies, essays, historical accounts, scientific writings, and journalistic pieces. Non-fiction works aim to inform, educate, or persuade readers by presenting accurate and verifiable content based on real-life experiences, observations, and research. Non-fiction literature plays a crucial role in documenting history, sharing knowledge, and addressing contemporary issues. 0 0 0.

What are the 2 major Types of Literature?

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