Academic Writing: Strategies For Students To Conquer Grammar Errors


Academic Writing: Strategies For Students To Conquer Grammar Errors

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Academic Writing Strategies For Students To Conquer Grammar Errors

Academic Writing: Strategies For Students To Conquer Grammar Errors


Academic writing is a sensitive form of writing where upholding academic integrity, providing factual information, and using evidence are required. It is also mandatory for academic writing to be impeccable with respect to grammar. Bad grammar gives a poor impression to the reader and damages the author’s credibility. 

Most academic writing happens in schools and universities. Students make up the core of academic writers. They have to write assignments, research papers, and even theses as part of their courses. Bad grammar in their work leads to poor marks and grades. So, it is important for them to avoid grammar errors. Let us see how students can do that.

5 Ways to Overcome Grammar Errors

Here are some methods for conquering bad grammar.

Gain A Better Understanding Of Grammar Rules

To avoid making grammar errors, the most basic requirement is to be knowledgeable about grammar rules. The better you know these rules the fewer mistakes you will make. Here are some ways in which students can get acquainted with grammar rules.

  • Studying grammar rule books
  • Using exercise books that teach and reinforce the grammar rules
  • Playing games or using apps that teach grammar rules in fun ways

Aside from that, students should also learn about basic sentence structure as well as common grammar mistakes. This will arm them with the knowledge to identify these mistakes and avoid them.

As with all things, diligence, and practice is necessary to gain the full advantage of these things.

Learn How To Proofread And Practice

Just being well-versed in the ways of grammar is not enough to avoid mistakes. As a human being, a student will inevitably slip and make grammar mistakes in their academic writing. There is no need to feel bad about it because even the most experienced writers make such errors. 

What students need to do is learn how to proofread the work so that they can find and eradicate these errors. There are some great ways to start proofreading effectively.

  • Read your work aloud. Reading loudly helps students concentrate on their work and spot grammar errors.
  • Read your work backward. Start by reading the last sentence, then the one before that, and so on. This is another trick to make you concentrate on your work. The better the concentration the easier it is to find the grammar errors.
  • Have someone else proofread your work instead. Other people are more perceptive to mistakes than the author. That’s because human beings tend to not find fault with their work, which makes them ignore mistakes.

By using these methods of proofreading, students can become more capable of finding grammar errors in their work. 

Utilize Tools For Checking Grammar

Another option is to use tools for checking grammar. By tools, we mean online tools. You can find some great options online. Being a student, your priority will be to look for a grammar checker that is free to use. We all know that students are not the most financially capable demographic, so free and cheap things are the only things accessible to them.

But that does not mean they have to settle for subpar quality. Not at all, in fact, free tools offer a great utility that is equal to and sometimes surpassing those of premium tools. But enough about that. let’s take a look at what is a grammar checker.

A grammar checker is a tool that can scan the given text and check it for all types of grammar errors. Then it highlights or underlines those mistakes and provides suggestions for rectifying them. This process is really fast; it happens in a matter of seconds. The benefit of using grammar checker is that they tell you everything about the error, i.e., what was wrong, why was it wrong, and how to fix it.


It helps students to learn about their mistakes and how to overcome them conveniently.

Read More To Learn About Grammar

Another method of overcoming grammar errors is to just read a lot. Students are at an age where they can learn easily. One of the most effective methods of learning they can employ is passive learning. Passive learning is a technique where people learn a skill by repeatedly watching how it is correctly used.

This can be applied to grammar as well. Students can read all sorts of books that do not take artistic liberties with grammar to passively learn correct grammar. Not to mention reading has other benefits such as improving vocabulary, increasing intelligence, and enhancing communication skills.

Reading grammatically correct works shows students how sentences are formed correctly and how different word forms and phrases are used. They imbibe this knowledge over time and naturally overcome their grammar errors.

Take The Time To Understand Your Mistakes

So far, we have seen quite a few ways of detecting grammar errors and correcting them, but it is important to note that without understanding the mistakes, those actions are useless. Students need to understand the cause of why their work has the mistakes that it does. 

What happened to the grammar error to occur? Let’s say that a particular student is always having issues with word forms. They keep making the same types of mistakes over and over again. Instead of just correcting those errors, the student should sit down and see why the mistake is happening. 

In this example, the root cause of the problem is either:

  • A poor understanding of word forms
  • Or a poor understanding of tenses

There are three main types of tenses namely: past, present, and future. Word forms exist to cater to these tenses. If a student is constantly making grammar errors related to these things, then they need to go back and study them.

 Learn the various word forms and gain a better understanding of the tenses. That way they will stop making that mistake. The same goes for all other grammar errors. 

This is your main takeaway from this heading: learn your mistakes so that you know what to work on. 


Those were five strategies for students to conquer grammar errors in their academic writing. The main thing in common among all of these steps was that they require the student to be diligent. Laziness and carelessness will only impede students in their quest to conquer grammar errors.

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