7 AI Tools to Write Assignments Better


7 AI Tools to Write Assignments Better

7 AI Tools to Write Assignments Better

Every student aspires to receive better grades for their written assignments. Unfortunately, most students fail to do so. This is because they cannot compile high-quality assignments due to a lack of skills such as in-depth research, formal writing, proofreading, etc.

Considering the most common issues of students we started researching some ways that could simplify the task of writing better assignments for students. After an in-depth analysis, we have come up with easy and super-fast ways that will prove beneficial for students during assignments writing i.e. AI-based writing tools.

In this post, we are going to cover a list of the seven best AI-based tools that will help students write assignments better.

Top 7 AI-based Writing Tool to Write Assignments Better

1. ChatGPT

Chat GPT is a popular AI-supported “chatbot” that converses with users like a human. It is capable of answering every prompt or question. It uses AI tech to understand inputs (Prompts or commands) and provide relative data within a very short time.

How Chat GPT Helps in Writing Assignments Better?

There are innumerable ways through which the Chatbot can help students in assignment writing. Below are some of them:

  • Students can do quick research using the tool and brainstorm their ideas.
  • The tool can help students automatically create outlines for their assignments.
  • Students can verify the credibility or authenticity of their facts/stats before adding them in writing.
  • They can immediately create every type of assignment (i.e. Essays, Research Papers, etc.) with the tool for getting an overall idea.

And so on…

Practical Example:

We asked Chat GPT to create compelling outlines for our Thesis. The tool took no time to generate well-written outlines.

Our Prompt:

Create Some Compelling Outlines for Our Topic of Thesis: “Overcoming the Challenges of Noise Pollution.”

Demo of Our Output:

Chat GPT

Similarly, students can better craft the outlines of their assignments with the help of Chat GPT.

2. Article Rewriter by Prepostseo

Article Rewriter is another beneficial tool that functions on advanced algorithms of AI to revamp/rewrite content without causing any harm to the main intent. Its working mechanism is assisted by the DL as well as NLP (stands for Deep Learning and Natural language processing respectively). These technologies accurately identify the core intent of writing and rewrite it into a fresh form.

How is Article Rewriter Beneficial for Better Assignments Writing?

The below points highlight the importance of Article Rewriter in writing better assignments:

  • Students can diversify the structure of their assignments with the AI rewriter.
  • The tool can be utilized to use novel and trendy words to show the creativity of students.
  • They can eliminate plagiarised content pieces with the tool, by 100%.
  • The rewriter is beneficial in making the assignments clear and engaging by removing boring as well as repetitive words.

Practical Example:

We rewrote the below text with the Article Rewriter:

Original Text:

“Concepts of science are mostly complex and irritating for students to understand. Most of the students are unable to learn them despite giving a lot of time.”


Rewritten Version:

Scientific concepts are usually complex and burdensome for students. Even if it takes a lot of time, most students do not learn.”


Article Rewriter

Image Source: https://www.prepostseo.com/article-rewriter

3. GrammarCheck

The Grammar-Checking tool is designed to detect and highlight slip-ups in grammar, punctuation as well and spelling. Its working mechanism is supported by the most advanced grammar and spelling rules as well as innovative AI technology. 

How to better Assignments with a Grammar Checker?

Here are some prominent ways to use the Grammar Checker for better assignment writing:

  • Students can use the tool to instantly detect all types of misspellings and grammar errors.
  • The tool can boost the credibility of assignments by accurately removing all the grammar and spelling errors.

Practical Example:

To demonstrate the capability of the checker, we passed a text with different errors, through the tool. 

Text with Errors:

“The studnt’s in this class often faces dificulties when it comes to comunication and coherently expresing their thoughts. Their writing abilites seems to be impacted by a lack of proper grammer knowledge.”


Accurate Text:

“The students in this class often face difficulties when it comes to communication and coherently expressing their thoughts. Their writing abilities seem to be impacted by a lack of proper grammar knowledge.”



4. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is designed to check the readability of content. When a writing/content is pasted into the Editor, the tool instantly checks the different aspects such as adverbs, passive voices, length of sentences, etc. After that, the tool gives a specific score that could range between 5 to 15 (from Good to Very Difficult). 

How Is It Helpful for Better Assignments Writing?

Followings are some ways, through which Hemingway Editor is helpful for better assignments writing:

  • Students can check the complex/difficult text pieces of their assignments.
  • The tool enhances the assignments’ readable quality.
  • With the tool, it is easier to remove the excessive use of passive voices, adverbs, and complex sentences.

Practical Example:

“We input this post into the Editor. The tool immediately checked all the aspects and gave our writing a specific readability score.”


Hemingway Editor

5. Summarizer

Summarizer is another helpful tool to improve students’ assignment writing. It works to summarize/shorten the given text or writing while keeping all of its key points. The working mechanism of the tool is assisted by an AI algorithm that enables it to work efficiently.

How Can Students Write Assignments Better With the Help of Summarizer?

Students can make their assignments better with the Summarizer in the following ways:

  • It can assist in creating effective abstracts.
  • It can remove wordiness from the text pieces and enrich the assignments’ information.
  • It can be used for Conclusion, Introduction, and summaries of assignments.

And so on…

Practical Example:

For a demonstration, we summarized the below content with the help of a summarizer:

Original Content:

“Nowadays, we see that the rate of technological advancement is increasing very fast. We are experiencing alterations as well as improvements in our lives. Nowadays, a new generation is seeing many innovative developments like super-fast internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence-based robots, etc.”

It will look like this:

Summarized Version:

“Nowadays, a new generation is seeing many innovative developments like super-fast internet, smartphones, artificial intelligence-based robots, etc.”



6. Outlines Generator by Ahrefs

Outline Generator by Ahrefs is also an AI-based tool that functions to immediately craft outlines for a given topic or keyword. The working mechanism of the tool uses a language model to create human-like outlines according to a given prompt or input.

How the Outlines Generator Is Helpful for Assignments Writing?

Below are some primary roles and benefits of the outline generator that can help students write better assignments:

  • The tool can provide students with accurate and unique outlines within no time.
  • It generates outlines that are exactly according to the formal/academic tone. For this, students just need to select the formal tone from the Writing tone option.
  • It can generate outlines for every type of assignment including research papers, essays, etc. For this, the tool provides a box, where students can input their important requirements or points.

And so on…

Practical Example:

“We had to craft outlines for a research paper on the below topic. We pasted that topic into the title box and adjusted some other settings like tone and language. After running the tool, we got unique, relevant, and compelling outlines.”

Our Topic: “What are the Emerging and Serious Problems of Climate Changes On The Globe.”

Important Guidelines: “Write a Research Paper”



7. Plagiarism Detector

A plagiarism detector is another useful AI tool for writing better assignments. Its function is to identify the plagiarised text pieces and highlight them. It is not like ordinary types of checkers but equipped with artificial intelligence technology that enables it to point out even rephrased text pieces from other sources. This feature makes the tool out of the crowd of ordinary plagiarism-checking tools.

How Plagiarism Detector Is Useful?

The plagiarism-checking tool is beneficial in the following ways:

  • Students can ensure the originality of their assignments with the help of the checker.
  • The tool can help in automatically detecting every instance of plagiarism from the assignments.
  • With the tool, they can check the correct use of citations in their writing.

Practical Example:

We tested the plagiarism from the below text. The Checker took minimum time to identify and highlight all the occurrences of plagiarism.

Our Text:

“In Academic writing, students are needed to write their every work in a specific tone that we call formal or academic tone. In formal writing, the writer uses a more objective approach, stating the main points.”


plagiarism detector


For better assignment writing, students must have proficient research, writing, editing as well and proofreading skills. However, every student cannot acquire these skills. Considering these things, we compiled the above post about the seven best AI tools to help students write better assignments. This tool will help students immediately manage the processes of Researching, removing plagiarism, Checking plagiarism, Improving Content Quality, etc. 0 0 0.

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