42nd Love Letter to Liza


42nd Love Letter to Liza

42nd Love Letter to Liza

42nd Love Letter to Liza

My Dearest Beloved,

In the realm of love, Bishnu Dey’s words echo through the chambers of my heart, for they encapsulate the depths of my adoration for you. I once believed that love was blind, and yet, here I stand, basking in the radiant light of your affection, astonished that someone as enchanting as you could fall in love with someone like me. But fate has smiled upon us, my love, and I count myself truly fortunate that you have embraced my love with open arms.

Bishnu Dey wrote, “In love’s enchanted bower, hearts entwined find solace.” In your presence, I find solace, peace, and a sanctuary where our hearts entwine in a dance of devotion. Your acceptance of my love has illuminated my world with a brilliance unmatched, banishing any doubts or insecurities that once clouded my vision.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude, my love, for your unwavering acceptance and affection. Your love has breathed life into my spirit, filling the depths of my being with a warmth that surpasses the confines of earthly desires. It is through your eyes, so full of love and tenderness, that I see the reflection of my truest self, and in your presence, I find the courage to embrace the vulnerability that love demands.

Thank you, my beloved, for accepting the love I offer. In your acceptance, you have bestowed upon me the greatest gift one could receive—the gift of belonging, of being seen and cherished for who I am. Your love has shattered the illusion of inadequacy, replacing it with a profound sense of self-worth and purpose.

As we traverse the path of love together, may our hearts remain entwined, our spirits interwoven in a tapestry of passion and devotion. Bishnu Dey’s words remind us that love knows no boundaries, no limitations. Let us revel in the enchantment of our love, celebrating each day as a testament to its enduring power.

Yours eternally and with a love that defies all odds,
M M.

42nd Love Letter to Liza

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