My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi


My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

Kamalpur, Barpeta

Date: 12 August, 2017

Dear Bapu,

At the opening of my writing please take my salute along with my heart-felt humble gratitude for being my life-long beacon of light and a never-ending source of inspiration. Here, my venerable Bapu, I am going to tell, though I find a shortage of suitable words to express my feelings of debt to you, about how you inspire me.

You were first introduced to me by my mother when I was goaded to frequent school with the wayward children of my neighbourhood. My mother often told me about your mission in life. She told how we, the young generation can be inspired by your ideals and make our life a successful one in the truest sense. Since then, you have been inspiring me in every walk of life.

Dear Bapu, you have inspired me in the following ways:

First of all, you have inspired me to be a proud possessor of ‘Good Hand Writing’ when I came across your message “Good handwriting is a part and parcel of education.” Following your advice, I practised the art for months, and eventually, I have become an owner of enviously good handwriting which help me to draw the praise, love and affection of my teachers, friends, and colleagues for all my life.

Secondly, I have learned the lesson of Truthfulness from your ‘Kettle’ episode. One day when the School Inspector asked you the spelling of the word, you did not copy it in spite of your teacher’s help. Since I had heard of that event from my teacher, it fell a far-reaching effect on me, and truthfulness, both in speaking and dealings, has become an ornament of my character and personality. What a valuable lesson I have learned from you, my dear Bapu!

Thirdly, you have taught me the lesson of Sincerity. Once, during your school-going days, you were deceived by the cloudy sky and attended school very late for which you were badly rebuked by the teachers. From this incident, you realized that a man of truth should be a man of sincerity. Since I happened to read about this incident in your autobiography, The Story of My Experiment with Truth, sincerity and punctuality have been added to the assets of my habit.

Fourthly, you have taught me the lesson of Love and Non-violence as means of achieving any goal in life. You have shown the world that Non-violence is so a powerful policy that it could compel the imperialist English to leave India. Truly, non-violence is the only weapon by which we can overcome hatred and conquer the heart of our opponents and achieve both physical and spiritual victory.

Fifthly, my dear Bapu, you have inspired me to adopt Simplicity in every sphere of life. You advocated economy in the use of things and wore hand-woven silk-cotton clothes, did not you? Since I have been acquainted with your simplicity, I have taken to it and have been being benefited much by adopting a simple lifestyle.

Sixthly, you were an advocate of Communal Harmony and National Integrity. You listened to the reciting of the Geeta, the Bible, the Tripitak and the Koran equally and drew inspiration from them all with much devotion. You were the first modern personality that realized the urgency of communal harmony in India to make it a powerful nation and worked for it with heart and soul. You said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”. You have also grafted this ideal into me and I promise to work for my countrymen with utmost honesty.

Seventhly, you introduced Basic and Technical Education to turn India into a self-dependent nation. How realistic and relevant your philosophy of education was! We have come to realize, though late, that there is no alternative to wipe away the burning unemployment problem of our country except for adopting your principles of Basic and Technical Education. You have inspired me to persuade our young generation to take to technical education for self-employment.

Eighthly, my reverent Bapu, you have inspired me to love my motherland above my life. You gave up your personal well and comfort, devoted yourself to the welfare of the nation, and walked on foot to the nook and corner of the country awakening people to come out for freeing our land from the yoke of the British. In doing so, how much you had to suffer! Being inspired by your ideal, I am ready to do my best for my dear motherland and even I would not hesitate to shed my blood.

Ninthly, I have been inspired by you to honour Work Culture. Did not you say, “Action expresses priorities”? Since I heard these words of yours I am so much inspired by them that I have devoted myself to serving my nation through actions because I believe in what you say, “Happiness is in what you do”.

Dear Bapu, once you said, “Be the change that you want to see in the world”. Verily, you have changed my life. I entreat you to bless me from where you are so that I can serve humanity drawing inspiration from your life.

Yours  faithfully

Menonim Menonimus. 0 0 0.

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi,

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

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My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

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My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

My Letter to Late Mahatma Gandhi

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